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  1. We have cruised Carnival many time (over 29) plus RCL and NCL. Our last cruises have been on MSC and they are definitely a step above the others, If you enjoy ranchy comedy and cruisers inclined to that Carnival is fine their food is excellent and service good but the cruisers tend to be very loud and attuned to the constant loud music. The first Carnival cruises were much better and the clientele has changed in later years. Felt that RCL and NCL were a step above plus the shows on RCL, NCL and MSC were far superior, After our last Carnival cruise I can't talk my family on going on ano
  2. Does anyone know the price of the classic drink package or even the easy package if one chooses to book without the beverage package, That would be per person per day, Thank you,
  3. Exactly the same reason we have left Carnival,
  4. Why is JH denying th'sat Fantasy is being scraped. He mentioned this in his morning's remarks.
  5. Moz

    November cruise

    Thank for all for your responses I really appreciate that,
  6. Have booked a November cruise and we are considering canceling it. We have booked through a TA company and when I booked she assured me we would get our down payment back. Would appreciated what others think about cruising in November (I will be 90) and if anyone has gotten their down payment back this early, (three people) Thank you,
  7. Thank you so much for your efforts,
  8. We are going on the Getaway Feb 2-7 have all ready booked the Japanese restaurant and want to book either La Bistro or Cagneys, Any preference to either one and I would appreciate seeing the menus if anyone has them, Thank you so much,
  9. We cruised the October 19-26 Seaside, It was our second cruise on this ship the first being in October of 2018. I can only say it was ideal in every way, We could complain about not one thing, Crowds were always well controlled, no rude guests, food excellent in all venues, The ship is beautiful and well kept. We cruised Bella experience and would rate it as an A plus experience. Certainly a step above Carnival which we have cruised many times.
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