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  1. in Manhattan a yellow taxi should be an easy way to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.
  2. If Downtown is your choice, consider the Intercontinental.... great hotel well located.
  3. I would not schedule anything that tight ... too many things could slow you down.
  4. Some ships anchor in the lower harbor. Doubt it would be a short trip to a pier.
  5. Staying in Manhattan the day before is a good idea .....endless things to do/see. In the AM take Dial 7 or Carmel limo to NJ.
  6. A good number of choices in NJ and some offer cruise parking. But, be aware the morning rush hour traffic into Manhattan is terrible .... if that is the word. Allow much more time than you would normally plan on.
  7. Chances are you will be ok. But, there is always a possibility of a delay in disembarking.
  8. If convenience and a quick getaway when disembarking are important .... park at the Port.
  9. TripAdvisor has 9% terrible and poor reviews. A bit too high for us.
  10. Also would suggest taking your cruise and let us know your experience.
  11. Always found taxis readily available for the trip to the port.
  12. The TripAdvisor reviews are 9% terrible or poor. A bit too high for me.
  13. Suggest checking with your travel agent or calling O if you booked directly.
  14. Agree Midtown East would be a good choice.....a bit calmer than Times Square area.
  15. As you enter the Port by vehicle there is a billboard with the ship locations.
  16. Suggest reading the reviews in TripAdvisor.
  17. We always stay at the Intercontinental ... very pleased.
  18. Also call your hotel and ask the availability of cabs and cost to Space Center.
  19. Age of a hotel is just one factor. I am also concerned about the quality of operation, cleanliness, and attitude of staff. Also, location and location.
  20. Suggest LaGuardia ... despite construction there.
  21. This issue has been discussed here before. Best advice is park at the port ....you don’t want to worry about your vehicle while on your cruise.
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