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  1. clianmel

    Car Rental in Cozomel

    Has anybody any advice as to whether renting a car in Cozumel is a good idea Any interesting and worthwhile sights to see. Are the roads and signage ok. I believe the rates are pretty reasonable and for probably our twelfth visit to Cozumel it may be an affordable way to expand our horizons? Any recommendations as to a reputable car hire company would also be appreciated Thanks in anticipation of some helpful replies
  2. clianmel

    Regal cabins E108 or E110

    Thanks so much for your helpful and informative replies. I think I will stick with my reservation of E108. Much greater info than I anticipated. Again many thanks. Cliff
  3. clianmel

    Regal cabins E108 or E110

    Can anybody describe Cabins E108 or E110 on the Regal. I realize that it will be metal not plexiglass on the balcony thus limiting the view somewhat but the additional balcony area looks enticing. Any and all inputs would be greatly appreciated.
  4. looking to book oosterdam in november. my current hal brochure dates back to 2016 which shows a somewhat gaudy decoration scheme for both signature suites and verandas. the hal website shows much more subdued colours for both types of cabin. can anyone clarify if the cabins are as per the website. additionally how frequently do hal offer upsells from veranda to sig suites. Any input will be greatly appreciated
  5. We are scheduled to sail this Sunday 4th of March on the Regal The only e-mails we have received were to push sales for excursions, photo packages and specialty dining etc. The roll call for this sailing did include comments that some people had received a very generic e-mail regarding entertainment which did not include specifics about guest entertainers or main theatre productions. When I queried Princess as to why I had not received this e-mail they said it had been sent to the TA. The TA advised that they did not receive it but that Princess refused to resend it to her or to me.
  6. clianmel

    Shareholder Benefit

    If both occupants of the cabin have separate 100 shares in Carnival Corp can both claim the OBC?
  7. Hi Lor74 Great review but I am still unable to determine if the MDR menu repeated the 1st week on the 2nd week. Hope you and Ro and all of your luggage are feeling better
  8. Is there much of interest on the rest of the island if you venture outside of the Princess confines If there is, is it possible to rent a car or a golf cart Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. clianmel

    More Happy Hour Questions

    Are the happy hour specials available on day 1 ( i.e. embarkation day).? Are the 16oz budweisers cans screw caps or the caps that need a bottle opener ? If you buy multiple beers on the BOGO1$ do the baristas open all the cans? Just trying to avoid paying $7 for a $1 beer. Thanks for any input
  10. clianmel

    More questions about the coffee card

    Thanks Msmoger. Two yeses would make it a definite buy. Two noes would mean definitely not. One of each makes my decision a little tougher. Thanks Cliff
  11. Q1;; Can the coffee cards be used in the MDR or only in the IC. Q2; Does the coffee card include specialty drinks with alcohol such as Irish Coffee.
  12. clianmel

    does the soda package include bottled water

    thanks for the input
  13. although the water package of 12 500 ml bottles for $7 seems really good value for a cruise line does the soda plus package include water.
  14. clianmel

    Divina - Sports Bar

    Can anyone comment on the PhillyCheesesteak or the fish and chips. It sounds like a good place to avoid the buffet crowds
  15. clianmel

    murano entrees

    Thanks for all of your inputs. Leaning towards the sole or the lobster this time as we both feel that tableside preparation somehow enhances the enjoyment of any meal.