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  1. Google out hotels with free cruise shuttle. Comfort Suites airport now does it. LaQuinta airport east also does. I've stayed at LaQuinta when they were the only one. Nice hotel, but not around anything, so eat at the airport before going to hotel. Really good free breakfast.
  2. In St. Thomas take a taxi to Magean's Bay. Arrange for him to come back and get you, and on the way back make a stop at Mt Top and there was another stop where we looked over the city and ocean where the cruise ship was. The taxi guys are their way of making money.
  3. I like the looks of the new format. Everything was squished together on the old one. Now I can look just at the categories I'm interested in.
  4. I needed to use a restroom in Old San Juan. The resturant I went to wouldn't let me because I wasn't a customer. They pointed me down the street to a public bathroom. You're supposed to tip, but don't have to.
  5. My granddaughter will be turning 4. Looks like you got a great price. Enjoy the cruise.
  6. That is the itinerary I was looking at! It's over my granddaughter's birthday and wasn't sure about the price, but will keep early Dec. in mind.
  7. Does the ocean seem colder then or is it about the same year round?
  8. How did you get around Rome and Florence? Did you see the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  9. I'm thinking of Spencer, but not liking 4-5 hours at the beach if not much shade.
  10. what tour would you take to see the Pitons? I get sick easily but REALLY want to see the Pitons. I understand there's a beach there, but you get mobbed by locals.
  11. Why would they cancel shore excursions on Coco Cay but keep waterpark open? Did they offer a refund to those who didn't want to swim in crummy weather?
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