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  1. We did relatch it I was responding to yes in fact it COULD be a safety issue if someone was on the balcony which is why some captains on some sailings MAY not allow them to be open. The banging was mostly at night and we did get up and shut it a couple times then reopen it in the morning it was loud enough to wake us up on more than one occasion. Again it was about WHY this may or may not be allowed.
  2. It's not about the size of the balcony it's the banging around and possible sliding of the partition. We were near the front on Liberty and we had such high winds ours came unhooked and actually slid back and forth. It could definitely be a safety issue. The winds were so crazy my husbands sea pass slipped out of his hand on our balcony deck 12 was blown we thought out to sea but somehow it landed on an open deck and was returned to customer service about the same time a new one was being issued. I would have never believed it if it hadn't happened to us.
  3. I would prefer NOT to be a guinea pig and get it right away but if that is the only way to cruise then We likely will.
  4. Lift and shift needs to be with 4 weeks before or after the week you have scheduled but in 2021. Unless they changed it that will not work.
  5. We have a December 13th Oasis cruise. Final payment is Sept 14th I think. IF we make it it would only be so we could get 125% fcc for our 2/2022 cruise we have booked however we most likely will cancel the day before and just move the deposit to the other cruise. Right now I'm concerned our 5/2021 Alaska cruise may not happen. We are traveling with family over 70 on that one so it's not looking like a good idea.
  6. We had 7408 on Liberty and if you walked to the rail and looked straight down yes you saw the blue but even from a few feet back you couldn't see it. On that one there is also the side window/railing and that looks straight down to the water. That balcony was awesome we spent way more time out there than any other balcony.
  7. While not "official" I was looking at Royal's website and it looks like cruises are not able to be booked before the September 15 2020 date as of now. Late September are still showing as of now.
  8. That is IF drinks are permitted. My husband has flown Delta for business and there was no food or beverage service even in First class.
  9. We were on Mariner in January, I didn't see anything about reservations for the sky pad and it always seemed to have a pretty big line.
  10. The Summer Alaska 2021 cruises came out 11/4/2019 and the 7 night Caribbean for 2021 and early 2022 came out 12/9/2019. So I wouldn't expect them much before that time possibly later if covid changes that. Shorter cruises came out after the first of this year.
  11. It is a lot of the travel industry, maybe not all but we are still waiting on a hotel refund from March 27-29. The hotel closed and we have to wait for corporate 30-60 days.
  12. Last year early November they started. We booked Nov 5th. It may depend how things are going by that time this year with the cruise lines.
  13. Our Oasis Dec 2020 dropped also. I called in because I don't drink and had already purchased the refreshment package months ago. To my surprise no wait time to talk to someone. He did ask if I drank I said "no" he said "no problem" and booked it. They must have different people working the lines for that than refunds.
  14. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/72/royal-caribbean-group-adopts-ldquocruise-with-confidencerdquo-policy-allowing-cancellations-up-to-48-hours-before-sailing/?fbclid=IwAR18e0d5BqH2T2Rmi4zR3J2X1ns0VpxShp47ud-RCiW0MkpQ3owYxmKZsAs
  15. We got our upgrade exactly 24 hours before we boarded Mariner in January. Even the room attendant didn't know he had different people.
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