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    Eurodam MDR Question

    We generally order the very excellent club sandwich or other sandwiches or chicken quesadillas for room service- easy to eat in the cabin. Sit down, knife and fork dinners, no and dining on the verandah. Though many have hot breakfasts delivered every morning and those tend to need sit down, knife and fork settings. To us verandah dining only looks good in the marketing ads, though others here swear by them - to us it is either too windy or too cool or both to be enjoyable and the balconies are too small other than allowing for perching and eating unless you have a Neptune Suite which can allow proper sit down table use on their very large and protected balconies. But when the weather is right, again the sandwich type items are terrific on the smaller verandahs for al fresco munching. Tamarind speciality dining gets consistently good reviews - mixed for Canaletto and Pinnacle - but Tamarind is worth doing at least once on the Eurodam.
  2. OlsSalt

    Suite Guest Cocktail Party

  3. OlsSalt

    Eurodam MDR Question

    Don't overlook the complimentary room service too for alternate dining on the nights you don't want to dress up or wait for a table. Pizza for dinner casual is another option as they also have salad and dessert at that late serving station -they are flat crust pizzas and you can load them with whatever you like. You should have no problem getting a table for two in the main dining room - impacted hours tend to be early up through about 7:30. We always like the later fixed-dining hour around 8pm - much more serene. And no hassles about reservations or waiting. You don't have to go every night - but it is nice to know your table is waiting for you through out the entire cruise. Wait staff quicly gets to know you and your preferences too. MDR and Lido dinner menus are often the same - just a very different service delivery format. You can order off the MDR menu during dining hours for room service too. Hope there is travel budget money for at least one dinner, and possibly more, at the Eurodam Tamarind panAsian dining room - a real favorite to try and return to again. It is a very lovely setting with a fun and extensive menu to explore over several visits.
  4. OlsSalt

    HAL website unusable still

    It is the cabin availability on a the full deck that is no longer available on the new website . Having the deck plan to link to on the same page is at least one website improvement, but misses the point -too much clicking to move around these new three-part sliced and diced available cabin pages (fore, aft middle) to also see exactly where in the big picture these cabins are located. You do highlight another part of the websites internal inconsistencies - yes, they call ship cabins "rooms" then the lurch into calling the "staterooms" , Surely they could at least clean up that inconsistency, if they insist on their own brand of arcane non-traditional maritime nomenclature. Bring back the full-deck cabin availability pages, Stop this fore-aft-central nonsense ---requires too much interpage clicking.
  5. RCCL Vision leave May 17 - departure Barcelona - 2400 passenger -Italy and Greece - could be good since it is relatively smaller ship. Celebrity Infinity hits a lot of the right buttons and has the more interesting itinerary. Do you really want to show up in port with 4000-5000 other passengers on the larger ships. Mega ships are fine if you put onboard activities ahead of the actual travel experience. Which will be your preferance when switching from HAL to Brand X?
  6. OlsSalt


    Predictable comments from you. No flames, you met all prior expectations. No, the 7 piece HAL orchestra will not be back. Thanks for your memories. And no, HAL does not even come close to sailing the ships you so negatively and routinely describe. Calling out for flaming makes one wonder what your real intent is on this HAL forum. Let it go, Hiltner. Just let it go. HAL competition is either the high-priced luxury smaller ships or the high-glitz mega ships with routine routes and high port impcat. Glad HAL continues to "fall behind the competition" and continues to deliver so much value for the money. So far HAL's only real competition in the small ship - interesting itinerary - low key - modest frills category is Fred Olsen Cruise line. No seven piece orchestras on those ships either.
  7. Keep coming back to Fred Olsen Cruise Lines as the HAL small ship substitute - some Mediterranean options: https://www.fredolsencruises.com/destination/mediterranean
  8. OlsSalt

    Eurodam San Diego

    Embarkation in San Diego went okay when we were the only ship in port, On this cruise it was 3-4-5 star Mariners who got priority boarding on our Christmas Eurodam, not just 4 and 5 star. Three star got tender priority boarding too. I think there were not that many 4 and 5 star on this ship which is why they expanded the privileges. However, the first line to go through security before you got to the embarkation area was long which is where all the waiting took place - serpentine lines. Then it is a long walk to the 3-4-5 star boarding line. But it is also closest to the boarding ramp - and there you are on the ship. The security check line is where things can really back up if there are more ships in port on the same day.Everyone goes into this line together if they are using the same dock facility Not sure if they are also using their new Terminal B for other ships - which would help on days with multiple ships. They were disembarking the Semester at Sea ship at Terminal B when we were there - lots of fun homecomings for those college students - what an adventure. Providing embarkation times I suppose was intended to smooth out the process, and spread the impact over a longer period of time. Therefor no bets about what happens when you show up early ,since many are now ignoring the assigned embarkation schedules and showing up when they want to as well.
  9. Which is a good reminder to also check who will be in port at the same time when balancing the pros and cons of different choices. Showing up with 6000 people all at once, is 3 times as bad as showing up with the more modest 2000 or so on HAL ships. Long may the small ships sail - at HAL value prices.
  10. OlsSalt

    Formal NIghts on an Alaskan Cruise

    After being told no one dresses up for Alaska cruises, we were pleasantly surprised how many men were wearing dark suits, jackets and even tuxes on our last 14 day Alaska cruise (Zaandam). Most women were dressed up, so this may have had an effect on their partners. However anything close to the guidelines will let you in the door. It is all up to you.
  11. Tell us your general schedule and parameters since many of us use non-HAL search engines to explore dates and destinations, since it has become far too hard on the HAL website to do this any longer . Or use the CC "Find a Cruise" feature - which also lists other cruise lines.
  12. OlsSalt


    Good question - did you get the answer?
  13. OlsSalt

    HAL website unusable still

    Biggest problem for me with this slice and dice cut up of the ship and available cabins (not rooms( it how cumbersome it is to get the over all view of the ship, location to various stairwells-elevator banks and the big picture of the entire deck. Seeing only one third of the ship at a time and not being able easily see an entire deck is a big fail for me. Way too much scrolling and clicking - very annoying. Give us the BIG picture, HAL for each full deck. Please.
  14. OlsSalt

    Meclizine in Gift Shop?

    Make your own "essential oils" for motion sickness: https://www.themiracleofessentialoils.com/essential-oils-for-motion-sickness/ Plenty of other free recipes online too claiming the same benefits - most use lavender oils. (Big part of the Elemis temple balm too)
  15. OlsSalt

    Meclizine in Gift Shop?

    Sounds like the Elemis aroma therapy product they offer in the Neptune Suites - the tube of temple balm: From their website: Motioneaze is all natural. It is made from a proprietary Botanical Oil Blend [Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Chamomile, Myrrh and Ylang-Ylang.