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  1. 2 hours ago, Pattyhoo said:

    We love the Intercontinental Miami! Right on the bay with great views of the cruise ships. There are quite a few nice restaurants within walking distance. (And near a CVS drugstore too)

    Agree. We always stay at the Intercontinental in a bay view room .... not city view.

  2. On 3/14/2019 at 10:01 AM, Flymia said:

    The Air France 447 crash was 90% pilot error. 


    The MAX clearly has an issue, however, its an issue that supposedly has appropriate response to be inputed by the pilots. While the issue needs to be resolved, I think both reports will indicate poor crew decisions as major factors in both crashes. The Lion Air incident also had maintenance  issues. 


    We will see. I am sure Boeing is up 24/hr a day figuring out a fix 

    Agree .... interesting that the same aircraft flown in the US did not experience there fatal accidents.

  3. Just a heads up. Our flights to and from Miami were on the aircraft grounded yesterday .... the 7M8. We were able to make changes by calling our carrier (American) without any charges. So, if you are traveling in the near future on American, United or Southwest check your aircraft type. The 7 Max 8 and 9 are grounded. Call your carrier if they haven’t contacted you.

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