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  1. I will be sailing on Victory 4 weeks from today. How was the food? Do you happen to have copies of the funtimes? I was curious how extensive the nightlife was. Do you know if the roulette table had the dreaded extra "fun space"(can't remember exactly what it was called.) Also wondering what the table minimums were for blackjack and craps. Thanks!
  2. Would you mind elaborating? I am still getting nowhere with them
  3. Carnival is pathetic. They’re not properly acknowledging the reality that the victory sailing tomorrow 8/30 won’t be able to return Monday. Instead they’re leaving it as ambiguous as possible and not offering any sort of answerable or refunds. Royal Caribbean is offering either an extended cruise or a full credit to a future cruise. I can’t believe there is such a stark contrast in customer service and safety.
  4. I think it is a fair assumption that they have far more to lose than 2,500 passenger's money if something bad were to happen. I would trust what they determine.
  5. I will be on this sailing, but know nothing about what the offer is. I am curious myself what sort of things would be going on. Thanks
  6. I’m so glad you mentioned MyVEGAS. I played that a few years back and had plenty of credit to trade in for $100 OBV. Thanks so much!
  7. I had this identical experience. I am actually still waiting for it to be applied, but it should be any day. The three hours on the phone was exhausting, but it seems to have worked out.
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