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  1. It is up to THREE add-on cards for $175 TOTAL. I was extremely surprised as well. John R.


    And there’s an overlooked aspect of adding authorized users to your Amex Platinum card. You can add 1-3 total users for the same, $175 annual fee. So if you have several family members who could benefit, it won’t cost you any more to add up to two additional users.

  2. For AMEX Platinum, if you can get a trusted friend or family member to add you on as an add-on card, you can get THREE add on cards for $175 with nearly all the same benefits, minus the credits. The cruise benefits still apply, as does lounge access and hotel upgrades. 

  3. Does anyone know the following:


    1. How to buy Experience More packages?

    2. Can you use OBC to buy the package?

    3. Can the package spa credit be used to buy access to that special whirlpool/hot tub area?

    4. If you buy the Indulgence package and choose the Chef's Table, can you also separately purchase the Three Table Tour with other OBC?

    5. Does the Indulgence package laundry include ironing of shirts?


    Thanks, John R.



  4. The AMEX Platinum is particularly good if you fly from a City with a Centurion lounge because you get your value out of a few visits when combined with the other perks. I like the Hilton Gold status as you get upgrades and (usually) a nice free breakfast. The cruise OBC Is nice also. YMMV.


    John R.

  5. Just to bring this full circle, I was able to secure the benefit on the Nov. 5 TA, inclusive of the other offers (plus the additional $500 OBC for the Cuba cancellation). I got the attached file from AMEX if you need any help with your agent in the future for the CPP (Cruise Privileges Program).


  6. The cruise listed is Oceania I believe if that is ok to say here, I don't want to break any rules or anything. Yes, nearly every category is available or at least waitlisted or guaranteed. I was flipping back and forth between that one and Azamara, and I had a FF miles ticket to Barcelona to use, so I chose Azamara (since I didn't need the OLife airfare package thing). 

  7. While Azamara, of course, can change anything, it does give one pause when booking if you try to plan a trip that requires flights and other arrangments, some of which are non-refundable, not to mention vacation requests at work for two or more travellers, childcare arrangments, house/pet sitters, etc. John R.

  8. Obviously, Azamara could care less what I think, but I booked this cruise at least in part because of the longer stay in Bermuda and the Key West stop. While I guess I could cancel with fees, I also have flights booked that I am sure are non-refundable. 


    Bonnie, please an explanation is an order for a seemingly late change.

    Thanks, John R.

  9. I sure hope Azamara keeps the gym equipment up to snuff. This is an important part of my cruising decision, and if the gym falls into disrepair, it would be very unfortunate.


    John R.

  10. If you want to use the AMEX $200 flight credit for vouchers/gift cards, go to flyertalk.com and read the threads there on how to do it. DO NOT CALL AMEX as they specifically don't allow this, but if you buy the voucher/gift cards in a certain way, you might get the $200 reimbursed.



  11. Here is a summary if the link didn't work:


    Participant Offer Details
    Valuable benefits and amenities for Platinum Card Members and Centurion Members.

    Platinum Card Members and Centurion Members receive benefits on select sailings of 5 nights (6 days) or more.

    • $300 USD Shipboard Credit per stateroom
    • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tour
    • One bottle of premium champagne delivered to stateroom once per cruise

    One extra Membership Rewards point on each eligible dollar you spend per booking with American Express Travel.
    Single passengers who pay the single passenger supplement are entitled to the full CPP amenity.
    Please see the terms and conditions below for complete details.

    Eligible Card Members:

    • Available for U.S. Platinum Charge Card Members and U.S. Centurion® Members only, and excludes Platinum Credit Card Members such as Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Card Members who are not also U.S Platinum Charge Card Members or U.S. Centurion® Members.


    • Combinable with American Express Mariner Club.
    • Combinable with discounted promotional fares, onboard booking program, back to back program and loyalty program.
    • Not combinable with other American Express Card offers: American Express Card offers and Amex groups.

    Full Cruise Privileges amenities will be provided by Azamara on each individual segment booked by the Card Member.
    CPP benefits apply to one segment only on back-to-back and multi-segment itineraries.
    Applicable for bookings made on or before December 31, 2020, and travel must end on or before December 31, 2023.
    Bookings must be made in the United States.
    To obtain benefits, outside Travel Agencies must visit www.americanexpress.com/asdonline
    Offer is subject to cruise line availability.

  12. I am not sure if Azamara will do that (they should), but if not, transfer the booking to an agent/agency that will. I don't specifically know how to do that, but I'm sure others will chime in (I always book with an agent--you probably should too as it seems high producing agents/agencies offer much better OBC and other benefits well beyond Azamara direct bookings). John R.

  13. I have read you can have a (helpful)  travel agent "re-pay" your deposit with the AMEX Platinum card and request the benefit. Not sure if you are aware, but the annual fee is $550, albeit with a host of benefits that substantially offset the cost, and includes many airport lounges. John R.

  14. That's interesting, I read somewhere that it is the cruise line offering the perks, which did seem strange. I figured it was a negotiated benefit between AMEX and the cruise lines, paid by AMEX or at least shared.


    I'll dig in further with my agent, who doesn't seem overly familiar (or interested) in securing the AMEX perks.  Thanks, John R.

  15. You are supposed to get a $300 OBC, a premium bottle of champagne, and some sort of behind the scenes ship tour (this is Azamara specific and each cruise line is different). I think it is for USA based cardholders only based on some other posts I have read, but I am not certain.


    I am not even sure Azamara participates anymore, but it looks like they do for USA issued cards:



  16. It is a straight AMEX Plat, not a co-branded card, so I am thinking it should work. Back to the TA.


    I have the $500/2:1/Free WiFi promotion, so maybe that is the issue.


    John R.

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