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  1. We always stay here.... in bay view room.
  2. The Melbourne area has a number of hotels off 95 ... suggest looking there.
  3. We love the Intercontinentel and always stay there pre-cruise. Toro for dinner and the breakfasts at Ole are excellent. We don't wander about in the evening and are always alert. Maybe that comes from living in a big city.
  4. Good advice .... the tunnels and bridge have long backups in the morning for traffic heading into NYC during the week.
  5. Excellent question GC. We recently cancelled due to a hospitalization and were curious about this.
  6. No in the suites but excellent coffee is available in a number of locations.
  7. By the time you collect your luggage I would recommend going straight to the Port of Miami. Is it possible to obtain a drink and snack during your flight.
  8. If one arrives at LGA and the taxi/car service driver takes the Queensboro bridge (also known as the Ed Koch bridge) there is no bridge toll to Manhattan.
  9. It may be a bit early to be mad at Boeing .... suggest waiting for all to be revealed. I am sure Boeing didn’t think these two crashes would happen .... they have been in the business s long time.
  10. As far as a hotel near the Cruise Terminal I would point out that Manhattan is not that large. A midtown hotel is just a short taxi ride to the Port. In addition one would be well located for sightseeing, subway and busses, etc.
  11. Convenience would probably be with the ship offered transfer. There is a taxi stand across the street from the terminal and that is also easy. If you use Uber be aware there can be unauthorized car services claiming to be Uber as you go across the street to locate your Uber.
  12. Agree. We always stay at the Intercontinental in a bay view room .... not city view.
  13. Thanks for your reply...the question is only about the owners suites
  14. A question on the O class owners suites .... are the suites and verandas on all 3 decks the identical size? When looking at a photo of the aft of the ship the higher decks go in more.
  15. Thank to all for the responses.
  16. We are thinking of taking an Oceania cruise which will include the Thanksgiving holiday. If anyone has sailed during this time what can we expect reflective of the Holiday on board?
  17. Hilton Midtown .... excellent location.
  18. Agree .... park at the pier recommended here on CC.
  19. We preferred Melbourne ..... generally quiet.
  20. We love the Intercontinental and always stay there before our cruise.
  21. Suggest looking at the reviews in TripAdvisor. The negative reviews (poor and terrible) seem too high.
  22. On Cruise Critic most favor parking at the POM. Inexpensive ... no. but you don't want to worry about your vehicle while on your cruise.
  23. Agree .... interesting that the same aircraft flown in the US did not experience there fatal accidents.
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