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  1. We agree with others the Fillet Mignon is very good.
  2. My DW always gets the premium drink package because she likes the martinis at the Martini bar. Only mini martinis I’ve ever seen were when the flair bartenders did flights. She always got the larger martinis when she ordered and we never had to pay a dime. No slips or anything. Maybe since then prices have went up. I would have no problem paying a buck or two per drink to have a happy wife. If I couldn’t afford a buck or two for drinks over the course of a cruise I guess I shouldn’t be cruising. We will see how things change in the future. They do make great Martinis and are entertaining to watch do the flights.
  3. Yes! I agree if you have the Premium Drink Package why not try drinks that you have never had before. We’ve had the premium package a couple times on past cruises. I am totally content with the Classic but can up my game with premium and will drink high end vodkas and many different cocktails I would normally not drink at home. My DW loves martinis so premium is a no brainer for her. You may want to hit the Martini Bar and try the many different martinis they make which you can get with the Premium Package. I too over indulge on a cruise. Heck I’m not driving only walking…checkout some of the drink menus on CC at the different bars. May find some you like.. Enjoy!!
  4. Yes welcome back Jim. Missed your inputs and reviews. But I feel cruising has finally turned to the positive. We have our next cruise booked for January 2023. It’s a way out but gives us a cushion for Celebrity to get everything worked out but we can always book and earlier one as well which we will most likely do. It’s something to look forward to. Again welcome back to CC.
  5. I don’t think it’s enough either and totally agree with Bruin Steve. The same people that don’t get vaccinated are the same ones who won’t wear a mask once onboard or fight it when asked to wear one or use hand sanitizers. Yes you want to ruin your cruise fine but to ruin others vacation who are vaccinated is unacceptable. Worse thing is putting a ship in lock down with a bunch of positive Covid cases or not being able to get off the ship at certain ports is not fair to the ones abiding by the rules. Personally all on board should be vaccinated including crew and cruisers or please don’t cruise. Not sure what the logic is on not getting vaccinated 600,000 people losing their lives to COVID has to say something. It’s common sense. Off my soap box now..
  6. I guess if you upgrade the the premium package it’s up to you what you are used to drinking. If you drink martinis for example like my DW then I would highly suggest to upgrade to premium. If yer an average guy like me who’s satisfied with absolute vodka in your drinks then Classic or what ever they call it now is fine for me. But... if you want to experiment into higher end liquors move up to premium. We get it all on our next cruise have retreated everything premium included. I like the idea no slips to sign and drink what I want.. Hey I’m on vacation! I’m not counting pennies at least to some extent.. Happy Sailing!!
  7. So.. can I still go to cashier sayI want to put $50 of the OBC that I received from you (Celebrity) and load that on my card? Meaning can I use the OBC to play slots? Not talking playing tables with chips.
  8. Yes an awesome ship. Loved sailing on her and happy to hear that ships are coming into ports and at least being seen in ports. It’s so exciting to think about cruising again. We got a cruise booked on Equinox January 3, 2023. I know it’s along ways out but it gives you something to look forward to. We will be cruising before that hopefully!!! Happy Cruising!
  9. So if I have OBC given to me by Celebrity how do I use it to play slots? In the past we’ve went to cashier and said please put $50 OBC on my card then play slots that way. Don’t know if this has changed and Yes I realize no ones sallied in a year or so. I want to make sure I’m not missing something. Slots only question... Thanks!
  10. I’m sure everyone who has read ChicagoPauls reviews in the past would love to hear from him and his partner Edward. I know no ones cruising but would love to here his take on everything.
  11. Yes I agree with others Try Celebrity if you want rest and relaxation. We tried Royal but just a few too many kids running around for us. Not that we don’t like kids just like the more laid back atmosphere on Celebrity..
  12. The number we dialed was 1-800-760-0654. It was just a mixup on the Blue Chip Club Reps information to us.
  13. We just called the Captains Club. There was no issues....
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