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  1. While hunting though cruise memorabilia, I came across a record album of the Zielli band. They played on the Home Lines "Oceanic". I listened to it while looking at the Limoges plates, hanging on the wall in our dining room. They were gifts for repeater passengers, as well as a delft plate, the size of a salad plate, depicting the "Oceanic". (Hanging on a wall in our den, along with many cruise photos, a Normandie and Titanic poster) an alabaster thermometer, coasters, a change purse, key chain, scarf, and cologne (the cologne is long gone, now). All gifts for being Home Lines repeaters. A real class operation!
  2. Every cruise we've taken, we've booked though a TA. We've always put the deposit and final payment on a CC. The statement has ALWAYS stated the payment was made to the cruise line. IF you put it on a CC and your statement says it was paid to the TA, I'd question it.
  3. Not on a cruise, but last year freinds of ours were on the same flight as us (neither of us knew the others were traveling) and when we got to our destination, neighbors of ours were at that gate, waiting for thier flight.
  4. In answer to OP's question...of the various lines we've been on, I'd have to say NONE OF THEM!
  5. A couple of rough T/A's and a couple of rough (surprisingly) Caribbean sailing. One, we had to leave the dining room mid-dinner as furniture was falling over. One, no one was allowed out on decks. I remember early 80's on QE2, we sailed out of NY were picked up more pax in Norfolk. On the return, the sea was so rough, the night prior to returning to Norfolk, the captain said we might not be able to and the Norfolk passengers would be bussed back from NYC. However, we did dock in Norfolk. A few sailings, drawers opened from the motion, thing slid off of dressers, closet doors swung open and closed, etc. We were not on the sailing, but I guess the worse event in modern times that I know of was a "Michelangelo" sailing westbound where a rouge wave destroyed part of the superstructure just below the bridge and a cabin was destroyed and the occupants washed out at sea. I guess that would be "the worst storm anyone had sailed through". There are some photos of it on Youtube and/or FB.
  6. Bennybear...thanks for sharing, It brought back memories of a cruise we took a couple of years ago of the Croatian Coast. It was with Katerina Cruises. Small ship, kind of yacht like. Only 30 pax. Other than Split and Dubrovnik all of the ports were places the "liners'" can't go to. No pool on the ship...we just anchored, jumped or dived off the back and the ship being so small we were close enough to just swim to shore. It was one of our favorite trips. Very diverse passengers as the line markets to English speaking countries and there were folks from US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand and South Africa. I think there were only 6 of us from USA.
  7. Itinerary not so important as we've cruised to just about everywhere we wanted to cruise to. Some places in this world, a land trip is much more desirable than a cruise, so we don't really even consider it. But.........we've cruised the Caribbean every winter for the past 35 plus years, so we don't care which islands we're stopping at as we usually don't even get off the ship, so.... line/ship, price, dates, perks determine what will be up next.
  8. If you think it's a good deal to you....then it's a good deal.
  9. It will take me forever to find it. I have a big box of old 8MM films (my Dad and Grandfather thought they were CB DeMille). I have the projector somewhere, too, so maybe on some cold wintery night I'll watch a bunch of them until I find it. By the way, would anyone also like a cy of the day my parents brought my newborn sister home from the hospital? Or a bullfight in Spain, sometime in the 60's? Or maybe some of the Summer Olympics in Rome from 1960? Which by the way, we went to Italy that year on the "Columbo" and I probably have a film from that, too! (and then we came home on the "brand new" L-d-V). I was 6, but still remember it. It's because of some of those sailings and memories that I became so "addicted" to sailing on a ship.
  10. I'll look and see what I have. i have several bins of memorabilia up in the attic. I also have (somewhere) an 8mm movie of my grandparents on their sailing on the Andrea Doria in 1954 or '56. If it's from '56, it's the last eastbound sailing. It's not dated.
  11. When we sailed to Italy on the Italian Line, we always went Cabin Class. My mother thought 1st was a little to stuffy and tourist a bit to austere (the cabins, anyway). Men mostly in suits, but a few tuxedos and lot of women in gowns or very dressy cocktail length dresses. Relative to the above, much more so on the eastbound crossing.
  12. When we sailed to Italy on the Italian Line, we always went Cabin Class. My mother thought 1st was a little to stuffy and tourist a bit to austere (the cabins, anyway). Men mostly in suits, but a few tuxedos and lot of women in gowns or very dressy cocktail length dresses.
  13. We also sailed on the "Regent Sea". Once in the Caribbean, and I think that was our first partial transit of the Panama Canal, and once in Alaska, with the 5 day land add-on. Both trips were more reasonably priced then other lines, while offering comparable quality. Sorry to see them fold. If memory serves me correctly, the ship had no inside cabins.
  14. Aside from the ship being permitted to sail from a US port, as far as the islands go....kind of like when the weather alters the itinerary. If even at the last minute any particular island won't let the ship dock, you'll probably go somewhere where they will let the ship dock. IF no island permit a ship to dock, would the cruise be canx or would it not stop anywhere? Don't know...stay tuned.
  15. Not something I'm interested in or every have been, but do any lines still do a "napkin folding" class? Now there's a topic I've never seen discussed on CC.
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