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  1. A hint .... enter the ramp for parking at 55th street and 12th avenue.
  2. You haven't said how many people and number of bags. Makes a difference in selecting the way to get to Cape Liberty.
  3. Check some hotels in your budget range .... but remember cheaper may be lower quality. Then check TripAdvisor for comments about the possible choice. Also, I believe La Guardia is a good choice of airport with a number of options to reach your hotel, taxi, car service such as Dial 7, Uber, etc. The packages offered by the airline and the cruise line may be the easiest but not the most cost effective.
  4. I highly recommend staying in Manhattan. Simply walking around near your hotel can be interesting in Manhattan.
  5. Best to look for services in your area that would provide transit to NY and then later return.
  6. We always use Dial 7 or Carmel Limo and would recommend them for your trips. https://www.dial7.com/ or https://www.carmellimo.com/
  7. The entrance ramp for cars, taxis etc. is at 12th avenue and 55th street.
  8. I am sure you have reasons for staying in Civitavecchia the night before your cruise. We in similar circumstances stayed in Rome and used Rome Cabs (excellent) to get to the port the morning of the cruise. Very pleased we did.
  9. I can understand the drop off in tourism in the DR. But, one can get off the ship and enjoy without eating or drinking anything gotten locally. Or decide to stay onboard. Or book a different cruise.
  10. I think the suggestion for Dial 7 or Carmel is the best. Yellow taxis are metered and with heavy traffic that can add up.
  11. I don't believe it is difficult to find a taxi in Manhattan to the Brooklyn port .... except when you stay in a hotel that is sort of out of the way. Be sure you have the port address available if the driver seems to be unfamiliar with it. But, I have heard that at times it may be difficult to get a taxi in Brooklyn. Perhaps consider a car service Dial 7 or Carmel or Uber, etc.
  12. You should have plenty of time. However, an 0500 arrival does not usually mean passengers disembark at that time. Count on at least an hour or more later.
  13. TripAdvisor reviews are 11% poor and terrible ...... a bit too high.
  14. If you check Yelp by looking for luggage storage, Charleston SC you will find some suggestions.
  15. If your hotel is near the Port it is a very short taxi ride away. Also shuttles are usually available for hotels right close to the airport .... not near the port
  16. Parking at the Port is the safest and most convenient. Why worry about your vehicle when on your cruise.
  17. We do like the food at the Terrace cafe. Generally we have found fellow cruisers on O to be polite and well behaved.
  18. I have looked for Apollo and found 3 reviews in Yelp. 2 good and 1 not so good. Personally I would use a company that is better known (and has more reviews).
  19. We always stay at the Intercontinental in Miami before our cruises. Excellent hotel with great dining.
  20. Daytona to Miami area is a lengthy trip not allowing much time for stopping and doing something. If you can limit your time the Kennedy Space center is worth a visit. Also, traffic in the Miami area can be very heavy so take this into account when you plan your overnight stop.
  21. You may get some replies to your question but I am not aware of close by parking other than at the Port. The Port parking is the most convenient and safe ... but not inexpensive.
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