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  1. Any news that this is the case on other ships? Seems strange that they would be restricting paper usage only on Meraviglia.
  2. I just checked my account. I'm thinking it corresponds to my status expiration as well.
  3. Loving all the photos. What kind of camera were you using? I especially love the night scenes leaving port.
  4. What a great photo journal! Thanks for taking the time to post so many great pictures and describe all the sights that you saw. I really enjoyed reading it.
  5. We made final payment for our April YC on Seaview. There is no mention of the minibar under the "Yacht Club Experience" section in our booking confirmation, but Premium Internet package is listed as included without any asterisk about starting May 2020.
  6. Thanks again for your great posts! We're considering the same tour you just described when we're on Seaview in this spring. How long did it take to drive from the port to your destinations (Tarquinia and Tuscania)?
  7. This is from our cruise on Seaview in YC at the end of April this year. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2659754-back-from-seaviewattempting-to-answer-burning-questionsask-away/
  8. I've been trying to get clarity on this as well. Both times we were in YC (Seaview '19 and Meraviglia '18) we were able to send our items out multiple times until we had used up our package.
  9. For me personally, my concern is coming from the lack of transparency of a change to a previously included amenity. The fact that they are "adding" internet doesn't excuse this.
  10. What is also interesting is that communication about the change was done via onboard memo rather than an email ahead of time. I'm sure there were some disgruntled folks upon embarkation. We will be on Seaview in YC again in April. If these changes are made, we will be disappointed. It was nice to have a quick salty snack at the end of the night or after returning from a long day in port. Room service tended to take forever. People mention having their butler deliver drinks to the room. We've been on 2 previous YC sailings and have never done this. I can't imagine the wait for that.
  11. Interesting that nothing with how the minibar is described on the Web Site has changed
  12. Hi Bea, Someone posted they had read the YC mini bar on Bellisima (I think) was stocked once and then you had to pay for any refills after that. Have you heard anything like that on your sailing? We're on Seaview YIN in April.
  13. My quote was taken from the add on page while logged in to my booking on the MSC Canada Web Site.
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