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  1. If I make dining reservations pre-cruise can I use the coupons provided as a perk by my TA to get the charges re-imbursed once on board?
  2. We have had success with Princess and X by buying a case of soda (24 packs) , securing them with large quantities of duct tape then adding a normal luggage tag with our cabin number and handing it to the porter with an extra buck or two tip. On all occasions the sodas arrived at our cabin with the rest of our luggage. All previous occasions were at Port Everglades but differing terminals.
  3. On both of our recent departures from Port Everglades (one with Princess and the other with X) we wrapped one 24 pack of soda with duct tape attached an official luggage tag with our room number and handed it to the porter with our main luggage at the bag drop. On both occasions the cases of sodas were delivered to our stateroom with no problem. This would apply equally well to waters. This only works if you are driving to the port of course. Not sure how HAL would handle it but our next cruise on HAL is also from Port Everglades.
  4. Thanks for the info. Nothing there to pull me away from battling the hordes in Oceanview. As my wife doesn't do Indian food I have found that some of the Celebrity curries in the buffet are excellent which gives me a rare opportunity to indulge myself in this delicacy. Cliff
  5. We are on the 29th June sailing of the Equinox and about 4 weeks ago the X app for this sailing showed the daily MDR menu, which was a useful tool for planning special restaurant reservations . This info has now disappeared. Does anyone know if this info is provided prior to sailing or only on the day of departure. Additionally can anybody provide the menu for MDR embarkation lunch. Thanks Cliff
  6. How about Vodka topped with vodka, add 2 ice cubes then fill the glass with more vodka
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