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  1. Hi. We got the same email, but being a lawyer, I read the terms and conditions. Those say lunch is restricted to sea days. Although that works for me since I would not be on ship on port days.
  2. RC just sent me an email saying their ultimate package is now unlimited. The bonus is you can have lunch in specialty restaurants on sea days. This seems like a great deal. Thoughts?
  3. You are missing the point. As I said, it is important that you are engaging in an activity you would engage in anyway. I play anyway. So I may as well get an interior room, which I will likely upgrade for a nominal fee, since I am booking the next cruise anyway.
  4. I play the slots. You get one point for every five dollars spent. A free interior room is 2400 points. At 2500 points you become Prime which given you certain benefits like free drinks in the casino. The key to this kind of thing is to engage in an activity you would do in the absence of the loyalty program.
  5. Thank you. I was a bit confused. It seems unrealistic to assume they will ever reward a cruise off a shorter cruise and very likely to so off a nine plus night cruise. The good news is I would play anyway! 🙂
  6. Hi fellow casino cruisers. I have four cruises booked this year and will be playing in the casino during each one. Do the points I earn in each cruise cruise roll over cruise to cruise? For example, if i need to earn 4400 points in the casino for a comp balcony cruise, can I do that over the four cruises or do I have to do that on an individual sailing? Thanks for your help!
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