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  1. 1 hour ago, 1025cruise said:

    Can't really help, but keep in mind that NYC does have limits on Airbnb. Also note that apartments in NYC are small, 9 people might be extremely tight.


    Agree. 9 people in 1 apartment for 4 nights. A formula that does not indicate success. Best to focus on securing a hotel in NY or NJ. 

  2. 1 hour ago, mking8288 said:

    We native New Yorkers ride it on a regular basis when we do, along with others (subways & transit buses): 5 million people on a weekday and 2 million on weekends.   There just aren't enough Uber, taxi, car service and Citi bikes to go around ... 


    I still remember the JFK Airport Train on the "A" line from midtown Manhattan back in the 1970's - rode it myself with luggage, for the cost of a token ride then & free transfers to all the airline terminals, might've been 75 cents then ... pioneering the way for today's JFK AirTrain but only go to Jamaica's transit hub and Howard Beach's A line station.  


    I rode the JFK Airport train occasionally. But, if I had heavy luggage, the stairway at Howard Beach Station was a bit too much.

  3. In general I consider the subways here safe. But I always practice situational awareness when riding. Sadly, there is an increase in homeless on the trains and in the stations. There doesn’t seem to be any real effort by the authorities to relieve this. 

  4. We always took the insurance offered through Oceania and never had a claim until earlier this year. I was hospitalized the week before our trip in March and had to cancel. Our experience with the claim processing was outstanding. Check in hand in less than two weeks of filing. 

  5. 19 hours ago, lx200gps said:

    Don't know what your budget is, but I can highly recommend the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, currently a Fairmont property. Gorgeous hotel, long history,  beautiful location. It was even good enough for Roosevelt and Churchill, as it was the site of the Quebec Conferences during WW2.


    Agree. Chateau Frontenac is tops .... loved it.

  6. 13 hours ago, CintiPam said:

    I prefer being served dinner onboard but usually dine at the Terrace Cafe once or twice on a cruise because I love the grilled shrimp and lobster.  I post just to comment that for the first time ever while onboard Marina this past May on our Western Mediterranean cruise that the grill lines were very long.  My husband patiently waited around 15-20 minutes in line only to be told that they had just run out of the ribeye steak he planned to order.  This was at 7:20 pm!  We did not return there again for dinner on our cruise.

    Sorry that happened. But I have to put such inconveniences I encounter in a larger context. Perhaps I am too sympathetic but I usually am just pleased to be on board and traveling. 

  7. 17 minutes ago, bob brown said:

    I like it mainly because dinner there takes very little time, compared to the MDR, where it can take over two hours if seated at a large table.  And all the other reason's mentioned above...


    Agree ++

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