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  1. The notification was done after July. So you did have to make final payment. They did not notify anyone before September. We are cruising in November and had to make our final payment in August then a month later they extended to 30 days. That extension didn't help anyone booked in October, November, or the first half of December because everyone was past final payment date. It only helped those who sail date was the last two weeks of December or those making new bookings. Those already booked and paid were not helped by the extension.
  2. This couple were friends of a friend from Nebraska .While several things could have/should have saved them it was their power strip that started the fire. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3769250/Nebraska-couple-died-Amazon-cruise-inferno-alarms-failed-confused-crew-took-20-minutes-pull-burning-cabin-ship-continued-voyage.html
  3. We are on the November 27th Symphony and I was hoping that meant we didn't have to come back so soon but I just looked and ours is gone too! Now I'm hoping for the glitch! ETA: It is still showing on my app so I think it is a glitch.
  4. We also enjoyed Bodden tours.
  5. CocoCay Beach club varies a TON! I have Symphony in Nov and the last price I saw was $169.99. We will be on Freedom the week between Christmas and New Year (normally very high priced) Beach Club was $46.99....Guess which trip we are trying the beach club? I asked and someone else commented they wouldn't pay more than $80 for it. That is obviously their opinion and it wasn't open early last year when we were there so I have no personal experience.
  6. We are on the same sailing. I hope we are able to finally go!
  7. Would LOVE if this is true! We have Symphony booked Nov 27,2021 and Freedom Dec 27, 2021.
  8. No masks, no social distancing, no vaccine, not everyone listened to the "washy washy" people. I wouldn't watch Titanic though.
  9. Yes that and tons of people have credits to use so everyone is booking with that taking up and available cabins. Between low supply and big demand to use credits prices go up.
  10. The CDC had 80% of countries at level 4 including Mexico. Thousand fly there every day there is no forbidden to fly. As of now there is no US requirement to quarantine when returning. They do require another negative covid test. I have not left the country so I have no idea how that works but have many friends who have visited other countries and all report many hotels and resorts are offering the test before you return.
  11. Mexico is a level 4 and has been for a while. Thousands of Americans have been and will continue to travel to Mexico every day. It says 80% of countries are level 4 high risk yet No travel bans. They wouldn't care if 100% of people were vaccinated they would still recommend against travel due to variants and you can still catch covid after you are vaccinated.
  12. In the past our credit showed up a month or so (possibly a couple months if I remember right) before the cruise and we were able to use it online.
  13. I was surprised last week it dropped. We had it booked last December at $57 and I thought that was a good price. That one was at $89 most of the time before the drop. I can't believe anyone would pay the $169! The beach club was not quite open when we were there Jan 2020 and there are plenty of free seats around the island too.
  14. Beach Club is Beach club only. The price varies a ton from cruise to cruise. We have a Symphony 11/2021 and it's $169 we have a Freedom cruise 12/2021 and it's $46 so watch the prices.
  15. I agree! I hope it pushes the US to open and shows cruising can be done safely but I'm afraid it could mean longer until it does and possibly more income loss for Americans.
  16. We have sailed Liberty twice. Once early October the other mid Feb. October we missed Grand Cayman and Cozumel was a zoo due to a big storm that sent all the ship West instead of East. February we had no issues the day we got back it was fine getting off but by 10am fog had set in. We had no issues at IAH but people flying out of Hobby had delayed flights even into evening.
  17. From what is being said the "Big announcement" has been postponed but the new homeport may still be revealed.
  18. We have always done nonrefundable but the most recent one we booked we paid an extra $121 for refundable. Our cruise is after cwc ends.
  19. Mine is not. I booked a cruise last Friday so maybe that was too recent? It was for the most recent before that.
  20. I got one for our Freedom 12/2021 but not Symphony 11/21 or our 2022 and 2023 cruises. Interesting!
  21. Do the land nights get points for crown and Anchor? We have an Alaska cruise tour booked for 2022 and I am wondering about something other than vaccinations!
  22. My guess(hope) is Mariner and Navigator paying customers in Sept-Oct. Followed by Allure and Symphony if all goes good (i know not likely) maybe even freedom by mid-late December. 4-5 ships for the holiday sailings! IF we are very very lucky!
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