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  1. It was super easy...you need to set it up through Royal Romance department We paid $1195 --The cruise Program Administrator does the ceremony. It must be on a sea day . It included champaign, choc covered strawberries, flowers, photographer for 1 hr (he took over 100 pics) and we got to pick 20 prints to keep. We provided music and wrote our vows but you can also choose the standard vows. It was a great experience. For $99 I also did the bridal hair experience....they did my hair and helped me with makeup and getting dressed. We got so much attention from the ship and other guests we felt like celebrities
  2. Hi Everyone! I just thought I would post to say we just got off the Jewel this past weekend. We renewed our vows to celebrate our 10 year anniversary on board with a Royal Romance package and all I can say is WOW!!!!! RC really stepped up to the plate and exceeded expectations. The ship is beautiful, the ceremony was so emotional and the crew really treated us like Royalty. They went above and beyond! The photpgrapher took over 100 pics and took us all over the ship. It was such an incredible week I cannot figure out how to attach pictures so I can post a few :confused:
  3. Ours is scheduled for 3:00 on Tuesday June 3 (the first Sea day)--we booked it through the Royal Romance department a few months ago....we are on the Aruba route.
  4. You will bet getting on when we get off! We leave next weekend! Cannot wait! We are renewing our vows on board!
  5. I was looking at booking the All access tour for our upcoming sailing in a few weeks on the Jewel..i was in sticker shock at the $150pp price....has anyone done this? Did you think it was worth it?
  6. I ended up going with a wedding dress....although not a poofy traditional gown like I wore when we were married...more of a sexy, beachy flowing gown..i will post a pic when we get back.....(I don't have one and the dress is at the bridal shop getting alterations!).....it is white...iam so excited! 28 days to go!!!!!!!
  7. I got my dress from Davids Bridal $99 rack ....im afraid of ordering stuff like that online because I always love things that look awful when I put them on. 5 weeks to go!!!
  8. Hi! I am going on the Jewel May 31 We booked the Royal Devotions package and have a scheduled vow renewal on Jun 3 in the Crown Viking Lounge.....I was disappointed that they cannot do it outside but they assured me it would be beautiful and that we would have time to take pics out on deck (we have an hour of photographer)....has anyone done this before ? Just curious how it went! I am so excited! :)
  9. As a Christian woman I agree that church services would be appropriate! I especially think Christmas and Easter! As for the remainder of the year however I think the problem is they would be not showing equality amonst religions.....remember not everyone shares our beliefs and the next thing you know people will complain that there is not other services for other religious beliefs.
  10. So happy to have found this! We are renewing our vows on our upcoming cruise that leaves May 31..we are going on the RCCL Jewel that leaves out of San juan. We did the 1200 Royal Devotions package...it was pricey but its our 10 year and first vacation without our children in quite some time....we have been through a lot so we are splurging for this trip. The renewal will be june 3rd the first sea day!
  11. Oh it also includes 1 hr photographer w 20 pics...which is why we chose this package...its our first child free vacation in years, and we are really going all out and wanted pics!
  12. We are going on the Jewel May 31st and have a vow renewal planned by the ship. The captain doesn't do it. We are paying 1195 -we got the enhanced package, plus an extra $99 for bridal hair appt. Its just the 2 of us and we are celebrating 10 years of marriage this August and also have overcome some of lifes major curveballs and really wanted this to be special. I just finalized everything today so if you have questions i am happy to help. For the 1195 it includes ceremony by CPA (not the captain) , small bouqet and boutenier, 2 glasses of champaign and chocolate petit fours, we are bringing our own music and wrote our own vows.
  13. We sailed the first week if aug and had sewage smells in our cabin 3579 we loved the grandeur and I agree Darryl needs a promotion!!!!!
  14. I don't have pets but I do have kids. We just came back from a family cruise with them, while on board we booked a no kids cruise-and yes I feel guilty--and I am sure I will when we leave because the years we take vacations without kids I feel like the kids are cheated of a vacation--but mom and dad need alone time:p and our family and marriage is better for us having an alone trip once every few years:D
  15. Thanks everyone! All of the pictures look fabulous! It is a valid point about weather being a factor if we try to do it in port...it poured on our real wedding day so I totally know its a possibility:D Lots to think about! We don't have a ton to spend as the trip itself is really a lot of our budget. I am hoping for a great bonus this year :p
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