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  1. Because of this latest virus , things are rough in the cruise industry. I suspect new bookings are down by at least 20% or more. This leaves the industry and its customers in a new place. So, the solution for booked cruises may be not meet anyone’s normal standards.
  2. A key issue is weather a “drive by” suits your wishes.
  3. We have used CATA car service a number of times ....very pleased.
  4. In Miami, the general suggestion is to park only at the Port. Perhaps someone can suggest a place outside of Miami that meets your needs.
  5. Possibly the original post will be of help to those afflicted with that allergy. But, if I had it, I would not take a cruise and exercise similar caution before eating out anywhere.
  6. I prefer to book direct;y with the hotels ... never disappointed. Sometimes we use TripAdvisor for suggestions.
  7. In evaluating hotels I realize that the cost of “free” breakfast is a part of the rate. Sometimes it is a timesaver if breakfast options are not nearby. No easy answer on this one.
  8. Japan is quite strict regarding disease as it is a densely populated in the larger cities. It will take quite a bit of cleaning and inspections to get the OK from the government to cruise from there again.
  9. I presume the OP has a reason for wanting a hotel near Red Hook. But, NYC has a wide variety of hotels at different price levels and I would stay elsewhere in the City.
  10. I usually make good use of the equipment in the gym and the walking track (which has been mentioned).
  11. TripAdvisor has a significant number of poor or terrible reviews ....you may want to evaluate.
  12. In TripAdvisor a few of the reviews mention noise from nearby construction.
  13. Two taxis would seem to be a good solution. We never had much of a wait for them. Also, we have thoroughly enjoyed our stays at the Intercontinental.
  14. We have T Mobile and have not encountered difficulties.
  15. Many options for hotels in Manhattan. Suggest narrow your quest to a specific area and consult TripAdvisor for possibilities.
  16. I know it is not inexpensive but it is excellent.
  17. Excellent location for a late arrival but TripAdvisor has some negative comments about front desk staff.
  18. Pricey depending on the time of the year and events. Perhaps 2 days first time would be best as you can always revisit.
  19. Miami pros; much to do, great hotel choices, near the port. Cons; it’s a big city.
  20. Appears to be a sensible initial approach.
  21. in Manhattan a yellow taxi should be an easy way to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.
  22. If Downtown is your choice, consider the Intercontinental.... great hotel well located.
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