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  1. Notamermaid, Sorry to butt in without an answer but I love this idea! Thank you!
  2. You're not kidding! I was even more disappointed about not winning because we sat thru that mess. There goes an hour of all our lives that we'll never get back.😝
  3. Holy Mama! That was the worst video presentation I have ever seen, it was a hot mess. I crafted a whole "Date Night at Home" for Hubby & I-homemade pizza & wine in front of the laptop to watch the presentation & we sat thru it in hopes it would eventually get better but it never did. Why they didn't do a dry run to make sure there were no glitches is beyond me How could they not have? Congratulations to the winner of the free trip though!
  4. We've never taken a Viking river cruise so I can't speak specifically for them. But we've found that generally prices are lower during the summer months because it's much hotter & more crowded during the summer than it is during the "shoulder season"-May, September & October. Also, many Europeans go on their vacations during August so some restaurants/attractions/etc. may be closed then. Hope this helps a bit!
  5. Uniworld is getting more expensive every year. In the past we've waited until about February or so when they start discounting their trips & then taken whatever sailing they had available for a July/Aug departure on an itinerary we were interested in. But this time we decided to go for it with Tauck & book early to give ourselves something to look forward to for 2021. Let's just hope it's better than 2020 is!
  6. We looked at that itinerary as well, it looks great. We had a hard time deciding between the two but decided since we couldn't travel this year we'd go for the full two weeks. Hopefully 2021 will be a better year for travel!
  7. We've done land tours w/ Tauck & their dress code is casual during the day (shorts/jeans tees, etc) & somewhat dressier at night. Think black pants/dressy tops or maybe a sundress, etc for dinner with people dressing up a bit more for the Welcome/Farewell dinners. What french river cruise are you looking at? We are booked on Tauck's French Escapade river cruise next July-our 1st Tauck river cruise. We've done 4 on Uniworld & are looking foward to trying Tauck.
  8. Any news on Uniworld's new ship the La Venizia (the old River Baroness) that was supposed to debut back in March? It's not on the list above for 2020 or 2021.
  9. Last week we booked a Tauck river cruise on the Rhone for July 2021. Hoping things are somewhat back to normal by then otherwise we'll rebook for 2022. Here's hoping!
  10. Hi All, DH & I have decided to forget about 2020 (aka the travel year that wasn't) and look ahead to July 2021. We are interested in Tauck's 14 day Paris to the Riviera & were wondering if anyone has been on this trip & can give a few pros/cons/tips, etc. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated! If you've done a cruise on the Rhone that wasn't with Tauck we'd be happy to hear from you as well. For background: We've done 4 Uniworld RC's & love their overall product as well as 9 Tauck land tours. We've never done a Tauck RC as they are just beyond our vacation budget but with zero vacations this year our budget for next year is just a bit bigger. Again, any & all info about anything Tauck or the Rhone is greatly appreciated!! Here's to starting to plan vacations again (fingers crossed of course)! Thanks in advance:)
  11. Chiming in again...we just got back Friday from our Uniworld Castles on the Rhine trip. While it wasn't a Generations sailing there were still about 5 kids on board from 4 different families. They ranged in age from about 6 to late high school & while they didn't really interact w/ each other much they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The high school girls were the first on the dance floor every night & the little boy got a different fist bump/high five from the Dining Room Manager at every meal. He even took him down to the kitchen one night & gave him his own chefs hat. You know your son best but I'd say he'd be just fine on a river cruise. If you travel in summer there's a strong chance he wouldn't be the only kid aboard as well. Happy Travels!
  12. Thanks so much for your review, really enjoyed all the pic's!!
  13. Just wanted to chime in with a yes vote for Uniworld's Generations cruises. The first river cruise DH & I did was Uniworld's Paris & Normandy & the sailing happened to be a Generations one (we don't have kids, that was just the departure date that worked best for us). There were about 8-10 kids aboard ranging from about kindergarten to middle school age. Uniworld offered several excursions geared more toward the kids interests so some families did those while others took the kids on the regular excursions. Uniworld was fine In letting them do whichever they felt more in tune with. Uniworld also converted one of their single cabins into a game room for the sailing-full of DVDs & video games & all the kids congregated in there whenever we were sailing or after dinner. From all the laughing going on it sounded like they were all having a blast. Overall though I think if your son is already a well adjusted traveler then I think he'd be just fine on a river cruise whether it was with other kids or without. Enjoy your planning!!
  14. Great to know, we love hopping on but somehow never hop off til we're back to where we started:)
  15. Everything sounds awesome, so glad you enjoyed it. Welcome home! Now you can start planning for next year:)
  16. Awesome! I thought it looked close but wasn't quite sure. We love to walk & try to skip cabs/public transportation whenever we can. Last year in Paris we walked from near the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame to the Luxembourg Gardens & back in one afternoon. I thought our legs were going to fall off! So glad to hear the Trois Roi is right where we want to be.
  17. Thanks for the Kunstmuseum recommendation, we may try to work it on the day we get there. I'm glad you let us know about the construction-I hope we can find our way around. We're staying at the Hotel Trois Roi & I'm hoping it's not too bad a walk or tram ride to the Old Town.
  18. djh 1959, Never did a trip report before but I'll be sure to do one when I get back. Thanks for all your help everyone! I've jotted down some of your ideas for reference & quick research before we go. Now if I could just get myself to start packing......
  19. Hey Fellow Long Islanders, Loving your review so far, really looking forward to the rest! Sounds like you're having a great time already & you haven't even started the cruise portion yet! We leave next Wed for Castles on the Rhine w/ Uniworld & thought we had decided on Bordeaux w/ them for next year but just a few posts into your review & I'm already thinking Portugal...….:))
  20. Hi All, Two weeks from today DH & I will be boarding Uniworld's River Empress in Basel for our cruise to Amsterdam. Very excited!! Any suggestions for things not to miss is Basel? We'll have the afternoon we arrive (Thursday) & Friday morning before we board the ship free. Also anything not to be missed w/ our limited free time in any of the ports we're visiting? (I think we finally figured out which excursions we're taking):) We'll be stopping at Kaysersberg, Riquewihr, Strasbourg, Speyer, Boppard, Koblenz & Cologne. Basically, any & all tips, suggestions, recommendations, anything welcome!! Thanks in advance!!
  21. Finally getting caught up... Everything looks awesome, loving all your pics! Glad you're having a great time & thanks for posting your itinerary for each day.
  22. HappyTvlr, Which trip are you taking? Maybe someone who has been on that particular trip could help you a bit better.... We've done three Uniworld cruises so far so I might be able to help you at least a little. Generally (at least the cruises we've been on) their morning excursions run in the AM then they take you back to the ship for lunch & after lunch the PM excursions will depart. The exceptions to that are listed as All Day Excursions-an example of this being the D Day Beaches on the Paris & Normandy trip. It seems odd that your Masterpiece excursion is already sold out since you usually sign up for these once onboard. The first night they give a port talk where they go over all your options/excursions for the week & then you have the chance to sign up for them. Word of caution about the Masterpiece Collection though-if they don't book enough people on the excursion they may cancel it. We had that happen to us on our last cruise. We signed up for the Masterpiece tour of Mont St Michel in Normandy & it was canceled due to lack of participation. Hopefully someone else can chime in here w/ their experience/advice too...
  23. Perfect timing for this as we leave for our cruise from Basel to Amsterdam on Uniworld in 3 weeks. Thanks!!
  24. Got2Cruise, Enjoy your trip!! Please post about it when you return, we'd love to hear how it was. Safe travels!
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