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  1. I think today (July 18) is the date that the AD left Italy for it's ill fated voyage across the Atlantic in 1956. Geeezzzz.....65 years ago!
  2. You could sell them on E-bay for some ridiculous price! I think if I sold all of the menus I've accumulated over the years, I probably could buy a Mercedes with the $$$$$ (LOL)
  3. We're looking at December 2021 on the Divina, anyone else? No...but please post a full report as we're booked for Jan 6, 2022.
  4. I'm pretty sure it was today's date, 1968 that we sailed to Italy on the "Raffaello". Doesn't seem like it's over 50 years ago, now.
  5. Several years ago we were on a Canada/New England cruise out of NYC. We were at sea on the 4th of July and nothing was even mentioned regarding the day.
  6. We're going on a cruise the end of the month and on the "roll call" thread, we've already orchestrated one on our own.
  7. Hmmm...."maybe" Sailed to Italy several times on the LdV, MA, RAF. We always went cabin class. My sister and I shared a cabin. It was very small and had an upper and lower. If public rooms were replicated, but cabins and bathrooms were "new millennium" I'd give it a go.
  8. We just booked the Divina for January '22. It will be our 4th time on the ship. Still, not quite the "Italian experience" as was the Italian or Hmes LInes.
  9. I couldn't find a "Sitmar" thread, so I'm posting here. While cleaning out my closet, I found a belt with "Sitmar Cruises" on the buckle. Again, a "thank you for cruising with us" gift. Must have been on the back hook for many years. And ya....it still fits!
  10. We also have that cookbook, and many other mementos and "thank you for sailing with us" gifts. Most have a place of honor in our home and if I had a dollar for every menu I have stashed away in tubs in the attic I could retire to a chateau in the south of France!
  11. I have a LOT of menus and daily programs from various sailings. However...all from "Cabin Class'. My mother thought First Class was a bit too formal and Tourist a little too austere, so we always went Cabin. I remember on the Michelangelo and Raffaello, the 1st class and cabin class dining rooms were almost identical, other than size and both were serviced out of the same kitchen.
  12. Norboy76: We went to Italy by ship several times. I/we have sailed on: Cristoforo Columbo, DaVinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello. Sometimes we would go eastbound on one ship, return on another. I think the last time we sailed to Italy was in "75 and we went on the DaVinci. I don't know if we came and went on it then out of coincidence or they had already taken the Michelangelo and Raffaello out of T/A service by then. Perhaps someone else knows the answer?
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