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  1. 12 hours ago, capriccio said:

    Discussed frequently on the Florida departures board,  locals are almost unanimous in recommending parking at the port for safety and convenience sake!



    Agree ++ you don’t want to worry about your vehicle during the cruise. 

  2. Good question about Staten Island hotels...  I don’t recall any mention on this forum. I would suggest using anyone of the hotel websites to narrow your focus and then consult TripAdvisor for reviews. My suggestion would be to pay attention to the negative reviews. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Corby114 said:

    Ace, Payless, EZ, and Fox are the lower tier rental car companies. Their base prices are usually cheaper but they either don’t have the vehicle you reserved, add up charges for items such as higher insurance rates, higher fuel prices, etc. Personally I rent from Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Budget, Avis, Thifty, or Enterprise which are nationally rated companies. Also add Sixt or National to the list of higher end rental car companies.

    Agree ++

  4. In Manhattan yellow cabs (taxis) are more available than before Uber, etc. came on the scene. On your return you have a good bit of time before your bus departs at 2pm. You can take a taxi from the ship to Schwartz Luggage (at 357 West 37th street) and leave your luggage for a while while you look around midtown. Then taxi to the bus.

  5. 1 hour ago, mjkacmom said:

    $40 a day is a pretty good deal in manhattan, especially if you don’t have a small car (we always have to pay extra for our minivan). Super convenient and very safe.


    Agree .... well said.

  6. If the meds are critical best to visit the Danish equivalent of the emergency room at a hospital. They can order the meds (or the euro equivalent) from their pharmacy. 


    Of course if she is on board a cruise, see if the medical facility can help in replacing.  

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