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  1. That sounds great. Caprese is one of our favorites so love the idea of fresh mozzarella!
  2. Gold will be fine. I am glad for the match (just wish I hadn't lost the Black status - I did not know it would expire). The only benefit I see would have been the one restaurant but we are going to be on a very port intensive cruise and eating local cuisine in Italy/Spain so dinner will be fine whatever they serve. I think with Aurea we also get a priorty embarkation area if I read that correct? I know we have a special place for lunch which I am looking forward to.
  3. I did my match program in 2016 and was given Black/Diamond status at that time. I am hoping they will correct mine based on that as we did end up booking this Divina cruise. I like the itinerary and it allows us to spend extra time in Sorrento after the cruise at an airbnb. I have actually found that I love the apartment experience in Italy as much if not more than cruising sometimes but it is a really nice thing when we can combine them. I actually think I will prefer the subdued as we are not party people. Ready to give it a try. 🙂 I'm hoping I really like it as I am bored with NCL's i
  4. I am intrigued by an itinerary I found and have always thought about trying MSC. If we have the Aurea experience I understand we can eat at the time we decide at a table for 2. Is there typically a wait for this or because so many have assigned is it not as difficult to be seated? Also, are there specialty restaurants onboard that you have an upcharge for and/or would any of those be included in the Aurea package? We are spoiled a bit with our latitudes perks (two dinners a week at specialty) and we do enjoy the variety of restaurants on NCL, but this is an itinerary in the Med so we will n
  5. I did this quite a while ago and was matched to Black. I have never sailed MSC yet and I don't know if the number they gave me is still good. I called and spoke with a rep in sales who said I needed to reapply but I don't think she knew what she was talking about. I sent two of the agents I work with the info that I had previously received hoping they can find it as I am looking at a booking this fall with them.
  6. We do the same. So many people worthy of recognition and we make the effort to do so.
  7. We did a two day early deviation. I hope we have direct flights. I never fly in the day of..but I do agree that NCL wouldn’t risk you not having time to get to the ship. Please update when you get your flight info. 😊
  8. Just curious as we are flying out of Charlotte to Miami next February..what are the flight times you received and what airline?
  9. Hoping this is the Breakaway lunch menu. Sounds like good choices to me.
  10. Does the $10 also allow beach access and beach chairs?
  11. Is the area where the ship docks within walking distance to the town? Thanks
  12. Yes, I you want to stay up to two days after you have to pay the $25 pp again.
  13. 35 minutes in the Atlanta airport does not seem doable to me. Your connecting flight will be boarding 30 minutes prior to take off and Atlanta is a big airport with trains connecting terminals. I would call to argue to have that changed.
  14. Did your first time change occur in Corfu? Did you lose an hour the night before?
  15. We are Hilton loyalists and have stayed at the Diagonal Mar the three times we cruised from Barcelona. It was not too far from the port from what I remember and easy to walk to the metro to get around the city for sightseeing.
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