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  1. The Wonder is transiting toward the Atlantic in the Panama Canal this morning. I guess that means everything at least through the Panama Canal cruise in November is cancelled? I wonder where she is headed?
  2. Good to know. My last Celebrity cruise was on the Reflection 5 years ago and i asked for it and the waiter didn't know what i was talking about.
  3. Anyone else remember "Celebrity Dressing" for salads? OMG, i loved that stuff. I'm pretty sure its gone now...
  4. "At that time, food and service on Celebrity ships was acclaimed in the industry and IMHO better than any restaurant currently in the fleet and this was every night." I second this opinion! Food was absolutely amazing in those days which shows what can be done with a little money in the food budget.
  5. We are visiting Copenhagen on the Apex in April and were wondering if Celebrity offers a free shuttle into town from the port? We were there once before on Disney and Disney did offer this service. Thanks, Dave
  6. Hi, We are calling on Cartegena and were considering the Ho-Ho bus as a tour. The website says for cruise passengers to "make your way to bus stop 1". Is this within walking distance of the dock in the port? Any feedback on the tour? We've done these in Europe with great success and thought it might be a good way to see Cartegena. Thanks, Dave
  7. My wife would like to see the Eifel Tower for sure. I was actually surprised they didn't have a tour with lunch at the tower. She'd also like to see the Arc. It would be nice to actually get off the bus to take some pics rather than be jammed in next to someone and shooting through a dirty tinted window. She's also a Disney nut. Could she visit Disneyland? Is there direct transportation there from Le Havre? Ship arrives at 8AM and sails at 9PM. Thanks.
  8. We are booked on the Apex in April and stopping in Le Havre. Unfortunately, most of the tours through the cruise line are drive by tours where you sit and the bus and see the Eifel Tower from your bus seat and that's it. There is one that appears to drop you where you can pick up the HoHo bus. Can anyone suggest some other tour options? Thanks, Dave
  9. Is it just me, or has X been more silent than usual about the upcoming Apex? They've said virtually nothing about her.
  10. I don't know about this. The older ships may be the same or less, but the new ones cost more.
  11. Remember in the old version of CC when there was a link at the top for "Today's Posts" and it included all the threads with activity for the past 24 hours. Yes, there is now "Today's Activity" but it isn't the same. It brings up individual posts instead of the entire thread and if there are multiple posts in the same thread, you see them over an over. The old way was useful to see quickly what was the buzz on CC of the day. Is there away to set up a search that does what the old "Today's Posts" did? Thanks, Dave
  12. Has anyone heard what the ocean liner restaurant on the Apex will be? The Edge has The Normandie and it has been inferred that the Edge class ships will be getting the ocean liner fittings removed from the Ocean Liner restaurants on the Millenium class when they downgraded them by installing the Tuscan (Olive Garden LOL my opinion) in their place. The deck plans on Celebrity's website are just copies of the Edge, so they aren't helpful. Thanks, Dave
  13. I see where DCL will now have Captain Minnie on board the ships along with programming and merchandise to encourage girls into professional maritime careers or STEM related careers. They will also offer several scholarships to a maritime academy in the Bahamas. i think Capt Minnie is great and the scholarships are great too but as a graduate of a maritime academy Texas A&M Galveston) I think it would have been nice to include 1 US maritime academy in the scholarship offering. Not many (if any) young girls that experience the program on the ships will grow up and attend a maritime school in the Bahamas. While not many deck officers on cruise ships are Americans, there are a few out there. Just a thought. Dave
  14. The purpose is 2 fold: decrease costs and increase revenue. The food and beverage manager in Seattle was told to cut his costs by X %, and this is one way to get there. This is just like every other cut/surcharge that we have seen crop up in the past 10 years. I take a cruise for all 3 reasons above. I enjoy eating and trying new things and frequently order 2 main menu entre's. Never more. I have seen people order more than 2 though. I am not over weight and don't eat like that at home. I'm on vacation and this is something I've enjoyed doing on cruises for the past 30 years. For all of you who smugly say "no impact for me", great for you. Eating multiple portions in the MDR at no cost has always been a cruise thing. They budget for it and covering the cost has been included already in the prices we are being currently charged. People doing isn't a new thing and isn't a surprise to the cruise line. It is a vacation perk that many folks enjoy. It isn't gluttony. Your double portion will no doubt be considered a second entre, as well as it should. How is it different than someone else ordering 2 different entres. I hope they get bad survey's/feedback from this. It's tacky, cheap, and just another cut.
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