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  1. Oooh, sounds lovely, my grandparents were from Scotland, perhaps we will run into you guys some day. Shauna and Shanna
  2. Congratulations, you two! (we just celebrated 20 year anniversary of our Holy Union, and 11 year anniversary of our legal marriage in California.) Shauna and Shanna
  3. We are sailing on HAL Nieuw Amsterdam, June 22 from Vancouver to Alaska. We booked that one because we have some friends from the UK (straight couple) who are doing that cruise. Never bee on Holland America before -- but we always seem to have a good time, and meet fun people, no matter what line we are on. Shauna and Shanna
  4. Thanks for the response! I see that Tamarind costs less than PG anyway - but some people prefer Tamarind more. Like you said, doesn't hurt to ask !
  5. Just wondering - if you have the Pinnacle Grill as a promo - can you exchange it for Tamarind?
  6. Have a great time! We are going to Alaska in September for our anniversary. Maybe we'll run into some people at the G&L happy hours, or dancing. We usually meet some fun straight people who like to dance, too, so that's good.
  7. Thanks for the clarification - I think people get confused about what is High Tea. I'm looking forward to cruising on Ruby Princess next month ... and believe it or not, I do prefer the tea to be already brewed - rather than a tea bag and a pot of lukewarm water that is not hot enough to steep the tea.....
  8. I'm cruising to Alaska on Princess next month... and I'm thinking that the Beverage Package is not that good a deal - I'll just buy the beers by the bucket, and bring some wine on board. I love a draft beer vs a bottled beer, though. I wonder if they will have the new beer selections by September?
  9. I don't drink any sodas, but I'm thinking it will be good for the mocktails and juice....
  10. Thanks for the information. I figure if I drink 3 or 4 drinks a day, it's not worth it to buy the beverage package. But the Soda package with Mocktails at $8 a day seems like a really good deal - some lines charge twice as much for a non-alcoholic package.
  11. I guess I will have to look at the prices - to figure out how much it would cost me - to get a mocktail (with the package) and then just add a shot of liquor.
  12. Question (maybe a silly question) -- So if a person buys the unlimited Soda package, and orders a mocktail, can they also order a shot of liquor and pay for it, and the bartender can mix it all together? Seems like that might cost less (Soda package for $8 a day vs Beverage package for $68 a day). A couple of shots of liquor can't add up to $60. I see that you can also order a bottle of rum or vodka for your cabin. But that would mean ordering a mocktail, then walking back to your cabin to add your own booze. Enquiring minds want to know !
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