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  1. We have been on 3 Oceania cruises - 2 on the Marina (Baltic and Med) and 1 on the Sirena (Cuba, luckily, in Dec 2018). We enjoyed all 3 cruises immensely. On Marina we had B1 veranda cabins. On Sirena we had a concierge A1 cabin. We booked that because A1 cabins are mid-ship and had cabins above and below. Our Sirena cruise was pre-renovation. The cabins are small and we were apprehensive about the size since they were smaller than we had been in previously. The bathrooms are minute but we could deal with that. The main part of the cabin was extremely comfortable and felt roomy, and had lots of storage. The entertainment is not in a theater but in a lounge. The shows were not the big production shows but we loved them - Broadway and standards, familiar classic rock, terrific musical acts and even a comedy/ ventriloquist act. The latter sounds lame but was terrific. Sirena is the only R ship with Red Ginger, which is our favorite specialty restaurant. The food in the specialty restaurants was very good but in the GDR and Terrace Cafe the food was not up to the standard on the Marina where the food in those venues was excellent. Generally we do a mix of O excursions, 3rd party tours, and on our own. In Cuba we did all ship excursions. If you have tender ports I recommend doing O tours unless you are just wandering around on your own and time is not an issue. We also do O tours if we are going very far from the port. O has several discounts options if you book enough of their tours. We would definitely book Sirena again. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to do so safely in the future.
  2. In 2016 did a 7 day Bermuda cruise on the Summit with my sisters. We had 2 adjoining OV cabins - the newer ones on deck 3 starboard side. We picked beverage and obc as our 2 perks for both cabins. When we boarded, somehow one cabin also had a free Internet perk which we all shared. Don't know if this would be considered real freebie or just Celebrity IT screwing up, for once in a passenger's favor!!
  3. When the hurly burly's done When the battle's lost and won
  4. ECCruise, must say I agree with you. Even if we did not get sick ourselves, someone else could, and we don't want to float around the ocean for months with no way to get off. Are there still passengers from South America on the Eclipse or were they finally able to get home?
  5. There is a TV network called AWE - a wealth of entertainment. We watch it on Verizon FIOS. Don't know if other providers also have it. There is a show called Dream Cruises - some ocean, some river. See lots of places we've been and can reminisce, place we are (were) planning to go in the next year but have potponed, some places we would not go but that were fascinating, and some places we would never want to visit. Not sure if this is satisfying or torture. They have ships from a variety of companies, haven't had any X ships. Saw a few on Carnival - never would consider a Carnival cruise after watching the shows. Not that we ever considered it anyway.
  6. We live in NYC, in Manhattan. We know people who won't wear a mask outside and others who say they don't get flu shots and don't intend to get a covid one when/if it's available. I have actually seen postings on CC by people who say the same about shots.
  7. Annie - Thank you so much for your wonderful review. It's giving us a real lift. You were so brave to kiss the stingray. We went to stingray city on our first Celebrity cruise 5 years ago. When the photographer asked me to kiss the stingray, I said I only kiss mammals. He insisted that the stingray was a mammal. I said nope. He got annoyed and walked away. Had similar experience to yours in Cartagena. One vendor (selling hats) actually tried to follow someone onto our bus.
  8. Not a chance. Had Med cruise scheduled for Oct and canceled it. Also moved Anthem out of NJ for Jan 2021 to Jan 2022.
  9. No cruising or flying for us until there is an effective vaccine and treatment. We are in mid 70s, no underlying conditions. We live in NYC in a high rise building and have been notified there are cases in our building. We have to go through elevators and other common areas to pick up deliveries and that's enough risk for us. We canceled an Oceania Mediterranean Cruise for Oct 2020. We moved an Anthem of the Seas cruise out of NJ from Jan 2021 to Jan 2022. We have a Mediterranean Cruise on the Constellation scheduled for May 2021. When (if) 2022 cruises are announced we will likely move that one as well.
  10. Our Oct 4 Riviera cruise has dropped $700 pp. In any case we canceled it a month ago. Not getting on a cruise ship this year.
  11. I would wait until there's an effective vaccine. However, not everyone gets flu shots so maybe some would not get this vaccine either. My fear would be someone who didn't get the shot gets sick. While I might not catch it, would not like to be on a quarantined ship floating around the ocean indefinitely with no chance/place to disembark.
  12. Funny, right after I saw this thread we got an email from Delta about extending our eCredit. (Flight was not associated with a cruise, just to visit relatives.) Great news!
  13. Just to add - We have a Barcelona to Venice scheduled on X for May, 2021.
  14. I had decided no cruising until there is an effective vacine. Then I started thinking - not everybody gets flu shot, pneumonia shots, etc. If I get the vacine and people who don't get the virus on the cruise - maybe I won't get sick but could still be quarantined. Unless perhaps they let vaccinated people off.
  15. Purchased the insurance for one cruise in Nov 2018, for other cruise in Feb or March 2019. Found the email off-putting whether I would need to use the insurance or not.
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