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  1. A guarantee booking might not be to your liking on the Navigator, as mentioned above. It might not be advisable on the Voyager either. We once had a guarantee H on it, and we were moved to a Horizon Suite right on the stern with a really nice balcony. All was well until the ship exceeded 20 knots. Then the suite shook! Not a vibration like the Navigator, but a hard shaking thar caused items to fall off the tables.
  2. I keep getting emails, but have no interest in this cruise line. With the last five, I have clicked "unsubscribe" to no avail. How do I get these emails to stop?
  3. We have been on the PG a number of times. Twice in window cabins and five or six times in balcony cabins. On the PG, the balconies are so small that they are useful only for drying swimwear. So a picture window room may be the best deal. There are some porthole window rooms on deck 4, and I don't think we would like those. You mention that you aew concerned about the PG's parent company, and so are we. If you do book, charge it on an AmEx card if you can. AmEx is good about getting a refund of the goods aren't delivered.
  4. I’m a little confused. If you stay the extra night in the hotel, will Regent still pay for the first night with you paying for the second? If that is the case, I don’t see a problem. But if Regent wants to back out of paying for the first hotel night — then problem.
  5. If my understanding is correct, Sky Suite guests get all the perks of the Retreat. If this is the case, and if the SS is large enough for you, I’d stay with the SS. The only X cruises we’ve taken have been two a bit before the pandemic in suites with full retreat perks (though it wasn’t called that then) and the onboard experience was equal to (or better than) our previous experience on Regent and Silversea. On the other hand, from what we saw of the experience of non-retreat guests we would not book X in the future without retreat perks. Too many lines and crowds. If my understanding about SS perks is correct, our next cruise may well be in the SS.
  6. To me, there is a difference between not being able to get you first choice excursion and not being able to get any at all. Pre-pandemic, we often couldn't get our first choice, waitlisted for it, and sometimes got it and sometimes not.I sense that all cruise lines are jumping the gun a bit with cruise resumption, given the situation.
  7. On the cruise line threads, I often click on one I wish to read. But only a blank screen with the post title at the top appears. Why?
  8. If one is 6’ 5” tall, there will be a 3” shortage of headroom to take a shower. The headroom while standing in the tub to shower is 6’ 2”. How many nights on your segment? We are short, but find the tub/shower combo acceptable for no more than seven nights.
  9. According to the Regent mail ads I receive three times a week, included air is still offered. Economy on North American legs and Business on intercontinental legs. In fact, some recent ads for Alaska cruises stated that Business air was included, though all legs were North American. I have no info on the credit amount offered for decking the air.
  10. Hi, all. Like many other cruise (and Regent) fans, we are waiting until matters of requirements, restrictions, and protocols solidify (onboard, on shore, and in the air) before booking. Then we are eager to book and begin cruising again. And we think Regent’s 100% vaccine rule (no exceptions) is a great move in the right direction. But at this moment, there are many unanswered questions with matters that seem to be in a state of flux.
  11. I hope Regent requires 100% vaccination for ALL on board with no exceptions. I see no reason for these exemptions. If Regent were to allow these, we would not consider booking a cruise. We do not understand so-called religious exemptions from vaccine requirements. And as for medical exemptions, we are old and don’t go on many forms of travel because of age limitations. But we don’t ask to be accommodated. We just don’t go.
  12. mrstanley, yes, it is hard for people with short legs to enter and exit the Mariner tub. And if you are 6’2” tall or more, you have zero headroom. And people with large bodies will find the tub width insufficient. Aloha, Regent has slowly replaced the tub/shower situation on the Mariner since the first dry dock. Very slowly. So I don’t think we can expect a massive conversion on the next dry dock. All, the Mariner Suites are are the same size from category H up to concierge, and they are much smaller than the Voyager suites in the same categories. For us, Mariner suites in these categories a suitable for only fairly short cruises, even if the tub/shower has been replaced by a shower only
  13. I agree with the post above. The tub bottom is almost 10” higher than the bathroom floor, there is less than 6’2” headroom in the tub, and the tub is rather narrow. It is a very awkward set-up. Even though I am only 5’7” tall, I continually banged my hands on the ceiling when washing my hair. This info is from our first Mariner cruise some time ago, and yes, I measured. On more recent Mariner cruises, we have made sure we get a shower - only suite.
  14. With the continuing uncertainty about requirements, you probably thought right, unfortunately.
  15. It would be very helpful if we could know the mask requirements at sea — and if there are any. Many of us are happy to mask up for limited periods, but avoid situations where we would have to mask for extended periods.
  16. This is why we aren’t booking ANY cruises until this mess is over. And it isn’t over. If the FCC are good only when booking on a 2022 cruise, Regent doesn’t have the capacity to book all those with FCC by that time.
  17. I too have seen no information on current Regent sailings — or if there are any. We are waiting on two things before seriously considering a cruise. One is our third shot vaccination. Right no it looks like that will be in October. The other thing is some onboard reports from guests on post-pandemic sailings.
  18. Also, I see greater risk of all sorts of disease on Carnival than on Regent. The reason is that Carnival and other mass market lines are much more crowded than Regent and the like, and crowds spread disease. I wonder if the mass market lines will be capacity limited. They sure need to be. I understand, from vague information, that even Regent is limiting the guest load, though I don’t know by how much. I don’t know what percentage of reduction Regent contemplates, but Carnival and the like need to reduce it big time!
  19. The only problem with children on a cruise is that those under 12 can’t get vaccinated at this time. I hope that will soon change.
  20. As stated above, it is a recommendation, not a health order. It could become one, but who knows. The fact that (as I understand it) is that those of us over 60 will be eligible for the THIRD vaccination starting next month. The CDC will address recommendations for older people with #3. We will get it just as soon as we can. From the information I have been able to find, the #3 should greatly increase immunity of older people.
  21. Kate, these unanswered questions are why we are not booked on any cruise on any line. At one time, I understand Regent’s rules to be that all guests had to present proof of full vaccination to embark, and that was all. Now, it seems that repeated testing (and getting kicked off if positive) and ALL guests wearing masks indoors are part of the rules. And I keep hearing news reports about highly unreliable airline service, so I don’t know how one could get to a cruise reliably. These things probably aren’t the fault of Regent or any other line. But these things are certainly a deterrent to many of us booking, until matters settle down to the point that the rules when we book will be the rules when we sail.
  22. Some SS cruises are being advertised as including economy air. Can this be upgraded to business class for extra charge? If so, approximately how much? Also, has their been any “de-formalization” on SS formal nights? Last time we cruised SS last decade, one would feel out of place without a tux. I wonder if that is still the case, or if one would feel OK wearing dress slacks, jacket, dress shirt, and tie.
  23. If you know, what has the experience in the retreat been like?
  24. I don’t see it mentioned here, but on another cruising site I read that this 2024 WC sold out in 3 hours. Prices were show as $74K to $199K pp! Wow!
  25. Yes, air transportation will be a problem with some east coast ports. I hear that the RCCL Granduer of the Seas sails out of Baltimore That old ship holds 2500 passengers. Baltimore is a bit farther north than is ideal for most itineraries, but it wouldn’t be impossible for many. impossible
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