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  1. Understood 🙂 That is how I assumed that things operated, I just wanted to check with other peoples experiences, because you know what happens when you assume. 🙂
  2. I've accumulated a good amount of OBC. We are thinking about getting the drink package. Instead of pre-paying for it, if I wait to get it on board will it take out of my OBC? IE: IF drink package is 600 and I have 300 OBC will it deduct and give me the 300 difference charged to me at the end of the cruise? (Numbers were round flat numbers used for example purposes only) Thanks!
  3. Had MarQ on the Splendor two years ago. We found him to be a lot of fun. He was funny, very approachable, very nice and did a good job of keeping the energy up and getting the party started.
  4. 7 day cruise with just a carry-on? Not a problem. Honestly just recycle some outfits and you'll be fine. I do this all the time while cruising. On a 6 night cruise I'll bring 2-3 dress shirts and just rotate them. Worst case senario is you become a topic of controversy on this site in Carol's review of the cruise because she is aghast the staff would allow someone to wear the same thing twice; However, chances are nobody is going to notice. ;)
  5. If that is how you choose to enjoy your vacation, so be it, however the HDMI ports are disabled on the TV. You'll have to be handheld. 🙂
  6. Sid, your knowledge of bathrooms rivals that of George Constanza 😉 Wonderful review, as always. I love a good Sid review. Cheers!
  7. Whether it be on Carnival or Norwegian, I always love a good Sid review. Looking forward to the rest of the story when you get a connection.
  8. The Jones act only applies to commerce between two US ports. Since it is a Caribbean cruise, with foreign ports, it wouldn't apply. Unless I am missing something.
  9. DW and I brooked a back to back on the Triumph out of Ft Lauderdale before they announced that it would be giving her a makeover. We are very excited to see the new and improved ship and to try out some of the improvements.
  10. The DW and I dress up on elegant night for us, not for everyone else. We like to get dressed up and have a fancy night out because it is fun to do it together. The pictures, the dressing up, the whole thing is fun for us. I really don't care what anyone else is doing or wearing because I'm too busy having a fun time... and minding my own business.
  11. I haven't been on the Paradise in a very long time, and cannot remember if it has a sports bar. Regardless, in my experience the TV channels are preset, and cannot be changed upon request. If your team, or the bowl you want to watch, aren't on the TV you're kinda SOL.
  12. +1 on this. I got a cheap runner's watch from Target and it gets set to ship time. When I go ashore, it is hooked onto my backpack. It has not failed to get our group of crazy drunks back on ship on time, every time.
  13. A friend of the family who cruises RCCL recently said to the wife and I, "oh, you two need to upgrade". Why? We are extremely happy about the experience we get for the price. The cruise is what you make it. We always make it fun for us.
  14. To add on to what you said, in my experience, the games shown are pre-determined, and the bartenders aren't able to change the channel. So if you're team isn't playing on one of the TVs, they aren't able to change the channel to your game. But as always, YMMV
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