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  1. Thanks so much for all the info. Even though far out as far as a cruise date it gives us something to look forward to. Happy Cruising.
  2. I was wondering and didn’t see where anyone asked but does anyone have any sample menus from Luminae from past cruises or can they tell me where to find any online?
  3. So with the poles that come down and the overhang that didn’t bother you compared to a regular balcony? I wonder if this room has been revolutionized or upgraded? Thanks for the input.
  4. Just a quick question for anyone that has stayed on Celebrity Equinox Accessible Room #2130. My concerns are I think this room has a overhang and seems like it makes balcony claustrophobic. Are the bars that come down obstruct view? What is the noise level being just below ocean view cafe? We want to make this is the correct room for us and would change if there are any issues. I usually sleep good at night after a visit to Martini Bar but if noise is an issue would like to know. Thanks to all for any help!
  5. Yes said $275 but got onboard and was $175. Celebrity called her and she lied about it. wasn’t going to spend all my vacation arguing about the OBC. Spent way to much time in phone calls and emails prior to cruise. Just a bad experience. On the bright side the cruise itself was fabulous. Great specialty dining and staff were out of this world.
  6. Bottom line you need to find a great TA. We didn’t get one even though she came recommended. Yes you get extra OBC. But is it worth it? if you have to may 20+ phone calls and emails and are stressed to the max not having correct documentation prior to boarding. Plus it’s the gap in communication between Celebrity, TA and the cruiser. Meaning you don’t know for sure what OBC you have till you get onboard. Again being that we can’t discuss names of good and bad TA’s on this site everyone who needs a good one just shoots from the hip unless you are lucky enough find one. We just got a b
  7. This was specifically the TA not telling the truth about it. Was supposed to get $275 OBC. She shorted us $100. celebrity even called her from the ship. Of course didn’t answer the phone. Which she said prior if we ever had a problem with anything she would be right by her phone. Finally responded and made up some lie about what we didn’t get the extra $100 which she promised. So it wasn’t Celebritys fault.
  8. As I’ve posted on other threads. We had a horrific experience with a TA on our last cruise. We’ve been on about 10 cruises and always booked thru the cruise line directly. My wife wasn’t in favor of it to start with but I talked her into it booking with this particular TA and have apologize many times to her afterwards for a regrettable experience. We aren’t the type of people that make lots of changes or need our hand held. In fact we didn’t make any.on this particular cruise. She just could not get the paperwork and documentation correct. We had many many emails and phone calls not only
  9. We haven’t did any photos lately. Sometimes we will do some on Evening Chic night. I agree first timers may be more apt to do it. Another a bad thing if you like photos.
  10. I totally understand there is good and bad with everything. I never even got into all the details that were messed up with the documentation. The 10’s of emails and phone calls not only to her but to Celebrity to confirm. Anyway.. I don’t need to dwell on it. Cruise was awesome itself.
  11. Aft! Great views but there was issues with soot from the stacks.
  12. So where do you find the actual pictures of Equinox Retreat update along with the bar area? We were thinking of booking Equinox in 2023 in a Sky Suite but don’t want to look at Edge pictures thinking that’s what we will get and then board the ship and see just a few new chairs with everything old as on prior sailings. As far as rooms not sure if they have been completely updated of just partially. Just don’t want to be disappointed.
  13. We were in a Sunset Veranda on Silhouette on 7th Floor on a 9 night cruise. Never really noticed any movement so to speak. I’m pretty sensitive to motion and I just get those motion patches (transderm patch) you put behind your ears and I’m fine. I think one of the roughest we’ve been on was our first cruise in 2010 on Ruby Princess. Go fiquire!
  14. We have always booked directly through the cruise lines. We did try to book with a TA on our last cruise and it was a complete disaster. We did twice as much work as the TA did to make sure we got correct documents which she never could get right. Crazy thing is we never changed anything as far as the cruise. We are not high maintenance or anything. Then to top it off she said the OBC she was giving us would be on our shipboard account. She cheated us out of $100. What additional OBC we did get from her was not worth the work and stress we went through.So anyway never ever again with a TA. The
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