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  1. I believe pier 90 which we have sailed from on O a few times. Dredging was going on yesterday to make sure the hospital ship will dock easily.
  2. I was a child during WWII and remember the many restrictions/shortages, etc. that we lived through. But we got through.
  3. The YVE rooms are on the small side. Check reviews in TripAdvisor.
  4. Like any city, Charleston has areas that one might not want to visit. Wouldn’t avoid Charleston because of traffic ... but I live in NYC and am accustomed to too many vehicles.
  5. Taxis should readily available and not overly expensive.
  6. With the current world health issues, perhaps best to wait to get best rate.
  7. Many firms choose to market via direct marketing. Each mailing is measured by its success. Obviously, the current health situation may cause a rework of planned mailings. I agree, there should be a way to opt out of future mail campaigns.
  8. Unless you have a relative who can garage your car In Miami, park at the port.
  9. We learned of the Intercontinental from Cruise Critic postings and have always stayed there. Always pleased and book a bayside room for a great view in the morning.
  10. Interesting but there is no standard answer. Way too many factors to be considered such as, is the next cruise to be cancelled also, etc. We are in as they say "uncharted waters".
  11. Agree +++ We have done that in the past and it was well worth it.
  12. Thanks, Dan. I believe is a thin line between planning and panic. Maybe I took too many ABC (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) classes in service.
  13. I believe the question is much bigger than cruise cut backs. Will all the cruise lines weather the storm ... that is, continue to be in business. That possibility Is faced by many types of business, learning institutions, health care facilities, hotels, etc. The answer is we don’t know at this stage of events.
  14. Some good questions. Suggest flying the day before the departure as too many things can go wrong leaving it to the departure day. In Manhattan (I assume leaving out of the Manhattan Cruise port) there are many hotel choices. No need to limit the search to proximity to the port as taxis (Uber) are available and Manhattan is an island.
  15. Staying in New Jersey seems to have monetary appeal. But best to factor in tunnel/ bridge back-ups in time calculations. They are considerable on weekdays especially.
  16. I am not sure how the OP means “nice”. Suggest using TripAdvisor to narrow the search, see if the location meets requirements and check the hotel website for perhaps a desired price. Good luck!
  17. Not sure stopping on the way to the port is worth it Perhaps consider charges on board just part of the vacation cost.
  18. Interesting question. We have sailed on both and like both. The perceived pluses and minuses of each vary according to ones likes. Not sure there is a “scientific” answer. That said, the Terrace cafe seems too big on the large ships. But we look forward to sail on both. PS we have sailed 12 times with O.
  19. Looking at TripAdvisor the reviews are excellent.
  20. I agree. There is a good choice of hotels and you can check reviews in TripAdvisor.
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