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  1. I believe Regent’s rules prohibit jeans in indoor public areas after 6:00 PM. The only line I know of that allows jeans in such time and places is Celebrity. But as posted above, dockers and similar are fine on Regent.
  2. This really scares those of us who fear financial failure of some, or all, cruise lines. There are so many FCCs out there, and those using them in the future will add little or no new money to the lines. And with all the rolling start up delays, the cruise lines are really going to need that new money.
  3. When we got our vaccinations, we were given a CDC form listing vaccine type and dates of both shots. We are keeping them safe and secure, even though nobody told us to do so. We are in the process of renewing our passports right now. We can’t see anything on the renewal forms about vaccinations. The conclusion is there is no such thing as a “vaccine passport”. If there were, we would get them.
  4. I went to the Q&A link, and you are correct.Crystal does not guarantee a vaccinated crew. I noticed something else disturbing. In addition to proof of vaccination, Crystal is also requiring a negative test no more than three days old. If ALL on board were vaccinated, this would be overkill! Vaccinated people pose a risk only to unvaccinated people, so if the crew were vaccinated like the guests, there would be no reason for the test. Tests can be hard to come by if one does a pre-cruise in an unfamiliar city.
  5. And the sad thing is that you would be safer on a cruise ship than on a commercial airliner. The CDC has been overly lenient on rules for airliners and airports. For these there is no mandate for distancing and reduced capacity as there has been for cruise ships, restaurants, stores, and even churches. I suspect the airline lobby paid somebody off!
  6. Without a guarantee that all crew will be vaccinated (as well as guests) it is a no go. Also, I read in financial news that Genting, Crystal’s parent company in Hong Kong, is totally broke and in default on all its bond and loan obligations. It is in worse shape than NCLH, and NCLH’s long term finances are in bad shape — to put it mildly.
  7. If it is true that the crew don’t have to be vaccinated, we aren’t going. There is also the open question of the safety and requirements of visiting ports. While Regent has been using booked guests as “no interest loans” Paul Gauguin has been worse. No cash refunds. Only FCCs with future cruises at a higher cost.
  8. Before I had my two shots, and the time for effectiveness had passed, I pretty much stayed home and certainly avoided crowds and masked up. I felt vulnerable. Like I was taking a knife to a gunfight and forgot the knife! Now I still mask up to protect the unvaccinated. I go out but avoid crowds (as I did before the pandemic). But in an environment where I know all are vaccinated, I have no worries and don't feel I need a mask. No, the vaccines aren't 100%, but they are close enough for me when all around me are vaccinated.
  9. Wendy, Around here, almost everybody Iwe know has been vaccinated. In this case, I don't see a problem. Obviously, one can't eat or dring with a mask on. But if the cruise line requres proof of vaccination of all onboard, I see no problem with table sharing.
  10. I just got an email from a TA advertising a 7 night Celebrity cruise out of and to St. Martin’s in June.
  11. Our State’s rules allow for uncrowded gatherings of fully vaccinated people in reasonable numbers indoors now. The environment on Regent has always generally been uncrowded, so masks should not be generally required. Exceptions are lifeboat drills and the few other crowded occasions on Regent where masks probably should be worn.
  12. You are correct about the issue of a vaccinated person passing the disease to an unvaccinated person. I just wanted a Covid task force meeting on TV where it was reported that this matter is under testing and the result won’t be known for about five months. Also, the risk of being quarantined on a ship deters me as well.
  13. I have questions. With these cruises that have nothing to do with US ports (or CDC), what rules and protocols will apply? I know that RCL will require all adult passengers to be vaccinated and all children to have negative tests. But will the crew also be vaccinated? Will they sail at reduced capacity? Will there be any mask requirements? Will they visit any ports? Will passengers be allowed to enter ports other than on a ship’s excursion? Does anybody know?
  14. I don’t think any cruise or government official has stated such a goal. Rather, I think it is implied by the number of people who wouldn’t book if they were required to wear a mask extensively on board.
  15. I too agree with the original post here. The CDC has treated airlines in in a much more permissive manner than cruise ships. The CDC has ignored the distancing component as to airlines, while insisting cruise lines sail at 50% - 60% capacity. If the cruise lines require proof of vaccination for all aboard, there shouldn’t be a problem onboard.
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