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  1. So, we won! Yay! But, I feel it was completely misadvertised. When we paid ($114) and played, the activities staff presented it as an all paid, any destination, any ship trip. They seriously used the words any destination on any ship. This was super exciting because, my mom who actually won, gifted it to my fiancé and I to use for a honeymoon we wouldn't have been able to have otherwise. In reality, the certificate I received the day after winning presents it as a 4-6 Night Caribbean cruise in an Interior Stateroom with a value up to $625. This makes it very limiting. And at the price they charge for bingo, how in the heck are they only giving away a $625 value when there had to be at least 50+ playing. So before anyone gripes at me for not being thankful we won, trust me I am. I just have no idea when I'll actually be able to use it. I'm just curious of comments, opinions, experiences of other win a cruise bingo winners, etc. Annnnnd GO!
  2. Where do you find details of the refit? Is there anything different to experimence/expect of the first cruise post a refit?
  3. Are you still able to rent kayaks and paddle boards on Cococay to take out on your own? Also, what is the likely hood of them getting all taken for the day?
  4. SEM4236

    Nachi Cocom or Salsa Salsa?

    We are a 23 and 24 year old couple going on our first cruise together. We love trying new things but also want to relax on this vacation. We're stuck between Nachi Cocom and Salsa Salsa. We like that both include drinks and food. However, we also like that Salsa Salsa also includes more activity (learning new recipes and how to dance). We have another port where we are doing just a beach day. Which would you pick and why?
  5. Ship: Liberty of the Seas # of Nights: 5 Itinerary: Labadee & Falmouth When: December 2013 Type of Cabin: D2 Balcony # of People: 2 Total Cost including tax & port fees: I know it was $299 per person base, not sure about the tax & port fees Extra's like OBC or free speciality dining: No Booked through Royal or Travel Agent: Royal
  6. I'm just curious as to who has experienced price drops or cheap last minute bookings for cruises in May, specifically ones with Bahamian itineraries. I am well aware that prices are always changing but I wanted to see if there was a trend.
  7. SEM4236

    Liberty Windjammer Dec 16, 2013

    I was on this cruise and I enjoyed the food! I even consider myself hard to please. Sorry to hear you weren't as impressed.
  8. SEM4236

    Cruise 'Snobs'

    I was told by an older gentleman that I had "fired him up" over table discussion of the upcoming possible C&A changes. Also had lunch with a lovely German couple who said they were snubbed by their table mates at dinner during their first cruise after the lady asked them what level they were.
  9. Does anyone have any information on these cabins? I booked my cabin (me and my boyfriend) and my mother's cabin (mom & grandma) when no connecting cabins were available and now promenade cabins would be at no cost to upgrade and we could be together. Right now we're on Deck 8 just down the hall from each other. However, my mother is a heavy sleeper so I'd like the adjoining door to barge in and wake her every morning. :D And to just be able to find her and my grandmother since we won't have any electronic devices to connect by. What's your advice? Keep our insides on deck 8, or switch to promenade cabins on deck 6? Also, if anyone has the link to the All Things Liberty of the Seas thread, I can't find it anywhere! Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm a college student who is OBSESSED with cruising. In my public speaking class, we must give a 5-7 minute informational speech on a topic of our choice. I REALLY want to do mine on cruising with an emphasis on RCCL as I've only cruised with them. However 5 minutes isn't a lot of time. I need to chose one aspect to inform my class on that wont bore them. I'd love to hear some input from fellow cruisers! If you don't think this is a good idea at all, please feel free to say so! Thanks in advance! SEM
  11. I just booked my third cruise and I have never sailed in anything but an interior room. If I could afford it, I would prefer not to but honestly, my boyfriend and I are only in the room to shower and sleep. We never spend any real time in the cabin other than that so at this point in our lives, we don't see any need to spend the extra money that we could put towards gas to the port or excursions. We are always out of the room for most of the day enjoying trivia, comedians, shows, food, the ocean, etc. We take full advantage of the actual ship instead of our living quarters alone. However, it does help to bring an alarm clock since it is so dark! With an alarm clock, you should be fine.