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  1. Its quite amusing to read about a "retired airline employee" complaining about fare changes. Have you tried to book an airline ticket recently? Try booking, cancelling, and re-booking at a lower fare, good luck! John R.
  2. That really is an amazing list. Thanks for sharing, I want to make some of those special cocktails pronto! John R.
  3. I noticed that also, rather gross. I HATE when people do that. I usually try to get the manager's or server's attention to remove the item (or even toss the entire tray if they lick their fingers first, I have seen it, and that is NOT limited to kids!). Yuck! John R.
  4. I was wondering if anyone recently used the hot tub/Jacuzzi on any of the Azamara ships. On a (not so) recent O cruise, I could not get the management to make the Jacuzzi "hot" it was tepid at best (probably around 95 degrees). I never got a straight explanation as to why. John R.
  5. Getting this error message: We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later. I think Azamara should just outsource the website to Amazon, and you buy your cruise, with Prime free shipping. This is ridiculous, nearly every time I try to do something on the site over the past few months, I either can't log in correctly, hit dead links, the page hangs, or some other error. Yes, I have tried Chrome, Edge, Explorer, and Firefox on my PC, tablet (both Apple and Android) and my phone (Android) and consistently get error
  6. You can drive yourself batty trying to find the "best" offer because multiple offers are often like apples and oranges in that one includes some credit, some include a drink package, or some other combination of benefits (including big box gift cards). You have to figure out what is important to you, and decide what perks you like, and yes, keep an eye on taxes and other add-on costs too! Good luck, John R.
  7. Mine was a previous Crystal cruise, the Miami to Lisbon inaugural all-inclusive transatlantic on Symphony. Close second was an Azamara Quest transatlantic, Miami to Nice a few years back. Both were relaxing, good mix of people, just an overall good time. John R.
  8. My large internet based TA was able to get me the AMEX Platinum benefit, but it took some effort to get them to follow through. They are not an AMEX agency, so yes, you need the tracking number, etc. prior to final payment. I never did get clarification if final payment can be made on any AMEX card like I have read elsewhere, so I made final payment with the AMEX Platinum rather than a hotel branded AMEX that I would have preferred to use. I didn't want to risk losing the benefit. John R.
  9. I got Azamara OBC, TA OBC, stock ownership benefit, and the AMEX Platinum benefits, so you may as well try, but YMMV. John R.
  10. I see one of the AMEX Platinum benefits is a ship tour. Does anyone know how this is scheduled? Do you get notice of the tour and just show up? Thanks, John R.
  11. PSULion

    Refundable OBC

    Does anyone know if Azamara will cash out your refundable credit at anytime during the cruise (i.e. give you US Dollars in hard currency) or do you have to wait to the end of the cruise to get a credit to the credit card? If so, how do they tap refundable versus non-refundable for expenditures? Thanks, John R.
  12. If anyone has access to a list of the current wines by the glass, can you please post a picture? Thanks, John R.
  13. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with using the AMEX Platinum benefit on an Azamara cruise booking. Thanks, John R.
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