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  1. TripAdvisor has 11% poor and terrible reviews ... a bit high.
  2. Regardless of the route you choose listen to the morning traffic reports and adjust if possible. I favor the Staten Island route ..... if the BQE is backed up use local streets in Brooklyn.
  3. Last cruise we noticed there were more S/E Asian wait staff and we asked our butler about it. He said they usually come back to O after vacation. We were quite pleased with the staff.
  4. Check with that company you are booking.
  5. Really a matter of personal needs and likes. We like the Concierge lounge for early coffee, etc.
  6. We usually take the O offered insurance and never had a claim until earlier this year. Due to a hospitalization I had to cancel the trip. The insurance company could not have been more responsive and we were reimbursed in less than two weeks. Very satisfied.
  7. Your budget could dictate which store is best for you. That said, suggest Macys (7th and 34th) and Saks (5th and 49th).
  8. Suggest looking at the reviews in TripAdvisor.
  9. I believe some tour HOHO companies offer an Uptown route. This route normally encounters less traffic.
  10. Here is a link to a place we love. http://www.sajubistronyc.com/ But, there are many other choices around where you are staying.
  11. Agree. 9 people in 1 apartment for 4 nights. A formula that does not indicate success. Best to focus on securing a hotel in NY or NJ.
  12. I rode the JFK Airport train occasionally. But, if I had heavy luggage, the stairway at Howard Beach Station was a bit too much.
  13. In general I consider the subways here safe. But I always practice situational awareness when riding. Sadly, there is an increase in homeless on the trains and in the stations. There doesn’t seem to be any real effort by the authorities to relieve this.
  14. You should be able to make it. Best to have transportation linged up ahead of time.
  15. We always took the insurance offered through Oceania and never had a claim until earlier this year. I was hospitalized the week before our trip in March and had to cancel. Our experience with the claim processing was outstanding. Check in hand in less than two weeks of filing.
  16. Agree. Chateau Frontenac is tops .... loved it.
  17. Sorry that happened. But I have to put such inconveniences I encounter in a larger context. Perhaps I am too sympathetic but I usually am just pleased to be on board and traveling.
  18. We always find Rome Cabs excellent.
  19. We always use a travel agent .... believe the benefits can be better.
  20. I favor the suggestion of parking in a commercial garage. Parking on the street with out of state license plates increases the chance of problems. Why worry.
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