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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned in this feed yet but there is that Marine law for ships leaving from a US Port ( Seattle ) going to a destination in the same country (Alaska) that the ship needs to call into a port in another country so they don't violate this old law - which is why most ships port in Victoria BC for a few hours on the Seattle sailings. Kind of hard for them to do when Canada has closed the ports until at least July 1st. Really sad for everyone. Alaska is just the best.
  2. You should have waited them out. Use a travel agent as well(if you didn't).... if they are a good agent they would have given you this advice
  3. The Canadian Goverment banned cruise ships over 500 people back on March 13th.... for arrivals into Canadian Ports until at least July 1st - with a policy revisit date of June 30th. It was just today (this afternoon) that X and RCI finally came out with information on it (2 weeks later)
  4. The reference was not about what you were getting back or credit or whatever, I could care less about that part....the conversation with the other CC member based on the fact that for 2 weeks the information on Canadian ports closures was out for public knowledge and backed up by the Canadian Government websites and as of yesterday Celebrity still had not given their reservation staff any direction on it. At all. Now leaving your staff to have to say "We are hoping the Canadian Government changes their mind" or "Really, I haven't hear anything about the Canadian Ports closing, on our end t
  5. Thankful they have now the information on the Canadian Ports in there.
  6. Exactly!! To call in 3 times to reservations to get updates and to have them say this sailing isn't cancelled it's still happening just makes me shake my head.. It was almost 2 weeks ago that Trudeau said no ships. You think at-least giving your reservations staff something intelligent to pass along to customers would be helpful LOL
  7. Air Canada Vacations a Canadian whole sale company that does packages vacations to Mexico, Caribbean etc has just changed their final payment date to 25 days out.... now I know that X has the 48 hour out policy to cancel your sailing but I think in the cases like this where final payment is not collected, but it's a sailing date before July 1st they need to extend the final payment date until they know what they are doing with the ship.
  8. Isn't that kind of shi&&y for their customers though... doesn't really look good on them IMO
  9. But anything from Victoria or Vancouver BC will NOT be sailing until at-least July 1
  10. https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/03/government-of-canada-announces-intention-to-defer-the-start-of-cruise-ship-season-in-canada-as-covid-19-response-measure.html
  11. But the government of Canada has advised they can't come here... it's a hard no, no ships until at least July 1st... https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2020/03/government-of-canada-announces-intention-to-defer-the-start-of-cruise-ship-season-in-canada-as-covid-19-response-measure.html
  12. Analysis... the Canadian Government flat out said no ships.... there is NO chance this cruise is happening out of Vancouver or Victoria ... I'm not stressed I just think it's pretty crappy they can't make decisions on it before the final. (now they still have 6 days) One reservation agent at Celebrity I had said "We are hoping your Canadian Government changes their mind" HAHAHAHAHA ya okay
  13. On March 13th the government of Canada said no cruise ships over 500 people until at-least July 1st in our ports... The transport minister will not review the policy until June 30th.... I have 10 people on the Eclipse on June 28th and final payment is due March 30th.... they still don't know what they are doing with this ship and they say it's not cancelled and they have not modified the itinerary yet and I would sure hope for the good of all the passengers that they decide before the March 30th final payment date. I'm sure this is affecting all the other customers on earlier sailing in and o
  14. Oh interesting! I would also like to hear from anyone that's been (this year, which should happen soon) or after this move. I had read on trip advisor about people sitting at the brewery watching the harbor (possibly with whales) and I thought it was still on the water.
  15. Annnnd Silver makes me puke in my mouth a little ... 🤪 (kidding kinda)
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