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  1. From Royal Caribbean website - RCCL and NCL Healthy Sailing Panel It is important that those who are not fully informed regarding this or other issues refrain from spreading inaccurate information or speculation. Q Will I have to wear a face mask on my cruise, and if so, exactly when, where and why? What counts as a face mask? A All guests and crew will be required to wear a mask onboard. Specifically, guests should wear face masks in nearly all public settings regardless of physical distancing measures but will not be req
  2. This is incorrect. Masks will be required in all public spaces including the pool deck unless actively eating or drinking. It is important that only accurate information be shared.
  3. Thank you for being willing to take a step back from comments that seemed a bit unnecessary. I respect those who can take a second look and reconsider.
  4. Shawnino - clearly you have given this issue a great deal of thought. Once again, I will point out two things: 1) MSC has been successfully sailing in Europe with the precautions US lines are planning to implement 2) It is not the Wuhan virus, rather it is COVID-19.
  5. I am consistently cautious to only provide accurate information - there is already a wealth of misinformation on Cruise Critic. Please contact your travel advisor for further confirmation.
  6. In all likelihood, your January cruise with have a restriction on shore excursions limiting them only to those offered by the cruise line. Initially, short itinerary cruises are planned to private islands. There is some optimism that ships may begin more expansive sailings beginning in the 4th quarter of 2021, therefore, a January itinersry would be considered a relatively new return to sail cruise.
  7. All cruise lines are planning to implement devices that allow for contact tracing - similar to the Princess Medallion. The wearable devices will allow them to know who the ill person has been in close contact with. If the person is not so ill as to warrant disembarkation at the nearest port, there will be a set of quarantine cabins reserved specifically for the COVID-positive passenger. Ships will have additional medical personnel onboard.
  8. Yes, HAL will apply the suspended sailing FCC. No, HAL does not have a Lift&Shift option. Only Royal Caribbean Ltd. cruise companies offer Lift and Shift
  9. I would consider it a distinction without a difference....all cabins available for booking were deposited. This certainly nothing to become overly annoyed about.
  10. The 60% capacity number is an average. Currently cruise lines are planning to return to sail between 50-70% capacity.
  11. There is no answer to your first question. Cruise lines, ASTA and CLIA are lobbying Canada and the CDC for further consideration to proposals that would uphold Canada's dedication to eradicating the virus while not crushing the Alaskan and cruise line economies. At this time any answer would need to come from someone with a crystal ball. In response to your second question, I would propose that it would be far less impactful to wear a mask in Alaska than, for example, on a Caribbean cruise. Outside of mask-wearing, social distancing, ship excursions only and the need to make reserv
  12. I totally relate - in the Caribbean I am content to float around and get off when I feel like it. In more exotic or interesting locations I want to get off the beaten path and meet the people and try the cuisine.
  13. RCCL and Celebrity announced today that they are not yet cancelling Alaska hoping to find a way to salvage the 2021 season. However, both are allowing booked passengers who do not want to stick it out, the choice of Lift&Shift, 125% FCC or 100% refund at this time.
  14. In reply to the hesitancy for the Millennial + generations to feel no need for travel adviser assistance, there has been a great deal of attention to the younger "new to cruise" population as necessary to maintain high booking levels. I was surprised to find the data reveals that although the younger generations are tech savvy, they simply don't want to invest the time and effort in travel planning so are happy to turn to agents to plan for them. I thought that was a very unexpected and interesting finding. This is further borne out by recent cruise lines such as Celebrity and Virgin who are b
  15. Regarding smaller ships the choice is Oceania, plus cruise lines such as NCL, Virgin, HAL, Celebrity, Carnival
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