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  1. International travellers on Qantas will be required to have Vaccine.
  2. I'm in Victoria Australia. population 6 million. We have just had our 20th consecutive day with zero new cases and zero deaths. We have been through a very strict Stage 4 Lockdown which has thankfully worked. We have just been allowed to rejoin the rest of Australia except Queensland who have their state locked down tight and are not accepting visitors drom many other states. Just yesterday South Australia, our neighbouring state went into an even stricter lockdown as they have had a surge of cases starting with international hotel quarantine. Only for 6 days though. They are not even a
  3. In Victoria, Australia we now have ten suburbs identified by postcode (zipcode) that are currently in lockdown as the state is currently having up to 70 new cases a day. This has been caused mostly by returning Aussies who have been living overseas. They are required to isolate for 14 days in hotels (at the gov't expense). Our lax state gov't allowed private security firms to guard the hotel guests. These guards, spoke no english, (probably spoke the language of the returning travellers), Didn't understand about PPE, took the hotel guests shopping, slept with some of them etc. We now hav
  4. I am sure that our state would have just as many aged care facilities as MA. My SIL is in aged care. They were all locked down and no one was allowed visitors. They have had no cases at all. A couple of aged care places in another state became a hot spot - lack of covid hygene processes. I believe about 19 residents died. We have a similar situation in Australia.whereby our State Premiers are responsible for each state so we do have different regulations state by state. They have regular what is called National Cabinet Meetings where the National and State officials discuss the situati
  5. I don't know what the overall plan for the way Covid was handled in the US but I am just doing a comparison between two areas with a similar population. I live in a state in Australia with a population of 6.3million. We have had 1917 cases overall, with 20 deaths. We have just had some of our privileges taken back as we have had a spike in cases this past week. We have had cases in the double figures. A lot of the cases are from returning Australians who are in 2 weeks isolation in hotels. They are from 3rd world countries. There are also a few suburbs who have
  6. How often are filters either changed or cleaned on a cruise ship?
  7. This is the current state of the Ruby Princess. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/apr/06/ruby-princess-cruise-ship-dock-port-kembla-nsw-10-days-doctors-manage-coronavirus-outbreak-australia At the moment there is a criminal investigation i to the actions of NSW Health Dept and Carnival Corp/Princess cruises https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2020/04/05/coronavirus-australian-police-investigating-ruby-princess-docking/2950398001/
  8. The Amsterdam had been in Australian waters for over 14 days prior to docking in Freemantle.
  9. DL6799 has been delayed. Due to leave Sydney, NSW at 10.25 AEDST - no idea what time it will leave. Current time is 9.50am AEDST
  10. Thank you John and Diane for allowing us to travel with you on your cruise. You are such a positive traveller. Very much a glass half full person.
  11. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-20/wa-coronavirus-cases-jump-as-cruise-ship-lockdown-announced/12075846
  12. I doubt they will be in a hotel. I believe it will be ship to airport. Nobody can stay anywhere else but the ship. This was announced today by the Premier of Western Australia.
  13. All non Australians on the ship will be required to stay on the ship until they are required to travel to the airport. Arrangements will be made for them to be taken from the ship to the airport to catch their flights home.
  14. For some reason ”taking responsibility for your own actions" has become a thing of the past. It seems that some people always look for someone to blame for their own stupidity. We stopped cruising about 14 months ago when my husband became ill on our last cruise. We organised to self disembark at the half way point in a back to back and changed our flight accordingly. It was not HAL's fault - they couldn't have been nicer though. We were credited back some of our internet payment, laundry, and spa payments that we had paid in advance. They didn't have to but they did.
  15. Obviously you have to already have the waiver from your own Doctor. The onboard medical doesn't know your history. I guess there will be many who will try to get a waiver as they don't want a long flight. We are used to long flights. We either fly long distances or see nothing or go nowhere. .
  16. Our Prime Minister has just announced that cruise ships will no longer be allowed to dock in Australia. I feel so sorry for those on the current World Cruise.
  17. As a result of the coronavirus epidemic I have been thinking back to the cruises that we have taken. We always leave the ship with a URT except on one occasion. I have just realised (I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake) that maybe the reason we didn't get it on that particular cruise was because it was the first cruise after dry dock and the ship had had no passengers for the previous week and maybe the a/c filters had been changed.
  18. Seriously. What about the other people on board the aircraft?
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