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  1. There would be incremental cost to provide hot breakfasts to all cabins. For example, there would be a requirement for additional staffing to deliver/pickup the food. Also, the most efficient way to serve is at the Terrace where the food is prepared in bulk, etc.


    That said, O had defined the allocation of perks and the hot breakfast in-room is motivation to book more costly accomodation.


    Not sure why this subject keeps appearing here.

  2. If a person is addicted to candy bars it does not impact me. When the addiction is tobacco it does. I look forward to the day when smoking will not be permitted on board .... Same as on airlines.

  3. Agreed that the library on O ships is smaller than on the R ships. But, the good books are there and we navigate as needed to locate them. I suspect that layout is not an accident .... perhaps designed for book reading elsewhere.


    Unfortunately there may have been too many "heavy sleepers" with the comfortable R design.

  4. We eat many of our meals in the Terrace.


    We have never experienced a problem if we both go to pick up our food at the same time. We do order our drinks first and put the napkins on the arm of the chairs when we get up. Also, my wife leaves her purse on the chair.

  5. And lastly, what is an Aggie? And why do they travel in groups?


    Let me try this one. :)


    Aggies are students or alumni of Texas A and M locatred in College Station, Texas. The school is noted for its high spirit (I have been present at "yell practice" .. I need not explain more about that.)


    A travel agency books alumni groups of various colleges and universities and they join all the other cruisers on Oceania. Thus the reference to groups. But I can add that Aggies do like to be with other Aggies. I have never found any of them to be other than friendly.


    Hope this was helpful.

  6. Oceania has defined its offering with different perks for different levels of accomodation. If a hot in-room breakfast is deemed important for a person Oceania may not be the best for them when booking the lower categories.


    For others who enjoy stretching their legs in the am, the MDR and Terrace cafe are excellent. We book the Oceania suite and mostly stretch our legs for breakfast.

  7. Just a word regarding the local bus. There may be a number of cruisers with the same plan ... from your ship and perhaps any other ship that is also tendered there. Regardless of how you get to Taromina, cabs there for the trip back are usually available.

  8. Sometimes corporations change their "rewards" and promotional offerings for a number of reasons (besides decreasing the expense).


    For example, the $200 offer may have been deemed unnecessary unless it was targeted to harder to fill cruises. By limiting the $200 offer, the marketing folks may have estimated that it also would drive more on-board bookings instead.


    All rewards are looked on as tools by the marketing staff to increase revenue ultimately and sometimes build brand loyalty.


    In short, one can count on the fact that there always be changes.

  9. Some of the logic of the pro-children on O posts doesn't quite register with me. I compare the apparent basis of their positions to the same argument that a group of twenty something singles should book a Disney cruise. It boils down IMHO of appropriateness and symmetry with the majority of other guests on board.

  10. Jim and Stan's advice is well founded.


    Additionally, I would offer a clarification regarding Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is quite safe. The recent trouble reports have been in certain locales in the seperate north of Ireland (uppermost six counties).


    Oceania offered tours for a port such as Belfast would be the best bet. But, even private tour operators probably would be savvy enough to avoid trouble spots (which thankfully only flare up around a couple of holiday events in July and August). But, these events could prevent seeing parts of the city that might be of interest. Still the safest to stick with O for stops in the north.

  11. We have used O's pre booked hotel and done our own. Haven't regretted any of these decisions.


    As another poster mentioned O will have a rep in the lobby for assistance, etc. on O booked stays. We found this very useful in Bejing as we were able to take advantage of the offered tours in our pre cruise time.


    In Rome, a city we are familiar with, we recently handled our own transfers and hotel arrangements.


    For us cost is not the single determining factor in making pre cruise arrangements.

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