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  1. Wondering if anyone has recently did lunch at the Lawn Club Grill on Silhouette and knows the current cost? Also wondering if the menu is the same for lunch as dinner? I would have searched for it but it impossible for me to search this site with my IPAD. Any help would be appreciated..Thanks in advance..
  2. I know there is 2 evening chic nights on a 8 N cruise. 2 sea days, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire then 2 sea days back. Just not sure what days thought 2nd night and 6th night. I think it depends on cruise and captain. Just trying to plan specialty dining nights.. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Originally I was searching for MDR menus on Mariner of the Seas. Then trying to search for Evening Chic nights on Celebrity. Maybe I missed the thread on how people search but I can be the only one. Does everyone search on a laptop? Was easy before it got changed...
  4. I am totally struggling with searching anything in Cruise Critic. Ive wrote about this on a few threads with zero success. I cant believe Im the only one. Theres a search thread on top on RH side also a search under my user name. Like I stated before it brings up everything with menus in it for every cruise ship. Please is there a a way to search that is not so complicated? Where is a thread to know how to search. Please be specific not just say click in search field. Where is it located. sorry to be short but really am struggling with this and am ready to give up searching.. Help!!!
  5. Wondering about the TRIO Specialty Dining in the cruise planner. 2 dinners and one lunch for $100 pp. Is this worth it? Was thinking of doing lunch in the Lawn Club Grill and maybe Murano and Tuscan Grill for the dinners. Doing that makes LCG one expensive lunch? Thought lunch in LCG was much cheaper than the $45 PP dinner. Calling Celebrity they said dinner and lunch were the same price? Am I missing something? Should I book dinner times prior to getting onboard? Cant eat at 9 pm. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Paul and Edward just jumping in on another incredible cruise review written by awesome cruisers and we love them all It makes you feel like we are right there...because we've been there and brings back memories also. Great pictures and you sure look you are having fun.. enjoy and thanks for always sharing your experiences.
  7. The French Onion Soup , Beef Wellington, Creme Brûlée, Escargot and I agree with Orator ask for American cut of Prime Rib. Enjoy!
  8. I tried but am looking for what nights on a 8n celebrity sillouette cruise would be evening chic or formal. 2 sea days ,then Curacao,Aruba, Bonaire and then 2 sale days back. Trying to plan specialty night and dont want to miss the lobster or prime rib in the MDR. Thank you for your help... Larry
  9. I have the same issue impossible to search. Im doing it on a IPAD. Theres 2 search areas up on top RH side next to the logout / saved heart. Then theres a search under that under my name. Tried both and get everything but what Im looking for. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks so much. Great ideas. Im just trying to figure out when the Evening Chic nights are for our 8 night cruise on Silly.
  11. I seen that also on the dining pkg. so if you do the Trio Dining Pkg you have to go to one the first night. Not sure Id want to do that. Needing to dress up after sail-away party and all that makes it impossible to eat at their time of 6-6:30 p.m. or too late kind of at 8-8:30 p.m. 8 p.m. wouldn't be bad but who knows what other times the rest of the evenings they pigeon hole you in.
  12. I havent did a search on Cruise Critic in a while. Tried both search areas under the upper RH side. Comes up with everything but what Im looking for. Im looking for what nights on a Celebrity Silhouette 8 night cruise are formal nights and brings every cruise line with nights in the topic. What am I missing? Cant even find topics on how to search. Please help?
  13. Thanks to all of you for the great input. Like ordering anything they ask for a credit card you are expecting a charge of whats on the invoice. My error for not asking. What if it was $1000. Granted its only $100 but still not what she quoted and would get my wife from classic to premium drink pkg. Just a comparison and is now principal. So disappointed with her and this was just a small part of issues. I actually thought of driving to Ft Lauderdale area to meet her face to face. Great idea... we will book ourselves directly through Celebrity from here on out. Thank you all for the input..
  14. The final payment was on her invoice we received from her which was the price we agreed upon. Called the TA and gave her our credit card number at final payment time thinking that she would only charge invoice cost from her minus the $500 we paid earlier in the year as a deposit. Our fault for not asking what she was going to charge us but thought it was simple math. Then got Celebrity's invoice after for $100 extra charge for cruise fair so numbers didn't match. My point is that shouldn't our TA have caught this prior to us catching it? Now we are supposed to have OBC and perks from her on our onboard account when we get on the ship. HMM? Not feeling warm and fuzzy about that. I need to call Celebrity to make sure everything is showing up on their end. It will help. I know one thing I will never ever convince my DW to book another cruise through a TA especially this one. Im sure there are great ones out their but this one came highly recommended. I question the recommendation now. Crazy thing is we never changed anything, added anything or did anything that would create confusion. Its been like this from day one.Lack of communication, doesn't answer phone, lack of response time when we have a question, inaccuracies all over. Doesn't answer the question you ask. Sorry to vent and thanks for listening.
  15. Don't know if anyone has had this problem but we booked our first cruise not thru Celebrity, but thru a highly recommended TA. been a complete nightmare so far. Got to have 20 calls and 25 emails to her. Just to get us to final payment.we gave her our credit card for final payment never thinking what she would charge. $100 overcharge..after 3 more emails she says yes i noticed that to and because Celebrity overcharged they have to straighten out.. Really why did she catch it so we don't have to deal with it after all our emails and calls to her already. She should be the one to contact them. I have never been so unhappy with service, lack of concern, slow responses to anything. Incorrect info all the time. Im tempted to call the higher ups at her company to get it resolved. we are not high maintenence people. Booked many cruises on our own so kinda know the ropes.how would you handle the overcharge? any help would be appreciated.
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