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  1. This is my first Royal Caribbean cruise. Would someone please explain what the plastic luggage tag holders are? I see something I can buy online but I don't know if the dimensions needed would change over time as our cruise isn't for a year. Thanks!
  2. I'm new to Royal Caribbean. If we have a big group of family going does every person need to get his/her own wristband in the line or can I just go and pick up ten wristbands for several linked cabins? Thanks!
  3. It's interesting to hear accounts of large groups being accommodated for my time dining. We have a group of 16 and was told several times by the groups department that we need to book the standard dining times because it is nearly impossible to guarantee that our group would be seated near each other in my time dining. They said it is like restaurant dining at home. You have to wait for a table to clear.
  4. Has anyone had any experience doing MTD with a larger group? We have 16 people and would prefer a 6:30ish dining time but so far they are saying with that size we would have to dine at 5:30 or 8:00. I would think they could still do two tables of 8 with MTD but I'm really not sure how it all works. Thanks!
  5. What a thorough review! I did have a couple of questions. 1. Did you have to purchase food at Johnny Rockets to get the milkshakes with your dining plan? 2. We have a group of 16. Were you able to get a table for my time dining for your group? They said ours is too big so we have to go to either the 5:30 or 8:00 seating. We would rather eat at 6:30. Thanks and glad you had such a great time!
  6. I tried the search function but didn't get exactly what I was trying to find out. I know there is the hot dog place for grab and go hot dogs. Is there a place for grab and go burgers or chicken tenders? I know you can get them at Johnny Rockets or Playmakers for a fee and for free at Windjammers but I was hoping there was somewhere that had them where my kids could grab some on the run. Thanks!
  7. dp and brillohead - thank you so much for your responses. This is our first Royal Caribbean cruise so we are trying to make sure we know all the other expenses we have coming up! Really appreciate the help!
  8. What is the normal price for the package? I am booked on the Symphony in July, 2020 and our cruise planner price is $57 which they say already reflects a discount. Is that a 20% discount or even with a special sale for 30% off will I not find it much cheaper? I was fortunate enough to get the $18 rate but none of my family members were able to snag it. I must have been the last one before they changed the rates!
  9. That's a "perfect day" for me too! Would you please tell me what location that was? We were able to book a cabana for 2020 in South Beach which I don't believe is open yet but I wouldn't mind being where you were!
  10. I am having the same issue. We have a few people who want to get Swedish massages and I was told there is only one person who does each type of massage. That's why I can't book more than one at the same time. I read there are a lot of treatment rooms at the spa. How is it possible you can't do two of the same massages at once? If it was a couples massage there would be two massage therapists. It makes no sense.
  11. How many people can do the escape room at one time?
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