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  1. Interesting our Mariner 1/2020 cruise is currently $52. Our Oasis 12/2020 is $79. We won't have kids with us so no plans for the water park but it will be interesting to see what the price does.
  2. For us it would have to be a lot. We have only booked once with a TA but twice there was a price drop and we couldn't get a hold of the TA so no drop for us. I didn't feel she did anything to help we haven't had any problems booking ourselves if we did I would consider a TA again.
  3. It will likely depend on the ship, ours didn't have a flowrider but my daughter was 12 our whole cruise and I just signed for her to do the rock wall and she did it with her 16 & 17yr old brothers without us around. We were even told by staff once we signed she was good to go.
  4. I have a different last name than my kids. They have been twice in the last few years. I did have a notarized letter from dad. Once I was asked for it once I was not.
  5. It's either a glitch or only available on some sailings. I did a mock booking for my Dec 2020 Oasis and it is still there.
  6. I booked a Dec 2020 7 night cruise in mid Jan and it was there. Not until the very end on the payment page if I remember correctly.
  7. For our 2/2/2019 cruise we received the email one of the first days of the program in late Nov. Our bid was accepted Jan 3 and by Monday Jan 7 our cruise showed sold out completely but the week before seemed to have many cabins available.
  8. This is great news! We booked with buttsup last week! Thanks for the info!
  9. So in case anyone else wonders, just do a mock booking of an excursion add both people and before you pay it did all show up.
  10. That's what I assumed but I called today to verify and the guy said there was only $50 left total for both of us. I have emails showing all of it so I am just going to print them and if it's wrong when we get onboard I will show them what I have and go from there.
  11. Anyone ever had a problem with the OBC being the wrong amount? I bought $100 obc with points but only $50 is showing. I have been on hold with Royal for 20 min but I wonder if it's them or BOA? We leave Sat so I don't have a lot of time to get this fixed.
  12. Guessing those itineraries haven't been released yet. More are expected Feb/March.
  13. We did the opposite we did IAH to our hotel in Galveston Jan 2018 and it was $65 for 3 of us. After the cruise, we did the port to Texas City car rental and that was $22. Both with Uber hopefully you get newer and exact rates. I have also found if you go on to Uber on a Sat or Sunday morning at the time you would be looking you can do a kind of "mock" booking and get a better idea of the cost.
  14. We were planning to cave tube in early February but now are worried about the water being too cold? Has anyone been during this time of year? For adults ( my kids always loved cold water) is it miserable or is the water ok?
  15. I logged on and noticed a new room number. For my husband's job he has to send all out of the country travel info in so I was gathering everything and saw it had changed. I did NOT get a email from Royal so it may have just happened.
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