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  1. We felt totally spoilt when we went QG on the QE two years ago! Lovely stateroom. So nice to have the coffee machine and drinks etc.Separate but connecting door from toilet area to the shower and tub. Loads of wardrobe space. Sofa, armchairs and coffee table area. Big balcony. I had no idea why I’d need a butler. Who knew! He was so helpful! Nice restaurant and lounge. Plenty of room on the sun deck. Well even my husband was impressed so fingers crossed that we make it to our next cruise in QG on the QV in May! Go for it! Lol! Whatever you decide - have a great trip!
  2. Please ignore my previous post! Couldn’t find this thread when I searched. I managed to log on from Firefox as was suggested above. Still a work in progress I see. Lol. Many thanks all!
  3. Just wondered if anyone else had a problem getting on to the new improved manage your booking site. Had an email about it inviting me to sign in and see all the improvements. On clicking the link and putting in the required details I get a notice saying they don’t recognise my details. I was only on the old site a month ago updating the passport details and it worked perfectly. Hoping it’s their bad.
  4. Just logged in to my voyage planner for a new booking and was surprised to find Cunard U.K. customers now have drink package options! When did that happen? Too late for us now as we no longer drink enough alcohol to make it worthwhile! LOL! We shall just get a wine package onboard as usual and pay for the odd stiffener at the end.
  5. We flew back from Budapest on the 14th July at the end of our Uniworld Passau to Budapest cruise. The river levels were great and the weather was perfect for us. Temps remain in the low 20s and there was some cloud cover. The previous week they’d really suffered in the heat.
  6. We’re moored at Durnstein now. Set sail for Vienna at 22:30. Water levels ideal at the mo. Asked Captain Martin what’s his best guess for next week’s levels. He laughed! Next week is next week on the Danube! Lol! So notamermaid’s explanation explains why!
  7. Lmao! Thanks for the kind wishes! I’m sure I’ll have a great time! I’ll let you know. We’ve sailed the Rhine and Rhône with Riviera and the Dutch waterways with Emerald. This will be our first trip with Uniworld. Friends have recommended them so we’ll give them a whirl!
  8. Many thanks for all the updates notamermaid! We are supposed to be sailing from Passau to Budapest on Sunday. No idea that I should be worried about damaged lock gates! I thought the water level might be a problem or one of us falling ill or injuring ourselves leading to having to cancel our trip. Just shows there’s no point worrying at all! What will be will be. Oh well fingers crossed! Lol!
  9. Thanks Arsesta! Packing mozzie spray as I type! We’re boarding the SS Maria Theresa on the 7th and cruising to Budapest. Hopefully said lock won’t interfere with our trip too much. Must be magnetic! Which ship did the damage this time?
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