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  1. srdancer

    Whale Watching

    We did a whale watch in Juneau. There was a pod of humpbacks doing bubble net feeding. Quite a sight. It was a small group ship tour (15-20 people) on Holland America. If you can book something like that on Celebrity it is worth it. Haven't been to Icy Point.
  2. We've bern on Marina twice and Sirena once. We had a B1 on Marina both times - was large and comfortable. We like midship with cabins above and below and tend to choose the lowest level cabin that gets us that. On Sirena we chose A1 concierge for the same reason. We were apprehensive because we had never been in that small a cabin but it was fine. Bathroons are very small but the rest of the cabin felt large with plenty of storage. We love the O ships and have a cruise booked on the Riviera for Oct 2020. The Sirena was a lovely ship in most resoects except we found the GDR and Terrace food was not nearly as good as on the Marina. Would still take it again.
  3. We had the Surf package on Summit in Sept. We did not try internet calls but were able to do Facetime every day. Wasn't expecting that to work so probably can't count on it.
  4. We booked a placeholder on board in Sept and just switched to a 2021 European cruise. You keep the extra obc - actually ours increased from 150 to 200 since the new cruise is longer. The perks are the current perk offer when you make the change, not what you got when you booked on board.
  5. Just tried to access the website. Got message Sorry I missed you. I'm on a cruise for some much needed downtime. Be back soon. Sincerely yours, The Celebrity Website
  6. We were on Summit in Sept and hot several 30% off coupons from the restaurant. Didn't have a chance to use them but had our sushi cravings satisfied with sushi lollypops at the now defunct Qsine.
  7. We had select dining table for 4 on Summit in Sept. There were several 2 tops right next to us. We enjoyed talking to our neighbors. We met a nice couple from the UK one night and ended up requesting to have them next to us as often as the table was available.
  8. We loved Qsine. Ate therw at least once per cruise since there was enough variety to please everyone in our group. Plus it was enough different from everything else to keep us returning. We always got a discount. LPC doesn't appeal that much because of the limited choices but we won't rule it out at some point if we can get a good discount. I don't eat seafood and don't much care for beef so we'll see.
  9. We purchased the Surf package on board on our Sept. 8 Summit cruise and got our Select discount. I just purchased it on my phone after we boarded the ship. I was not able to downgrade classic beverage perk to premium non-alcoholic unless I wanted to pay $4 per day. Did not bother. I was able to do it on Silhouette last year. Maybe it varies by ship. Or maybe they don't do it anymore.
  10. We got them on embarcation day without asking. We canceled them for rest of cruise. Already too much food!!
  11. Oceania has some other excursion options. If you book enough excursions there is a 25 % discount. The Olife ones count towards this number and the OS, etc excursions are included in the discounts. This option is sometimes not available on shorter cruises. Was not on our 7 day Cuba cruise last Dec. They also have a packages of unlimited excursions for a flat fee. These would be restricted to the same ones as Olife, with a substantial discount on OS, etc. excursions.. This is what we did on our Cuba cruise. Took 5 included excursions and one OS excursion that was discounted more than 50%. We paid $528 each for 6 excursions each.
  12. On Silhouette last summer was able to downgrade classic alcohol perk to premium non-alcohol with no charge. On Summit in May they would have charged $4 plus gratuities per day. Not worth it to me. Did not even try on Summit cruise in Sept.
  13. We usually do ship tours at tender ports unless just wandering around on our own with no time constraints. Less hassle.
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