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  1. Hi Tulok, How was your cruise? Hope you had a blast!
  2. I hope you're having a great time! Please post a review when you get back!
  3. That's great to hear! We've done 4 Uniworld's & have met some nice people but they've been more of the idle chitchat while waiting for the bus type of thing. We've done 9 land tours with Tauck & have met fun people on every one. We were even in on a wedding proposal at the top of Blarney Castle in Ireland on one trip. I always just thought that since a river cruise has a lot more people on it than a bus tour maybe that was why people weren't quite as chatty.
  4. Hi boblerm, I second Roz when I say that your post is making me look forward to our first Tauck cruise even more. Sadly, it's not until Summer '22 as our sailing was canceled for this Summer. We've done four Uniworld trips (and will sail with them again for sure) but thought we'd branch out & try Tauck.
  5. If you're leaning toward a Normandy river cruise you'll be in Paris & then northern France where the weather can sometimes mimic the weather in England. We've been to Paris in July several times & have worn everything from short sleeves to sweaters & jackets. As for Normandy we've been to the DDay beaches in gorgeous warm sun & pouring down sideways icy rain. I wouldn't worry too much about humidity in this region. As PP's have stated your ship (whatever line you book with) will be air conditioned. Enjoy planning!
  6. We travel in July so my husband skips the sport coat & packs a dress shirt, real shoes & a tie. The tie is for the Welcome/Farewell dinners-sometimes he wears it sometimes, depends on how others are dressed. As a bonus-a tie takes up a lot less room in the suitcase than a sport coat does.
  7. We like how it has a mix of river cruise as well hotel stays in Paris and Nice. To us it seems like the best of both worlds. I read the fine print for this trip & the July 22 departure has a hotel exception on it. All other departures stay in Cannes but this one stays in Nice which is great-Nice is a gorgeous city.
  8. We did this trip in 2017 & are hoping to do it again in a few years that's how much we loved it. This itinerary seemed to have more free time than a traditional river cruise & we really enjoyed that aspect of it. The ability to get off the ship & go for a walk or get a gelato or sightsee on your own a bit was great. Happy planning & enjoy every minute!
  9. Hi LoisR, No, we've never sailed with Tauck before but have taken 9 of their land tours & all ranged from great to spectacular so we feel confident going with Tauck for a river cruise. We have however done 4 Uniworld river cruises & loved them all (one so much that we did it 2x). Yes, we sail on July 22 but are coming in a day earlier to get some more time in Paris. This is actually the first time we'll be away over for 2 weeks. Everything previously has been 10 days at most-the vacation budget can only stretch so far LOL but since we'll have missed out on two years
  10. We got the email as well if we had the time & the money I think we'd be up for it. However since we don't have the time or the money we'll stick to our 1 to 2 week trips. Makes for some nice dreaming though.....
  11. We just rebooked our Tauck cruise from this July to July '22 (well Tauck did since it's not running this year). It's the French Escapade-Paris to the Riviera & we are already excited. Here's to hoping the world is back to "normal" by then!
  12. Notamermaid, Sorry to butt in without an answer but I love this idea! Thank you!
  13. You're not kidding! I was even more disappointed about not winning because we sat thru that mess. There goes an hour of all our lives that we'll never get back.😝
  14. Holy Mama! That was the worst video presentation I have ever seen, it was a hot mess. I crafted a whole "Date Night at Home" for Hubby & I-homemade pizza & wine in front of the laptop to watch the presentation & we sat thru it in hopes it would eventually get better but it never did. Why they didn't do a dry run to make sure there were no glitches is beyond me How could they not have? Congratulations to the winner of the free trip though!
  15. We've never taken a Viking river cruise so I can't speak specifically for them. But we've found that generally prices are lower during the summer months because it's much hotter & more crowded during the summer than it is during the "shoulder season"-May, September & October. Also, many Europeans go on their vacations during August so some restaurants/attractions/etc. may be closed then. Hope this helps a bit!
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