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  1. Understood 🙂 That is how I assumed that things operated, I just wanted to check with other peoples experiences, because you know what happens when you assume. 🙂
  2. I've accumulated a good amount of OBC. We are thinking about getting the drink package. Instead of pre-paying for it, if I wait to get it on board will it take out of my OBC? IE: IF drink package is 600 and I have 300 OBC will it deduct and give me the 300 difference charged to me at the end of the cruise? (Numbers were round flat numbers used for example purposes only) Thanks!
  3. Had MarQ on the Splendor two years ago. We found him to be a lot of fun. He was funny, very approachable, very nice and did a good job of keeping the energy up and getting the party started.
  4. 7 day cruise with just a carry-on? Not a problem. Honestly just recycle some outfits and you'll be fine. I do this all the time while cruising. On a 6 night cruise I'll bring 2-3 dress shirts and just rotate them. Worst case senario is you become a topic of controversy on this site in Carol's review of the cruise because she is aghast the staff would allow someone to wear the same thing twice; However, chances are nobody is going to notice. ;)
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