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  1. 1 hour ago, mjkacmom said:

    $40 a day is a pretty good deal in manhattan, especially if you don’t have a small car (we always have to pay extra for our minivan). Super convenient and very safe.


    Agree .... well said.

  2. If the meds are critical best to visit the Danish equivalent of the emergency room at a hospital. They can order the meds (or the euro equivalent) from their pharmacy. 


    Of course if she is on board a cruise, see if the medical facility can help in replacing.  

  3. SAS has generally good comments on this board. However, when we travel we prefer to have more control regarding our time and using a car service is best for us. We would not be wedded to a schedule. 

  4. Agree that the apparent mass mailings from O need a tune up. The present “take rate” could be improved for O by more intelligent targeting, The O marketing folks would see a higher return and customers would be less irritated. 

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