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  1. On the issue of public bathroom doors ..... good that they were opened as an ad hoc remedy. But, a more permanent solution is to have them automatically open and close .... avoiding the need to use the handles. One of my pet peeves I guess.
  2. We always stay at the Intercontinental .... great hotel and excellent dinning on premises. Ask for a bay view room and see the cruise ships in the morning.
  3. Noon at LGA should do it. Not sure of taxi availability in Brooklyn .... you may want to consider car service (Carmel or Dial 7).
  4. Usually we stay at the Intercontinental as JohninDC mentioned. Rate can vary with the month OP is cruising. We have never been disappointed.
  5. Read the reviews in TripAdvisor..... too many negative for me.
  6. I’ll miss the Terrace as it was. Sometimes I am not sure what I want to eat ... a walk around the Terrace helps me decide rather than looking at a menu description of choices. Occasionally I spot something that I otherwise might not have chosen.
  7. Agree ++ while the R ships were acquired on favorable financial terms years ago, they are probably the least efficient to operate now.Very cloudy future.
  8. Not interested in vacationing with a bunch of masks ..... well said.
  9. Interesting thread. Don;t have financial expertise but I'll add my two cents. Another key issue is the psychological impact of the latest virus. Specifically, those picture of cruise ships waiting for authorities to permit docking and disembarkation were significant. The market impact was devastating.
  10. Once the Comfort arrived, it could have accepted virus patients thus permitting some elective surgeries in hospitals to proceed. The backlog would be reduced from what we now face. The actions of government officials were off the mark on this one.
  11. Is the virus patients were sent to the Comfort, all the elective surgeries would not have been postponed.
  12. The USNS Comfort was underutilized in New York. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this. Elective surgeries were postponed in hospitals to make room for Virus patients instead of using the Comfort. Soon we have to face the realities of addressing the huge elective surgery backlog. Also nursing homes were required by the State to accept virus patients with bad results. Sorry to see the Comfort leave.
  13. To view the ships you need a bay view ... not city view.
  14. Looking at TripAdvisor I see over 30% terrible and poor ratings. .....not the place to stay.
  15. If you decide to stay in Manhattan pre-cruise, you have many options. But best if you don't bring the car when staying right in NYC.
  16. Jancruz poses an interesting question. If all were ok (meaning an effective vaccine introduced) our answer is yes. But, those pictures of stranded cruise ships with illness will keep many off the seas.
  17. Agree that a doctors note would have some limited usefulness. Perhaps the person was ok at the time of the visit but Is not now when boarding. But, it is a step in the right direction in screening those who were not aware of their illness. Short of an effective vaccine any measures have their shortfalls/issues.
  18. Perhaps best to call the hotel directly.
  19. One of our O cruises made several stops in Vietnam. Before we arrived, there was a veterans meeting ... which was announced. About 20 of us attended including one former POW. He spoke a bit and it was very moving. The stops and excursions were memorable.
  20. For derails on the breakfast perhaps best to call the hotel and ask.
  21. Also check CATA car service and get a quote.
  22. Last year I believe there was virus of some sort on our cruise as I remember passing by the cabin that had red tape on its door. Accordingly we stepped up our hand washing and sanitizing. The current virus is more deadly and I welcome more strict cleaning and sanitizing measures. Got to reduce the odds of ships becoming floating “petri” dishes.
  23. Agree on pushing cruise out to 2021. Impossible to predict if all cruise lines survive current crisis or run same number of cruises if they do. While we were lucky in flying same day for Europe cruises, always did day before domestically... felt they were more prone to delays, etc.
  24. We are also waiting for the refund of our deposit on a cancelled cruise. Just a guess .... the issue is related to cash flow. We will just wait and see how all plays out.
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