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  1. If one of the perks is the classic beverage package, can you pay extra to get the premium beverage package? If so, what does Celebrity charge?
  2. At the end of the day, food on any cruise line has it's good and bad. Much of it is mass produced for thousands of people. The specialty restaurants are closest to what you will find at land based restaurants, because its made to order. Nobody should go hungry on any cruise, with any line. There is always something.
  3. That's certainly true. The age of the ship and port definitely play a role.
  4. I compared the prices. NCL is still cheaper than Royal on average. With that said, I think I read that NCL is going to be increasing their prices. Compare the two.
  5. It must have gone up a little. We are never in the cabin, so we get a inside cabin and get the UBP. It's pretty reasonable.
  6. They make you pay $150 each pre-paid gratuities. So $300. Vastly less expensive than paying for it outright.
  7. Major plus with NCL is that the UBP is included with sailings if you choose. Inside rooms included.
  8. We have sailed on Celebrity as well. We were seriously disappointed with their food. Maybe it was a off sailing. I expected far better for a line touted as having better food than many others.
  9. Have been on RCL and NCL. In my personal opinion the food is much better over all on NCL. Plus there are more options both free and paid on NCL. We also think that the bars are nicer on NCL. Huge NCL fans. We loved RCL but prefer NCL.
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