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  1. I always get insurance too. That MedJet one is not that expensive but since Covid have not cruised since Nov. of 2019 and I was in China. Yikes! Not sure what their Covid plan is now. I get that plus regular insurance. When we went to Antarctica with Ponant and they required a physical along with evacuation insurance. One man died on our cruise the 2nd day. I can only imagine the costs involved if he did not have the required insurance for the family in France. We have no preexisting conditions, but I am risk adverse and would not want to be stuck and not able to be flown back or at least be in a reputable hospital.
  2. Cute. It could also be Truly Blonde or Tom Brady. 😉
  3. Jazz, are you not embarking soon on another adventure too? Looking forward to your reviews of the NC
  4. Yes, they are dangerous and this is why I like to see them from my window. When we go hiking I always bring my hiking poles to fend one off, just in case. Probably would not help 😞 I have a friend from Melbourne OZ who also has a farm. (We met on a cruise years ago and always keep in touch). I love seeing her photos of kangaroos hopping thru her pasture. We do not have those and they are so funny.
  5. Yes, quite a bit to handle. Wishing you luck on all of this and continued health. This must be stressful for you. xo
  6. Now, for some fun things to chat about. About 2 months ago, Mom and her 2 cubs were taking a stroll on my back patio (still under construction) and I was able to snap a pic of this little one. We have many bear there that try to come into our homes in the Summer. I think Mama Bear was giving her youngster a lesson in breaking and entering. It sure was adorable. Have a great day!
  7. Dear Lola, No, this was not about my nom de plume. I posted something about my neighborhood in Jupiter, FL and a certain politician has a son who lives there. I was scolded here and the post has been removed. My comment was not political at all. I could have said that Celine Dion lived there, but she has since moved, so that did not apply. I think everyone likes her 😉 Anyway, it is all done and over with and I again feel comfortable reading and posting here. I was a lurker here for years thanks to Jeff. Also, my real name combined with my middle name sounds like a stripper flashing in red neon lights. What was my Mother thinking?
  8. Jeff, You are the reason I arrived here. It was and is such a fun place to just hang out and see what others are doing and thinking about around the World. My handle of Truly Blonde happens to be quite fun. It has Truly triggered many and I have had some nasty responses. I am a secure woman but also am human and there are many cruel people out there. Thank you for taking time out of your precious day to help make my day a good one 🙂 😘
  9. Thank you for being so kind. Is wine a "spirit"? Just kidding but will enjoy a nice, large glass this evening and put it to rest.
  10. I want to reference something relating to @mysty lovely post. A while back I posted something about living in Jupiter, FL. I was excited to see someone from there. It is a small town, and many people know one another. My children were schooled there, my youngest still lives and works there, etc. I was just trying to be friendly. That is who I am. I did not want to give out the gated Community name, so thought the person would recognize it when I stated who lived there. It was by no means Political, and I have felt a coldness here since that time towards me. I have been afraid to post anything but just started again. Anyway, I am just a friendly lady who happens to enjoy reading this board. Thanks for letting me vent.
  11. I am enjoying your review. I do remember at lunch on Ponant that the wine glass is never empty 😉
  12. Who knows if he did. Our Italian driver told us he did 😉 Yes, I understand your Rome dilemma. Been there many times. However, a fun place for lunch is where they have their market (Campo Di Fiori). Off the beaten path a bit but good food and not the tourist stuff they try to feed you in Rome.
  13. I am envious. My favorite place in Italy is the Amalfi Coast. Pavarotti and Sophia Loren thought so too.
  14. Love the views from Chateau Chèvre d'Or. A few years back we dined in their Michelin restaurant and have fond memories of that special day. That pizza looks scrumptious 🙂
  15. Same. We had the PH on Millennium and just too much space for 2 people. Having two bathrooms is always a plus so the RS would be more suitable for us.
  16. LOL!. They look like a shark. The heels are probably the sexiest shoe ever. However, for a comfortable and elegant heel, I prefer Ferragamo, but not the 4 inch. Wine and 4 inch heels on a cruise might send me to the ER.
  17. Thank goodness the Louboutin heels survived too. Also, when we cruise, my DH always has a large carryon filled with my shoes and belts. I am a lucky women because he has dragged this bag all over the world. 😉 He understands their replacement value too.
  18. X and O are my go to cruise lines. Itinerary and timing depends on which one we choose. O has better food and we like the al fresco dining at Terrace Cafe. However, we enjoy the entertainment on X and DH feels he can hide out and not have to socialize with everyone on the larger ship. He prefers X for that reason. Both are great and we all have reasons for our preferences. I like O and DH likes X. We make it work. 😉
  19. I believe they are selling at deeply discounted prices right now. As @PhD-iva stated, the risk would be too much for me. Also, I have read numerous times that the cabins are extremely small and somewhat outdated.
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