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  1. The ratings the OP summarized do not represent a proper impartial survey conducted by a professional concern.
  2. Check your luggage as suggested. After touring around, collect your luggage and hail a yellow cab for the trip to LGA.
  3. Not sure of the purpose of the report. Think I'll stop guessing.
  4. Taxi would be my only recommendation.... in any case, not very expensive. Would not suggest walking with luggage that distance to the port.
  5. LGA hotels limit the choices for food. If that is important consider Taxi, Uber, etc. for a short ride to nearby Jackson Heights for multiple possibilities.
  6. If the flight to YYZ is at 2 you would want to get to the airport an hour plus before that. Given things that can delay one I would plan on a limited time spent on touristy things.
  7. Sounds different from the Oceania we have experienced. Fake Review.
  8. We always stay at the Intercontinental .... worth checking out.
  9. Parking at the Port is clearly the safest. Some distant parking lots are located in areas that are not as safe.
  10. Recommend Dial 7 and Carmel .... we have used both and were pleased.
  11. On the question of distilled water best to have your travel agent check with O. If you booked directly call O. I know that Oceania is transitioning to Vero Water but don't know the schedule. Best to check.
  12. Depending on the port, many locations are totally safe to have lunch. Usually the ship staff dispense bottled water as you go ashore ,,, don't want to get dehydrated.
  13. When arranging for a rental in a residence somehow checkout the area. As with any city, not all areas in Miami are created equal.
  14. I believe there has been discussion on this board about the overhand. My assessment ... can limit the direct sun somewhat which is probably healthier.
  15. Check TripAdvisor reviews and then decide.
  16. If someone has eye issues and is concerned best to check with your eye doctor before booking.
  17. TripAdvisor has many reviews of this hotel .... suggest reading them and then making up your mind.
  18. We started cruising with Oceania on their smaller ships .... loved them. Prior to that we were once on Celebrity and found the number of passengers overwhelming.
  19. Check TripAdvisor .... looks very good.
  20. One does not to want to worry about their vehicle while on a cruise .... the Port is the safest.
  21. TripAdvisor poor and terrible reviews are a cause for concern. Might not stay there myself.
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