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  1. 1 hour ago, JohninDC said:

    Welcome to the boards! 😎


    While it might seem very warm compared to NY, it can often be a little chilly to spend time on the beach in late December.  I hope you get lucky and get warm weather.

    Agree .... have an alternate plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

  2. We have twice been on that Bermuda cruise from NY. The Vista suites do have an issue when the ship is moving forward ...  our butler said the furniture is then tied down because of the wind.  Also the view was not attractive for us as it overlooked various ship equipment below on the deck. We found the Owners suites aft (rear) meets our needs. 

  3. On the subject of afternoon tea, last year on the Insignia we found the size of the carts (serving cakes, etc.) had been reduced. Also there were fewer choices on them and there were fewer carts. Further, the central table was not available to those wishing to get their own cakes, etc. In the new O things will change but we will not revisit the tea service. 



  4. Please be aware that driving in the US is on the right side of the road ... unlike the UK. Unless you are accustomed to this, I would recommend flights to Key West and return. Also, suggest visiting Key West only as it has some attractions (the Hemingway house is a must) and dinning options. Enjoy your cruise and key visit. 

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