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  1. Hi, I always book a regular ocean balcony with sofa bed (has a 🔼 symbol) With 125% credit thought we’d upgrade to a JS. We chose 7640 since it was avail but there is no symbol listed. Can someone verify to me that all JS definitely have sofas that convert to beds? (We don’t need Pullman beds) If it’s just a sofa won’t work. Thanks! I attached a pic of this part of the deck plan.
  2. Love it! Yeah I’m seriously wondering if cruises will be sailing still in three weeks..
  3. That makes sense. Our last cruise was anthem out of Bayonne and I was so spoiled saying we like harmony better. Now I realize I was so lucky to be carefree on a cruise unlike now 😞
  4. Thank you. This is exactly what I was curious to hear. We also will be more concerned if our port (Miami) has “issues” or the ports we are sailing too.I think it’s clear what that means. I heard two crew workers at everlglades had it.. not sure what they are doing in FLL now.
  5. We are booked in three weeks and we are wavering like so many.. I keep reading either “we are canceling” or we are going if it still sails. Is there any circumstance you will learn that will make you change your mind? For example.. now royal Caribbean ships are having issues( they are not just saying as example) does that effect your decision?
  6. Laurba99


    Thank you. This does help. I'm incredibly sad and I know so many of us feel this way and have been dreaming and researching and looking forward to it for months and months. The ships will still be there you are right. The one I really wanted to sail doesn't work for our future dates but I found another one that should be great. But the feels are real and it's hard to feel this way.
  7. It’s completely true-I think someone would be lying if they cruised now and weren’t worried at every sneeze when the drs say constantly those droplets are how it’s spread. I really hesitate to get on and worry the whole time...
  8. Meaning we would get in in Florida and it would land/dock only at other US states or only US territories (Puerto RICO/St Thomas)
  9. I was trying to respond to the person who said best you stay home.. I want to go but it’s not crazy to have concerns and yes you are right I never said anything about dying.
  10. Wow I’m not even afraid I will get sick if I go :? But feel free to join and try to instigate something not here. We want to go just trying to be prepared for worse case scenario.
  11. Still makes me sick to my stomach thinking of being quarantined in military base and being away so long in an uncomfortable place. So hard to know what to do. Seems unlikely that this would Happen to a royal ship ?
  12. Oh yeah! I forgot that. Yes that happened to us once.
  13. That’s very encouraging to hear. Where did you hear or read this. I’d love to see it.
  14. I realize this may be an irrational fear but how often do the toilets in cabins have issue flushing? We are three and one of my main concerns if we got quarantined is what if the toilet doesn’t work and we are stuck in the room? Anyone else questioning this? Do they rarely have flushing issues due to suction?
  15. Did you all see another ship is now at sea pending virus tests (Caribbean Princess) They are all Princess which seems odd to me on a side note.
  16. Let me know when more things are available for you on your cruise planner if you don’t mind 🙂 That might help me to know when it will pop for March.
  17. Thanks so you are seeing exactly what I’m seeing and your cruise is earlier. Assuming it will be available to book somewhat soon for Jan.
  18. So far knock on wood no royal Caribbean ships have been troubled and I have not heard of any issues at any of the ports RCC goes to
  19. What cruise line? If royal or celebrity Clearly on their website. You have to sail on or before 12/31/2021. I don’t know what the other lines are doing.
  20. From what I can see posted it’s all the passengers but not sure that happened on regal princess which I’m still not sure has been allowed to dock yet. I think grand process has not docked and everyone is quarantined but not 100% sure.
  21. It’s so disappointing among many other more important reasons but we also had the 18/day glitch and I had tons of OBC that I’m pretty sure won’t transfer to the next sailing? So far it won’t let me see prices but maybe they pop at a year so then I would see them in a few weeks for next year. I want to grab it early so then I can watch but I am fully aware it won’t be anything like what we had for this sailing.. and here royal thought that would be a devastating loss of revenue. They had no idea what was coming..
  22. since everyone is looking ahead if they need to use FCC I wondered when cruise planner has prices pop for drink packages? Thanks! looking at march 2021.
  23. Yes I looked ahead to next June 2021 abs the cabin I paid 4600 on symphony for three cost 7400. That’s not very fair so I grabbed Spring break 2021 which hadn’t been gauged yet for 3330 On allure
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