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  1. I am booked on the Empress of the Seas for embarkation on 4/17/21 from Miami. I noticed on the website that Symphony is scheduled for the same day. Can the new terminal handle 2 ships at the same time? If not what terminal would the Empress use? Thanks for any help/info.
  2. Sorry for being stupid! On the new website design, how can you see the whole deck plan after you decide on a room category and deck. We used to be able to see all cabins and what was still available.
  3. Looking at the Royal Caribbean website. Empress for 8 nights and Symphony for 7 nights. Could they be using a different terminal for Empress?
  4. I note that on April 17, 2021 there are 2 cruises listed as boarding. Can the terminal handle 2 ships in one day?
  5. Quantum shows a cruise from Tokyo and returning on 4/10/21, then it shows in Alaska. There had been a transpacific showing departure from Tokyo on 4/25 for a 15 day cruise arriving in Seattle. This had been listed on the website for a short time but was removed. Whats going on? Is it real, sold out or what? Thanks for any info
  6. Does anyone know the status of Voyager? There haven't been any new cruises listed for a while. Is she going to the west coast? Any idea when more cruises will be listed?
  7. Is there a location on the ship that caters to Diamond+ or is this a perk that is lost? I understand we still get 3 drink vouchers daily but is the a lounge with appetizers?
  8. How large are balcony rooms? My system says 119 sf. Doesn't seem right as both Spectrum and Ovation are listed as 198 sf
  9. Is there a location that diamond and above passengers have as a drink lounge. Do they use the Viking Lounge?
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