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  1. At the Intercontinental book a bay view room (not a city view) to get a view of the Port of Miami.
  2. If you stay in midtown Manhattan the Cruise Terminal is a short taxi ride away.
  3. If you need transportation from/to Fort Lauderdale airport see the reviews in TripAdvisor .... seems reliable.
  4. Car services such as Dial 7 and Carmel provide good service in the NY metro area. Good idea to check out their websites in your planning.
  5. 10:30 seems a bi tight .... too many things could cause a delay.
  6. Baggage processing at the Brooklyn Terminal starts no earlier than 9:30 am.
  7. Consistently good reviews for them.
  8. We always used CATA car service .... excellent.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. The luggage is the biggest problem as I see it. If it can be taken with you to NYC and stored at Schwartz that would work.
  10. I am assuming you are disembarking at the Manhattan Cruise Port. If so, drop off you luggage at Schwartz Luggage at 357 West 37th street and enjoy mid-town Manhattan. But, suggest leaving for EWR sooner than you plan because of traffic conditions .... especially on weekdays.
  11. SAS has generally good comments on this board. However, when we travel we prefer to have more control regarding our time and using a car service is best for us. We would not be wedded to a schedule.
  12. We disembarked recently on a Sunday. We were pleased to be able to get a taxi on the second floor right outside the terminal. In the past we had to cross the street to the taxi stand. I suspect that because it was a Sunday there was a taxis lined up outside.
  13. There have been a number of positive comments about SAS on this forum.
  14. Another vote for the Intercontinental .... always stay there.
  15. Great photos .... thanks for sharing. We were just on the Insignia and also admired the refurbishment.
  16. Agree that the apparent mass mailings from O need a tune up. The present “take rate” could be improved for O by more intelligent targeting, The O marketing folks would see a higher return and customers would be less irritated.
  17. Pre-cruise we always stay at the Intercontinental.
  18. Try looking at hotels.com, narrow your search and then check TripAdvisor reviews.
  19. We have used the cc in Canada and there is a small foreign exchange fee charged by our cc company. Not a big deal.
  20. Given your long trip ahead after disembarking, parking at the port seems the best option.
  21. We have stayed in a number of different suites including oceania on the O ships and owners on the R ships. All were worth it but we never used the jacuzzi or TV on the veranda of the oceania suites. Suggest OP try choose one and give us feedback after your trip.
  22. I'd probably decide to drive myself but evaluate the chance of encountering not so friendly weather in January.
  23. TripAdvisor has 11% poor and terrible reviews ... a bit high.
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