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  1. Well, again, where do they get the “water?” They recycle? That makes more of a difference to me than straws and water containers.
  2. TC2, If paper straws are used in places you frequent and they don’t disintegrate during use, maybe somebody has discovered the old tech, and that is good because they worked without producing waste that is difficult to recycle. And around here, most of us carry insulated camping water bottles with water (or maybe something stronger?). So I have only a little concern about water for excursions. But my concern is the source of the “water” Regent recycles. If it is waste water from the ship, I’m out! There are cities in the desert SW US that get much of their municipal water from recycled sewer water. As I’m not a scientist or doctor, I don’t know about the health safety of this. All I know is that I want no part of it.
  3. When I was a little boy, long ago, my parents would take me to a soda shop, and they all used paper straws. I don’t know how they did it but they never disintegrated while using them. Plastic straws hadn’t invented yet. If we are going to be rid of plastic straws. We need old tech on paper ones. And if Regent is failing to provide something to carry water in on excursions, this is disconcerting to me at Regent’s price point. (Indeed that price point alone is disconcerting to me!). But what concerns me the most is the source of the water Regent “recycles” if it is desalinated sea water, fine. If it is recycled waste water from the ship, I’m not going!
  4. Just curious. Was this program ever actually instituted on any cruise, or was it just announced and then abandoned?
  5. Well, what we really need to know is this poorly conceived program apparently crashed and burned before it even got started. There were many bad things about this program. One thing that was ignored by the CEO is that it could NOT be used with non-refundable credits. As just about everything onboard is included, it is rather difficult to dispose of these non-refundable credits, so in theory many guests might have used the program with these. But refundable credits are the same as cash, so it was in fact calling for a cash tip that crew members could only use to buy the rather overpriced goods and services from the onboard stores and spa, which I think are private contractors. So the COE's statement that the program was "a way for guests to dispose of their unused credits" was misleading and incomplete, as he conveniently did not mention that non-refundable credits could not be used.
  6. For some reason Regent likes to use the word "free". They use it to describe their air and shore excursions too, when the word "included" would be more appropriate. We have donated to the crew fund several times, and feek it is a good idea. Only once I offered a cash tip to a crew member (stewardess) who ran a little errand for us that was not part of her job. The offer was refused.
  7. TC2, Asking members of the SS Society first would have been the way to go on a potentially controversial proposal like this one. We all know what would have happened had it not been cancelled. Visible crew members would be doting the last night, just like on the mass market lines before “auto tipping”. And many of us who are sensitive (never been accused of that) would feel “pressure” to do the “expected thing” and tip (again) with these worthless certificates of little if any benefit to the crew member. If what Regent’s fares for a cruise can’t allow for decent wages for the crew without tipping, I think I will find a better managed alternative, or just stay home in my mountain resort town. I tip service personnel very here in the US, because their employers aren’t required to pay them well, and they don’t. But, those places don’t subject me to a five figure “cover charge” like Regent does. With Regent’s fares, there should be no tipping, expressed, implied, or pressured.
  8. I have no idea what Regent’s motivation for such a program was, but at Regent’s fare level I demand that tips be included, or I will look for cruise alternatives. Indeed, Regent’s fares have become significantly “off-putting” to us, even with fully included tips and no pressure to tip further.
  9. All I know is the last time in the YC enclave, your YC card was required for us to enter that enclave. Once inside one could use all YC facilities in the enclave, no questions asked. Now the YC dining room was not in the enclave, and I can’t recall if they checked some ID or not.
  10. We cruised Celebrity in a Royal suite a year ago, and the price wasn’t that bad. Separate suite only anytime dining room and lounge with included drinks and included drinks everywhere on the ship and the suite mini bar. The suite was huge. The Butler was great. Included laundry. 900 sq. Ft. Suite. Best cruise ever. But now the price of those suites is astronomical. Perhaps the X line is playing the NCL game?
  11. I was in error when I posted earlier that the DR for the YC on the Divina was in the YC area. others have correctly stated that it is in another area. However, the free drink lounge IS in the YC area, and no ID is required to get into and enjoy the lounge. Because of the security to enter the YC, it is just assumed that entrants are YC eligible.
  12. I am a bit confused here. I had thought that if one books a room in the YC (don't know about upgrades to the YC) that one had access to the YC private dining room and private lounge with drinks at no additional charge. Am I wrong? has there been a change since we last cruised in the YC five years ago?
  13. That is a shock, as YC cruisers never went to the MDR on the cruise we took in the YC.
  14. We were in the YC of the Divina a few years back, and the YC had a separate dining room and an included open bar. Unless thins have changed, the YC was a totally separate part of the ship only accessible to those with a room there. No ID was required to go to the YC dining room or bar.
  15. Would most travel insurance cover it if cancelation were due to health problems? And I have heard of cancel for any reason insurance, but know little about it. Would it cover in case of a cancelation for reasons not covered by traditional travel insurance?
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