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  1. Where do you start? Our favorite is Lobster Flambé in Murano's made by Andre on Silhouette. Andre gave us a extra lobster the second time there on the cruise in November. Also Lobster and fillet. Had that for lunch one day. Can’t get by the French Onion Soup in MDR. Escargot is very good too. Absolutely love that. Creme Broulee for desert. We are generally pretty happy with everything offered. Never tried that everyday sirloin steak yet. Don’t like thin steaks. Cafe Biaco has some good coffee drinks and deserts for an afternoon treat.
  2. Just a quick question. How are you all getting comped cruises?
  3. After reading more posts we area holding off on booking a Celebrity cruise. Just too many unknowns. Plus the length people have to wait for refunds I think is crazy. But know there are a lot of people cancelling. Oh well. Could see myself sitting at Martini Bar with a cold one... will just look at pictures for now... Things will change for the better. Will make us all appreciate cruising more if there is such a thing..
  4. Agree with Muffinz . I usually get classic as it will have all I want to drink. DW likes to step it up with some Martinis and we upgrade her before getting on the ship or while getting on the ship for the PBP. Works out great. If we get both get premium as a perk.. yahoo. drink better vodka than I ever had.. works great for us...love the Martini Bar. Met so many friends can’t count... great place to meet people...
  5. We were on Silhouette in November 2019. Booked Muranos for the flambé lobster loved it on previous cruises. We were there for dinner one night. Had an incredible waiter Andre. Invited us back for lunch for $20 each. Had a huge lobster tail and a bigger fillet. Love Muranos ...if yer on Silhouette ask for Andre.. best ever... We went back another night and Andre gave even us more lobster...Just was so nice. was super nice guy. So went to Murano’s again and never got to Tuscan Grill like we originally planned. I kind of believe if you pay why pay extra for specialty dining. But this was discounted and was well worth it..
  6. Maybe we are jumping the gun a bit.. had a fleeting thought we would book a cruise. Darn a sweet thought but may have to wait...Time will tell.
  7. Hello everyone! I’m sure some fellow cruisers have hashed this over. But would any of you book a mid Feb 2021 cruise right now? We have none on the books. It’s with a $900 Refundable deposit. It’s a great deal, price wise but don’t want to get caught up in the mess a lot of cruisers are in right now come January if it gets cancelled. Final payment date would be October so would know more by then. Also we have 2 future cruise vouchers from a past cruise nothing to do with Covid but I believe I read somewhere that you don’t want to use these as part of your deposit and use it on final payment and for the life of me I can’t remember why?any help with any of my questions would be appreciated..
  8. Georgia_ Peaches!First of all congrats on being cancer free! Back to thread. You wouldn’t think that it can be this complex. Just trying to figure out Celebrity’s codes on your invoice is impossible. We had a similar situation with a TA changing our deposit from refundable to non refundable and not telling us. But we had so many issues with her even getting the invoice correct we didn’t give it much thought at the time. We went on the cruise and there wasn’t an issue like the OP has had but could have been. I would never pay a cruise off early. But that’s just me.
  9. I checked on Blue Chip Clubs online and the number does not match the 866-461-7170. So I’m guessing this is a special number to call that you got after they called you back?
  10. Wow that’s great, we are ONYX as well. Wonder if it would pay to call Blue Chip Club just to ask? Or maybe beg? Thoughts. We didn’t get an email.
  11. Ok I will be the guy to ask the question. Can someone explain what is the Blue Chip Offer? We gamble on cruises and was just curious what everyone was talking about here. any help would be appreciated.
  12. We are lucky and don’t have to fly to cruise.3 -1/2 hours to Ft Lauderdale. But was thinking of Jan- Feb 2021. May be a little early and don’t want to sail in hurricane season so may have to find something in between. I guess we are in a holding pattern to see what the cruise lines will do as far as restrictions and required face masks if they require it. I sure do miss going. But it’s always fun to plan. Pick dates and everything else that goes with it. Like the old saying goes... you don’t know what you got till it’s gone. But it will be back soon.
  13. If we had booked and had that option as tempting as it may be to get 125% FCC and not be able to use on perks or have perks included it would make me really hesitate to book with Celebrity so far in advance. If this the FCC are as restrictive as some say above this would be very deceitful on Celebrity’s part. But time will tell.
  14. The increased prices are very disheartening. We luckily didn’t have anything on the books with Celebrity when this virus came down so We lucked out that way. But we sure feel bad for all our fellow cruisers that got stuck waiting for their money or took the 125% FCC which sounds great but like everyone says seems like all the cruises at least the ones I looked at for early next year are super inflated. We wanted to do some mock bookings and can still do that but Wow every click on the booking process prices shoot up by the hundreds. Love Celebrity but wow they may be pricing us out. We will keep searching and cruising with Celebrity but it may ba a last minute one. You would think logically prices would drop to get people onboard but they have all the cruisers with 125% FCC booking so must be high.. Wish everyone the best on getting money back and their 125% FCC.
  15. That’s one of my gripes with Celebrity it would be nice if they let you know ahead of time if they have a themed Nite party and what kind. The Full Moon Party is always fun by the pool. Not sure if it’s like a white party. But we have been on a bunch of Celebrity cruises so know they have it on every cruise we’ve been on. Love the Full Moon and Silent Disco Party’s with live band plays and it is always fun. As far as silent disco..I’ve seen them actually wipe off the headsets in between uses. Not sure if it’s actually getting sterilized but was being wiped off but was way before the Corona thing. But anyway wish they would post what’s going on a little prior so you can dress for it. If you want to. Certainly don’t want to make anyone dress for anything.. But you can if you want.
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