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  1. Greetings, Yes the entrance used was the entrance via dock gate 20. There is a booking system for meals in the main (anytime) dining rooms. Lunch times we found no problem getting in - just turn up and we were shown to a table straight away If you happy to eat your evening meal before 6.30 then normally there is no problem getting in. After that there might be a bit of a wait as more people want their evening meal. Most of the seating is on tables for 2 unless you have previously mentioned that you have a joint booking. Regards
  2. Greetings, Have just returned from the 3 nights on Britannia - Our comments. We were CPS Parking so 'Back Door' entrance. Arrived at 'The White Tent' at about 11.30 (Time on our Boarding card 12.30). About 30 cars there already. Covid Tests started just after 12.00 and it was getting on for 12.30 by the time we got to the front of our line of cars (4 lines). Fairly quick procedure (nose swab only) BUT as they had no details of our mobile(?) we were given a blue wrist band and told to report in as normal and we would be informed by the staff at check in our results. Made our way to the Ocean Terminal and CPS took our car off us with no problem. Only change was that you now have to take your own luggage from the car to the drop off point for cases (No Porters). Made our way into the terminal showing numerous people our blue wrist bands. Eventually we found our way to the rest of the people who were in the 'Blue Wrist Band Area'. A Lady came over and asked our names and upon checking her lap top told us to proceed to the main check-in desk (at this point we had been in the terminal less than 5 minutes). Normal check in procedure and photo taken and then await boarding. We were on Board by 1.30pm. Cabin cards were waiting for us at our Cabin entrance. Managed to book Sindu for the first night with the help of the 'My Holiday' personnel (our use of Apps is I am afraid not great so we had not downloaded it onto our phone). All the bookings we made on the Cruise were made with the help of one of the My Holiday personnel. The wearing of face masks is required whilst moving around the Ship is required but they can be taken off when sitting down EXCEPT in the Theatre . Room Service will bring your Breakfast to your cabin if requested in the normal way. Hope this is useful Regards John (real name) and Margaret
  3. Greetings, I also managed to make a booking last Wednesday, through our TA, fore a Balcony Cabin. The Category I wanted was available and the TA asked which Cabin I wanted from a list that she proceeded to read out and added that On Board Credit was available (Select Fare). As normal when I make a booking I asked about the additional Military Benefit. The TA said they would get back to me. The reply received stated Cunard will not be offering any Military On Board Crediton their 'staycation' summer 21 cruises. I am aware that Shareholders normally receive additional benefits when booking a cruise. Can any Shareholder who has booked a 'staycation' cruise received their additional on Board Credit? Regards
  4. Greetings All, Credit Card has a nice healthy balance today as I have received my refund in respect of our Cruise 'to the North Sea' that left Southampton on 11 March. Hope those of you who are still waiting for their refunds get their money back soon. YES I had made a number of phone calls chasing the refund and each time I had been informed that they would contact the Accounts Department to 'chase the payment' Regards,
  5. Greetings All, Happy Days. Money received as a Credit Card receipt of outstanding amount in respect of AURORA Cruise (to the North Sea and back) that departed Southampton on 11 March. Interesting that date of transaction is 4 June (but it was not there yesterday - yes I have been checking everyday!!!!!) YES I have made a number of phone calls chasing the refund up and each time I was told 'we will inform our Accounts Department and chase it up' Regards,
  6. Greetings all, If you break down our expected refund into 3 groups - Deposit Paid Balance of Cruise payment Shore experiences/Restaurant reservations Then I have to claim success !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have today been informed that my £13.50 Restaurant reservation for dinner on 22 March has now been cancelled and that they have applied an On Board Credit at 110% of the value of the purchase. I can, however, request a cash refund by completing the 'normal' form (and wait another 60/90 days I assume!!!!!!!).
  7. Greetings all, On behalf of those who where actually on a Cruise in March............... We left Southampton on Aurora (R003) on 11 March on a Cruise to Norway and the Northern Lights. Informed that Norway had closed all of its Ports and turned around in the North Sea getting back to Southampton on 16 March. We were told we would get our money back and that there was no need to submit a claim for a refund. My question is have all of the passengers on all of the other P & O Cruise Ships that were cruising in March had their money back or am I the only (poor) one left waiting for our money back?
  8. Greetings All, Still waiting.......................(am I alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!),
  9. Having kept the letter from Captain Love and I can quote ' You will, of course, receive a full refund for your cruise'. Nowhere in the letter does it say we will have to submit a claim. I believe that the date of 7 April has been 'sucked out of the air' by someone (hopefully someone without to much authority) and that we will be receiving our money VERY SOON.
  10. Greetings all, Still nothing.................. Almost the 60th day since we got back from our Cruise of the North Sea !!!!!!!!
  11. Greetings all, Still awaiting a 'nice' refund in respect of our North Sea Cruise on Aurora. Anyone received anything? Even an email from P&o might be nice!!!!!!!! Regards, Englebert
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