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  1. I've been checking several times an hour for a specific cruise this May...it has gone up and down by 250....so annoying..I know I am very last minute, but this bogo is nuts..I should've gotten them when it was 30%! This sale says ending in soon, but I am sure it will be extended..
  2. I think I am just going to bite the bullet and go...I mean you only live once..I will have friends onboard so I won't be alone. I just got back from the Allure in early March and I miss being on the sea! I am also Diamond now so that will save me on some drinks and also airfare is free with my points~!
  3. Does this include any drink? Particularly pina colada?
  4. I am looking at cheapest rates as well..interior..It doesn't matter to me where I am
  5. Yes this year...I need to set a cut off date for myself and just do it or not..I do have to fly, and currently prices are 350.00 round trip, which is not bad at all..
  6. It's not really SOLO, since I have friends on this sailing. They are boyfriend/girlfriend, so sharing a room with them is not an option. I have sailed solo in a cabin before on Oasis again with other friends on same sailing..That was a few years ago and I honestly forget how much I paid..This time around the price is currently going to be about 2000.00..It just seems so expensive to me but I really want to go! I check daily to see if the prices will go down, but when would be a good cutoff time to just go for it? Cruise is May 18th..I am not sure if they always sell out, but currently there is a good number of cabins left. Is it crazy to pay this much? What are others paying for their solo cruises? I understand different cruise lines have better deals, etc, but I am stuck to this particular one.
  7. Do they ever have them? Would love to join friends on symphony May 18th, but not with having to pay double occupancy. Adding me to their room is not an option since they are a couple. I’ve just been checking daily to see if prices go down. Hoping as we get closer to sail date I may find a good deal.
  8. Melsyboo14


    Watch out for Coumarin..That is the ingredient to watch for...or anything that says tonka bean..Tonka bean has coumarin
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