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  1. I missed doing it on our last cruise on Ovation. I've no idea why it didn't happen but they are fun and a good way to meet people!
  2. We joined in Dubai and disembarked Singapore. Verity imho is one of the best! She made our cruise that bit more special.
  3. What a wonderful idea, and attitude thank you! I've met some wonderful people and had some great conversations in various cruise ship laundry rooms. Off on a cruise soon and hopefully I won't encounter any laundry rom tensions. Really, life's too short to sweat the small stuff!
  4. Say it isn't so! Jacques is my favourite restaurant and I would really miss it. Let's hope it's just a rumour.
  5. We are on board next week, so i shall look out for flowers in my cabin!
  6. I've now got Alanis Morrissette on a loop in my head! I too am bombarded with brochures, but I do read them ad keep booking!
  7. I love Oceania because of the friendly vibe, from crew and passengers. The beautiful ships, Riviera and Marina being my favourites. Fabulous specialty dining. Smaller ships suit us better. 😀
  8. Ok I have to ask, who is the "wannabe Broadway performer"?! Still laughing at your descriptions btw!
  9. Google taxi transfers and prebook. That's what we do, pre and post cruise if transfers aren't included.
  10. I'm assuming you have checked the Seabourn site? I kept checking back as we are a party of eight and requested cabins near each other, 3 couples are next to each other and one is 2 decks up. Hopefully you should find out soon. You never know they might upgrade you!
  11. We got ours about 3 weeks before. We also sail on 2 December.
  12. I'm surprised that you're surprised that anyone is surprised. 😉
  13. We are on Seabourn in December, Dubai to Singapore and all the men in our party will be wearing tuxedos. As others have said, do what you are most comfortable with. There is always a mix of suit/ tie and tuxedo so either way you will be fine! Have a brilliant time!
  14. I agree. I have so many caps and I give the tote bags away to friend or local charity shop. However we are all different....
  15. Your baseball style cap and wine will be in cabin. No idea about quality of tote bag but the concierge sale ones are decent quality if that helps.
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