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  1. The tread mills and recumbent bike, etc don't make that much noise ... doubt noise would travel to the deck below. But if you have concerns book a PH away from the gym.
  2. After you have your baggage a cab should be able to reach the MCT in an hour or less.
  3. Not knowing the particular interests of the OP it’s hard to make specific recommendations. That said, they could stay in Westchester county and take the train down to to a NYC and I am sure find some places of interest.
  4. We always stay at the Intercontinental downtown .... near the Port and food choices.
  5. December weather in NYC is usually not the most snowy and cold. But this year may not be typical. I’d fly out of Miami and arrive there the day before the cruise leaves. As far as the particular cruise line it is up to each individual to make this choice.
  6. I recommend Dial 7 and Carmel car services from personal experience ..... both very good. Oh the two hotels The Look would be my last choice. The OP may want to see if any other hotels in Brooklyn are within their budget.
  7. Each day the occupancy rate of a hotel varies. So it would be hard to guarantee a very early check in. Your best chance is to explore hotels near the airport as travelers who have early flights stay there ... thus vacancies. Of course, paying for the night before is the safest.
  8. Some good questions. On Saturday the traffic towards JFK should be relatively light (25 min.) so, more important is the time of departure of the bus. First I would try calling your travel agent with the other questions and also posting on the Princess board.
  9. Thank you, Carolyn. A reminder to always be alert especially when on vacation or in an area one is not familiar with.
  10. In July we were in 7119 aft on Insignia. Some vibration at night when we were underway and it was pleasant as we fell asleep.
  11. Walk;safe. Pretty;no. But be careful crossing streets and avenues even when you have the light/walk sign.
  12. Numerous posts on CC speak favorable of Larry’s.
  13. We have used Carmel and DIAL 7 and been satisfied with both.
  14. If safety is most important then parking at the Port on Miami is the best choice. As JohninDC has suggested you can stay outside Miami to keep the budget in balance.
  15. I am sure others who have parked as you describe will respond. But the safest, most convenient parking for POM is at the port. Perhaps you might consider staying the night before your trip not far from Miami and then parking at the port. One does not want to worry about the safety of their vehicle when on a cruise.
  16. Limiting oneself to hotels with a “free” shuttle may not be the best strategy. A hotel closer to the POM with a short taxi (Uber) ride to the port might make more sense. But the OP knows their budget.
  17. Suggest contacting the MCT with the question ... 212 641-4440.
  18. In Miami the safest parking is at the Port. I would not consider any other place
  19. I think the reason for no cab pick-ups right outside the terminal doors to keep the line of cabs moving as fast as possible. The taxi stand (12th and 48th) has a dispatcher to help in hailing cabs. We were the only ship in port and the cab line moved quickly. But, If several ships are disembarking this would not be the case.
  20. I would plan on meeting your family across 12th Avenue. Even though there is only one ship arriving it is a busy area. Best to make contact via cell as you approach so you know exactly where they are.
  21. Cabs drive up the ramp and drop passengers off right outside the second floor of the terminal. A porter is right there to help unload the trunk. This is to speed things along as I have sometimes seen a line up of cabs crawling up the ramp.
  22. Yellow taxis are available upon exit from the terminal buildings.
  23. A number of posters here report favorable reviews of Cortrans.
  24. My understanding is that area surrounding the airport is not optimal for activities. This is similar to many major airports.
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