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  1. Just wondering about your flights and how much NCL charged you. Friends in CT fly frequently from BDL to FLL for anywhere between $95 and $130 each way on 3 hr non-stops on SW. (and bags fly free!) Was booking air through NCL so much of a savings that it made an 11.5 hr flight worth it? I'd think it would have to be free to make it worth while.
  2. We've sailed on several "X" ships and on the Divina 3X, however we have not sailed on the Megavilia. We have our 4th Divina cruise booked for Feb 2020. No...they are not identical lines, but then, no two lines really are. We love the ship, dancing every night in several lounges, very, very good shows, good food, the BEST pizza on the sea, an "adults only" pool, and another pool under an atrium roof which is closed in inclement weather. We are elite on "X" and on Princess and with their status match, we are "Black" which is their top tier.
  3. But here are ten countries in the Baltic. I know that, and I don't think any one Baltic cruise would bring you to all 10 anyway and my point being that in that area, there's a LOT more to see/do than a cruise would afford you the time in just one day in any one city compared to a day on any one Greek island. I'd still opt for the Greek Isle cruise. The OP asked for opinions, and I gave mine and elaborated on why I said what I did.
  4. Other than photos, nothing. We'll keep a couple of daily programs and a menu or two for a couple of weeks to show freinds and family but then they get tossed, too. I probably should save some stuff as I do have a couple of tupperware bins up in the attic with lots of cruise adn T/A memorabilia from the 60's and 70's. But back then you got passenger lists, beautiful daily menus printed on board, "thank you for sailing with us" gifts., invitation to dine with the captain, etc etc. Lots of stuff you don't experience on cruise ships anymore.
  5. I'd do the Greek Isles. A day in port on the islands (IMO) is sufficient. We did this past June a Baltic (Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia land tour. For us anyway, the time in port there is not long enough to see/do when on a cruise. We really enjoyed the dining and night time activities there that you don't experience when on a cruise. On our tour, it was VERY east to tour by road, in and through all 3 countries.
  6. When we do "anytime" on any line I usually say, "We prefer a large table, but which ever becomes available first"
  7. No...the Costa Concorida was "Costa" Lines. Both Costa and MSC have different price structures for sailing out of Europe and those sailing from the US. On another note, my father sailed on the "Rex" in 1937. I sure wish I had some memorabilia from that!
  8. I'm pretty sure the "sister" was the Cristoforo Columbo. then the LdaV was built to replace the AD and it had the same basic profile. I never understood why there were no portholes on A deck or below on the "M" or the "R". It could have had a lot more oceanview cabins that would have been a lot more in demand on cruises.
  9. I have sheet music (for piano, I think) for the theme song "Cristoforo Columbo". I think you can guess what ship that's from! And I just found a little card that says "With the compliments of the Italian Line", but I don't remember what came with that card or which ship it was from. I also have that record from the "Oceanic" and listen to it when I need an "Italian Fix" Oh, oh, Oceanic ship...tu se bella bella bella...........And I remember one of our last trips on the "Raffaello" when my father made some comment to staff (I cant remember what, but it was pretty much about the passenger mix on board) and the reply was "Si....Il personi Italiani, ma il soldi Americani" Which translates something along the line of, Ya..the staff is Italian, but the money comes from the Americans.
  10. We did a cruise/tour a couple of years ago and the cruise was with Celestyal. Older (but not "old") ships, smaller, which made getting on/off in ports a LOT quicker and especially the couple of places we had to tender to. Food and entertainment were good.....maybe a little bit better on a bigger mass market line.....but you couldn't beat thier itinerary, which really was the first and foremost reason for the cruise. We spent much more time on the islands than we did on the ship.
  11. Usually 2 and a land tour or river cruise in addition.
  12. Our relatives live in Rimini, Italy (check a map to see where it is on the Adriatic) Sept/Oct is our favorite time to visit. Weather and water are delightful and the crowds are gone.
  13. We've booked our 4th MSC cruise. The closest thing (but still not close enough) to the old "Italian Line".
  14. I think I'd bag NCL and cruise on a different line!
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