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  1. Many, many years go (Sometime in the 80's) on Home Lines "Atlantic". We paid for a minimum guarantee and ended up with a suite, 2nd category from the top.
  2. I don't remember ever seeing a pay phone on a cruise ship...... before or after the 1990's. But isn't the topic of this thread how come ships didn't have balcony cabins until the 1990's?
  3. We were supposed to come home TA July 24th. Sailing was canx. We opted for the 125% credit rather than a refund and this will be next year's trip. But we opted for Cunard's air. Had we been able to go this year, their cost was $161. JFK/London. For any of the T/A's we've on repo sailings, we've NEVER been able to get a price better than what the cruise line offered.
  4. This was a few years ago. We came back from a cruise in Feb to NYC. After getting off the ship we had to stand in a LONG line, out side to take a fairly long escalator down to luggage pick-up. It was VERY cold and VERY blustery. There was a "guard" at the top of the escalator who would only allow one couple at a time on, and they had to reach the bottom and get off before they would allow the next couple onto it. It made absolutely no sense! Many folks asked why to which no one would or could answer. Unfortunately, it put a very sour note at the end of a great cruise
  5. If you want to do it on the cheap and you don't mind schlepping luggage you can take the tri-rail from FLL airport (free shuttle to the train station from FLL airport) to MIA airport. Then, most hotels offer comp airport pick-up at MIA. Most hotels do NOT offer comp transport to the cruise ship terminal, but you can then Uber/Lyft to the port from the hotel.
  6. There were over 20 of us on a cruise to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary.
  7. A neighbor told me on her most recent (Dec 2019) Carnival Cruise a Bloody Mary was $13 plus obligatory added gratuity.
  8. Two of the most memorable for us was Ephesus, Turkey and landing on a glacier in Alaska in a small plane.
  9. Actually...they did, but not as many. Home Lines had 8 balcony cabins on the "Oceanic" built in 1965 and a book I have on ships and liners shows a "veranda" cabin on an Italian Liner from the '30's.
  10. It may be other lines as well, but I think the OP is referring to Cunard as this applies to us, as well. We were scheduled to come home T/A on The QM2 in July. The sailing was canx. We were offered either a 100% refund of our deposit or 125% credit toward any future Cunard sailing. As we did not make the final payment, (only the deposit) I also am curious as to what the 125% credit applies to. As we were advised directly by Cunard, and our agent and the entire office is on furlough , I'm sure she will be able to explain once they reopen. As we plan to do what was this year's trip, next year, I can wait until we can talk with our agent about the details.
  11. What I miss the most is sitting gout on a balcony on a sea day and just looking at the horizon and listening to the peace and quiet of nothing more than the minimal sound of the ship moving through the water.
  12. We probably will just stay home. We don't want to fly on a plane, we don't want to stay at a hotel, we don't want to eat at a restaurant and we're not about to do "take-out" while on vacation. We'll just enjoy our back yard and pool this summer.
  13. With being within close proximity of other passengers everywhere else, the last thing I'd hesitate about would be sitting at a table with other people. Not to mention the fact that on some ships a table for two is just as close to other people as sitting at a larger table.
  14. Well, I guess "different strokes for different folks" is applicable because one of our complaints (if you want to call it that) is that there ISN'T any ballroom dancing on most ships anymore.
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