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  1. cruisefamilyforever

    Need help deciding which destinations for Disney Cruise

    Another thing to consider is pricing. If you sail during any major holiday the price increases dramatically. If you want to cruise over Christmas be prepared for sticker shock! Disney is a great family cruise, but it comes at a premium price. Hopefully, money is not a concern for you, so your can go during the Holidays.
  2. cruisefamilyforever

    Poor dress on Disney

    Boy did you miss my point! I'm the guy in the dining room with shorts when they are allowed. I've been on Disney, Carnival and RCI a few times and I never miss a meal in the dining room. I dress to the required minimum, period. If they allow shorts, I'm in them. If they allow jeans, they're on. I don't ever wear a tie or suit because they are not required on those lines even on formal nights. Khaki pants and a collared shirt will almost always get you in the dining room on any of the Major Lines. Now that won't work on the Cunard because they demand a high standard, which is my point. I live, work, eat out regularly in nice restaurants (not fast food or chains) wearing shorts and flip flops year round. I'm in my late 50's and I've been retired for several years, so I consider myself well off. As long as a person doesn't smell and dresses to at least cover up their butt and upper torso, I'm good. If you publish it, then enforce it. The problem is most of the big lines rarely enforce anything! I don't care what the dress requirement is, just publish it and enforce it.
  3. cruisefamilyforever

    Poor dress on Disney

    It's all about having standards and consistent enforcement of those standards. Most people will conform to a standard if it's published and they are made aware there is active enforcement without exceptions. There will always be a few people that think the rules don't apply to them. This is where enforcement comes into play. I think it's reasonable to expect men to at least wear long pants, shoes and a collared shirt in the dining room. When someone shows up in shorts they should be turned away period! If they get upset and choose not to cruise on that line again, that is life. If it's enforced on all cruise lines then everyone will at least dress to a minimum standard. If you have raised kids, you know you have to have standards and consistent enforcement of those standards or you have a drama. I live in Florida and I can go to any restaurant in town in shorts and flip flops and it won't be an issue, because they don't set a standard. Sometimes you have to treat adults like kids, because they didn't grow up with many standards and rare enforcement.
  4. cruisefamilyforever


    It would be more helpful to list the ports.
  5. cruisefamilyforever

    Changing dining time

    Early dining always fills up first. As a Platinum member you had the opportunity to guarantee early dining by booking your selections earlier than most of the other cruisers. Since you booked late outside of your window you are now no different than a first time cruiser for booking options. Your best bet is to go to the dining room noted in the Navigator (usually Animator's Palate at 1:00} and see if they can squeeze you in, but remember there will be many more people trying to do the same thing. I always book early dining and I always get it, but I also always book cruises when first open up over a year in advance. Hopefully, they can help you, but your back up plan would be to eat dinner at Cabanas. It's a sit down dinner with servers, but it's not open on the first and last day of the cruise for dinner.
  6. cruisefamilyforever

    Taking our second Disney cruise with an older toddler, some questions

    Timing does make a big difference with Disney and they aren't flexible on age limits.
  7. cruisefamilyforever

    Dress code at Rotation Dining

    You can wear pretty much anything in all of the rotational dining restaurants even on formal/dress up nights and you will be served. Yes you can even wear shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops on formal nights and trust me several people will! Swim suits and tank tops are the only things you aren't supposed to wear. Only the up-charge restaurants have a dress code that is actually enforced.
  8. cruisefamilyforever

    NEW--Fees charged to park at WDW

    Thanks for explaining economics to me on a the cruise critic board bUU. Somehow I managed to live debt free for over 20 years and retire by 55, so I may have an understanding of the process. Greed and gouging can be a personal opinion and not a word for word definition, but I'm sure you can explain that to me too. Here is one of many dictionary definitions: Price gouging is a pejorative term referring to when a seller spikes the prices of goods, services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair, and is considered exploitative, potentially to an unethical extent. Since, Disney has never charged for parking at their hotels, I consider this new fee a spike in fees that is exploitative and greedy. Disney's earnings were only up 22% last quarter without even taking in to account $1.6 billion one-time net tax benefit associated with new U.S. federal income tax legislation. Poor Disney, they probably need this additional revenue from the parking fees to pay their shareholders. With a little quick rough math it looks like Disney will make over $160 million a year in parking fees at Disney World alone. Yes, it's necessary to make a profit to survive long term, but it can be done without making your customer feel like they are being exploited.
  9. cruisefamilyforever

    NEW--Fees charged to park at WDW

    You missed my point bUU. I don't expect my action to change anything. These fees are simply outrageous to me and I choose not to be part of them. I'm retired and fortunate to have enough money to live a good life. However, I hate being gouged and taken advantage of by greedy polices. When I travel, I don't stay at hotels that charge parking fees, because I think they are ridiculous. Yes, Disney World will continue to be crowded with people that will go regardless of the cost, but for me this new fee has taken away the last of the magic that kept me coming for the last 45 years. By the way I have no wants (except that maybe Twitter would disappear) and I live my life very satisfied.
  10. cruisefamilyforever

    NEW--Fees charged to park at WDW

    I think these new fees are offensive! I have taken my family of four on a regular basis to Disney World for many years and we have always stayed on property for 6 days each trip. Although Disney is by no means cheap, we have considered it reasonable for what you get. They already get extra revenue from meals we eat at the hotel, not to mention all of the souvenirs we buy. I'm a guy that does things on principle, so me this fee is a kick in the teeth and a tipping point. Since we have already booked our Christmas stay this year the new fees don't apply, so we will still visit. However, this will be our last Disney visit, because I feel like I'm now being purely taken advantage of with this new fee. Truss me, you can even ask my wife of 32 years, I'm not one that changes his mind, once I've make a decision. There are many more entertainment options I will take advantage of that are reasonable now that Disney has priced me out of their parks. I know that there are plenty of people that will still stay at Disney regardless of pricing, I just won't be one of them.
  11. cruisefamilyforever

    Dress code on royal princess

    I must be missing something because here is what it states for formal nights: Formal When formal nights are held, please observe the dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all our guests. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses for women Tuxedos, dinner jackets or dark suits with a tie for men
  12. cruisefamilyforever

    Crab Legs

    I'm with you. My family loves snow crab and we used to be able to get it on buffets at several restaurants near us in Florida, but sadly it's a thing of the past. We are not fans of stone crab, but if you are Shmoo's picture is a regular occurrence on the Fantasy or at least it was when we were on it. Notice that there is plenty of stone crab, but a small pile of shrimp? There is a reason for that>
  13. cruisefamilyforever

    Crab Legs

    It was available several times when we sailed, but this is stone crab and it's a lot of work to get a little meat. . It's not snow crab, so no worries about it running out. I stick to the shrimp and it was available every day
  14. cruisefamilyforever


    I don't waste any food! If the food is good I clear all my plates and with rare exception it usually all good. I have to say serving tiny lobster tails without butter is pathetic and the person that approved that change should be fired!
  15. cruisefamilyforever


    I've had lobster in the main dining rooms on Carnival, Disney and RCI a few times. It's been anywhere from just OK to very good. On my last Disney cruise I had them bring me 4 tails with a bowl of hot butter. All 4 were very good. You can order as many entrees, appetizers, and desserts as you desire on any of the major lines in the main dining rooms at no additional charge. I normally order 2 appetizers, 3 or 4 entrees and two desserts for dinner. I'm looking forward to experiencing the food on the Ruby next spring.